Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Happy Medium. (Doesn't get much better than this.)

Always rushing.  But everything is better today.  Yay!  Double Yay.  I don't plan to add the shakes back until probably next Monday and we will see how that goes.  Nothing is perfect as of yet.  But better.  I had indigestion last night though as we had a huge bowl of roast beef and veggies.  It was way too much for me and was late when we ate as I had a business call at 6:30.  With our system - I normally do not have indigestion but with cutting back on shakes and supplements - it happened last night.  I can't wait to get back on everything b/c it's my vitality that keeps me going.  Hopefully this has just been a bug or an imbalance.  And we'll see if life can't be back to normal next week.

Til then I'm going to try not to go crazy on comfort foods.  lol  So last night I was up around 2 ish and sat on the sofa with a quilt around me waiting for the Nexium to kick in, praying and miserable - hoping not to throw up.  I prayed for comfort and healing - and God provided both.  He made the situation go away and sent Maisy to me for comfort.  She came down the hall, jumped on the sofa with me and licked my face and then wanted a tummy rub.  I asked her to give me one b/c I was the one with the upset tummy but she would not comply. lol  I told her it was "time for seepy" - I call it "seepy" in my  baby voice.  She quits begging for tummy rubs when I tell her it's time for seepy.  So after a few minutes I told her we needed to go back to bed.  I snoozed twice.  Hard to get up of course.  But feel pretty good this morning and happy things are going toward normal.  Normal is happy.  lol  Otherwise one browses the internet looking for what other dreaded disease they must have. 

I also had a hot flash so heated that I opened my eyes from my sleep and expected to see flames.  I normally do not have hot flashes.  Normally I am cold.  It was brief and I was half asleep.  I wasn't hot but it was just a wave of heat that flashed over me.  Weird.

Anyway, I've got to run - this takes on new meaning these days.  lol  Not sure why I have not used that line before with all the issues taking form.  You have to laugh that in our prayer meeting yesterday I asked for prayers for some "issues" I was having.  Since I'm pretty close to most - and have had issues for two weeks - and have been worried - two or three knew what I meant and cracked up laughing out loud.  I'm pretty sure that my issues were not prayed over - probably for fear of cracking up during prayer - but there was a catch phrase of "If I have missed anything, Lord you know what that is".   I did actually thank God for when issues occur that we are able to laugh and find humor amidst the trial of it all.  Actually not sure when I've laughed as hard.  It's not funny but yet it is.  It's been funny at home too. 

And this is a reality blog so you get the real poop scoop on everything as they say! 

And as the World Turns, one can't help but smile at normal regularity when it occurs.  Lord help us as we age.   I doubt it gets any better.  The pendulum swings from one extreme to the other.   And we'll forever be seeking The Happy Medium!


  1. When we've been feeling bad there is nothing quite so good as feeling normal. Our health is sometimes over looked but it makes such a big difference. Hope you have found your happy medium and have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. sorry to hear you're still having tummy issues. hope they go away soon. one can find comfort in humor when health issues get the better of us.


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