Monday, October 22, 2018

Transformation, Coq a Vin, and Katy and Cody

Well, I'm putting this out there as RAW as it is just so you all can see what the system is doing for me.  Forgive the whiteness of my skin! And yes, I still cheat a lot when I eat.  The first one on the left was taken 14 weeks ago as I began this 2nd challenge.  I've lost 7 lbs since the start of the challenge 14 weeks ago.  I lost 8 lbs in the last challenge.  I had lost some already in the year before I started Isagenix.  So I hover b/w 23 and 27 total lost I think.  There seems to always be a 3 lb back and forth - for various reasons.  I've not calculated my inches yet but I need to do that.  That is key b/c you gain muscle.  As you can see my stance and posture is returning more to a normal posture and less tummy.  Still a ways to go, but I love how my body is reshaping.  You can't get mad at the girl on the left though b/c she made the decision to get better and help myself to be a healthier me.  I hate seeing my body though but it is a must to be able to see the transformation.   I like my hair too, it even looks healthier.  Maybe one day I'll be in a bikini.  I know it's a subtle change but it IS changing.  I will be entering my next challenge now.  And I get $200 off in product for just entering the challenge!  I've not received my first one yet b/c of the timing - you have to wait a while for the judging period.  I have to turn in maintenance photos.  So the 2nd one was done and completed before the first one.  Anyway, it's ok.  I'll have $400 coming to me in product.

So we got up and went to church yesterday.  And because of my tummy issues I asked George to stop as I wanted a chicken sandwich.  I got a chicken club.  It was breakfast/lunch.  Yes, I'm still having issues.  Today I will get yogurt at the store and perhaps something for lunch.  I have to stop and get a cake and ice cream and card anyway so I'll get something for me in the process.  I have no idea what is going on, but it is so odd.

So back home I was so happy to be here!  Got more laundry done, wrapped up the fall clothes thing, ironed, cleaned up the kitchen, started the dishwasher, ground the coffee.  Began cleaning up my desk area which doesn't take long to be covered up with notes, projects, receipts, magazines, planners, CDs, to do lists, and things to order and do.  I had to order a few things I needed from Amazon (colored note cards as the last ones I ordered were 3 x 5 instead 4 x 6 - ooops), large jumbo size paper clips 4 inches long ( I love these for holding various projects or notes in my planner).  They have all mysteriously disappeared so I've ordered more! I ordered a corkscrew b/c the ones George have bought have both broken.  Somehow our good one got away.  I don't remember how.  I think it was taken off to a friend's house and didn't come back. Everyone we have bought since has not been a good one.   I downloaded 2 albums to my laptop and onto my ipod, and I worked on my autoship some on Isagenix for the next order.  And got the next order of Target done. 

I vacuumed.  Fed the dogs.

George cooked a great dinner of Coq a Vin - it was on our Fall to Dec bucket list.

It is chicken cooked in wine.  He fixed us quite the spread.  And if you look at the centerpiece, you will see a pink unicorn.  lol lol lol  That may or may not be a Christmas gift.  One will have to wait and see who gets the pink unicorn.

Pasta salad with left over noodles.

Salad - which was a salad kit.

And whole grain bread dipped in olive oil and herbs.  I think this was my favorite part!

Ad here is Cody and Katy at a party at the Owner's lodge.  They had a party for the workers.  They are giving them a paid vacation as an appreciation.  So wonderful!

So I sat down after working hard and eating dinner, and began watching my YouTube shows.  I watched half a show and it began wigging out.  It wouldn't stream.  Sometimes the internet wigs out with the cable on the big screen TV and it makes me so mad.  We pay all this money through Comcast and for some reason our internet just sucks at times.  But it's really bad on the TV.  I worked with it and worked with it and finally gave up and went to read in bed.  Maisy wanted up and I put her up there and she went to Roger's spot and pee'd in the bed.  Are you freaking kidding me?  <---- Those might not have been my words exactly.

Anyway - so we had to change the sheets.  George helped.  Of course we are so uncoordinated when we try to put on sheets together.   lol  Anyway new sheets on the bed.  And I finally read some more.  I thought "the devil does not want me to have any down time" - everything I tried to do to relax was nearly fruitless.

I did get almost everything I wanted to do.  I didn't get to print receipts though and I didn't get to work the business any.  I already knew that.  I also already know that this quarter of the year is the busiest of all so it is unlikely I'll be able to have time to do much.  I didn't have much time to begin with.  I do have an appointment on Thursday and I'll try to do what I can during lunch and after work when we don't have things planned.  Crazy - but I do have to keep our household up.

We have company coming over tonight for drinks and then we go out to dinner with them.  Then Mom's test is tomorrow.  I'll have to get up early and head out for that.  I think the appointment is at 6:30 a.m.  Taking a vacay day tomorrow to cover the day.

So pray for Mom and her procedure.  Gotta go.


  1. Congrats on your progress and on the courage to show your picture. What a big difference and something to take pride in too. I loved seeing the pictures of your sweet daughter and her hubby too. It's nice to see them looking so very happy! Chef George did a great job with that dinner too. Looks very yummy! I will keep all in my prayers, especially your mom today. Certainly is a concern and one I hope will bring only good results. Hugs from Ohio!

  2. Keep up the work - it is worth it - your transformation is quite noticeable and I admire your courage to share!


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