Sunday, October 21, 2018

Voting, Walking, Playing, Shopping, and Event Attending

George and I had a wonderful walk in the park yesterday morning.  The temps were perfect - light jacket, damp, cool but no rain.  The rain had occurred overnight.  I saw the opportunity and I asked if we could take it.  We both need to walk.  So we walked around.  I guess it is about a mile.  I could have gone two more times around.  It felt good, but George had to go to a Memorial for someone he worked with at Gibson, so we had to leave.   But I'm sharing some of our walk.

Our walking path is around Charlie Daniels park.  So there are shelters and play grounds and such.

And this one big mud puddle that George teasingly tried to push me in.

The walk goes right by our Police Department.  

And right by the home where Granny stayed in her last days.  

There are creeks and benches along the way. 

And those with signs as you make your way in to vote. 

The Community Center at the park. 

And I got my voting sticker! 

English Em's had a post yesterday on Instagram I liked.   It let's me know that some of the things I'm doing are not easy but I'm willing to do them and not give up so therefore my chances of being successful are greater by far than the average person.  

In the meantime in case we are not successful, we did buy two tickets to the lottery yesterday - lol.  At a billion, why not.  Think of what we could do if we happened to be "the one".

Nature was abundant yesterday.  Deer, squirrel, birds, groundhogs.  Love it.

Around 1:30 we headed off on our shopping excursion at exit 6.  

Always one of our favorite stops.  

We also finished and had a bit of time so we went to Half Batch Brewing.  Always a good time to text Katy and also friends to catch up. Katy sent texts of videos of the wild pigs and cows in her front yard and the flooding.  So much rain there.   And my SIL and BIL were camping, and we checked in with them and enjoyed our drink.  And I had not had lunch so the chex mix was good.

Then we had a meal even to attend which was wonderful.  A band and great food.  We met new folks at the table. 

So, I did get the fall clothes up which was mainly my flannel PJ's and scarves and winter purses.  Still packing the summer things away but will send those back downstairs soon for storage. 

I didn't get this blog posted this morning as I ran out of time and didn't get to finish before leaving for chuch.

So We have been to church and back this morning.  I'm still having some "issues" tummy wise.  I have decided it's a virus.  I've been going back and forth on what is the cause - something I ate or a virus.  A coworker has had something similar so perhaps that is what it is.  So this week I'll be trying some yogurt.  Today after church I wanted something hearty and so I had George go through the drive thru and get me a chicken club sandwich.  It was so good.  I feel big as a barn now for eating it but that is the price I pay.  At least it made my tummy feel better.  I'm just not used to having fried food nor much bread. 

Much to do in the house this afternoon.

____Finish laundry (fall jammies that needed freshening up)
____Some ironing
____Kitchen clean
____Pack up Summer Items
____Print Receipts/Business
____Plan next week
____Work on the business some
____Orders from Target
____Amazon Orders
____Isagenix orders
____Index Card project
____Download Music from CD's and upload to ipod
____Work on Halloween Costume
____Watch Shows (Catch up)
____Christmas shop on line

But to me the rest of the day is fun just working on all of this stuff.  George is fixing Coq a Vin tonight as well.  Glad to be home for a while.


  1. Ken and I both have had this stomach thing going back and forth. One day fine the next iffy. When talking with two of my girl friends they are having the same issue. One when to the doctor and he said with was an stomach intestinal thing, and really nothing he could give for it. He told her to use pepto bismal when she felt it coming on. He had not had any prescript that was effective. I will have one day good and then two bad and then two good I guess it just has to work out. No food seems to irritate it etc.

  2. It looks like you had a really nice weekend..a relaxing one walking in that lovely park, I bet the dogs enjoyed it as well. How dose Tuggie get along when having a walk do you have to keep her on her lead ? case she wanders off ??....As I write this it is a chilly Monday morning Autumn is well on now with quite a few trees already are bare we had a strong wind last week and that took with it a lot of the leaves !L
    We were going to put on the heating overnight but after a couple of really cold days last couple of days it's been warmer......hope you have a good week ahead ....with No serious issues. Take cae. God. Bless.

    1. We didn't take the dogs since we were there to vote. I just saw the path and suggested we walk real quick once around. But when we do go outside with the dogs, we always have them on a leash. Too many walkers and wild life in our neighborhood that they would take off after.

  3. You spend most of your time pouring yourself into your job, I’m glad to see you having a relaxing time on your day off.

  4. How nice to see your walk. We don't vote here until Nov. 6th. But I will be doing my part too. We are off to another chilly start here today as it's only mid 30's but the sun is shinning so it will warm up into the 50's they say.

  5. I think that you and I have similar digestive systems. When not feeling well it is tempting to return to what we know but.. each and every time those white foods make an appearance in my diet, it makes me feel even worse in the long run. I think I might have finally learned not to return to those foods but I still sometimes think it will make me feel better. I need to change that thinking because the facts always prove otherwise.

    For the past couple of weeks I have been working on getting back to mainly protein and low GI carbs like sweet potato if I have any carbs at all. Unfortunately this week I had to go to a conference in Sydney and I had to travel three hours by train to get there, so packing light was key. I did not have room in my backpack for my blender, nor any protein. Lucky for me when we left The Other Half made my protein coffee, so I was good from 6am-midday. And that is when the food nightmare began.

    The majority of the food provided was carbs. Pasta salad, potato salad, bread, very little protein and the protein provided was not something I liked - lamb chops in one case, I never eat lamb, chicken thighs in another which did not look good and it seems they tasted bad because they were left behind on a lot of plates. At least for dinner we got chicken breast and barramundi which is a kind of fish.

    Two days of this kind of eating and my body is in mutiny status. Boy do I feel bloated and slooooooooooooooow internally, today. Back home now and I can happily go back to my protein focus. :)


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