Friday, November 30, 2018

The Need to Conquer

Ahhhh!  Good night's sleep.  Still in "I just wanna be home mode" and feel the need to conquer as I look around with tree undone but ornaments awaiting, the laundry room piled full - even after doing several loads already, stepping on crumbs on the kitchen floor and cringing, and the carpet looks like we are a factory, packages are ready to be wrapped, shopping still to be done on line, Christmas cards to address and send, a business I want to work on but don't dare til after the holidays for sanity sake.  If someone was interested I wouldn't have time to help them.  I need to get with family and book our Christmas.  And the doggies all curled up and very heavy rain coming down.  Oh I wish I had today off.  But tomorrow will come quickly and I can begin to work on everything.  I will be glad to get Target order done, Isagenix order done, and go the grocery.  No quick food in the house at all.

Meanwhile the schedule continues to build for our upcoming weekends in Dec.  All Saturday's are booked and so Friday nights and Sunday's will be next.  I have to hold on to Sunday's for dear life though.  It's the only day I have to claim to get ANYthing done.  December wears me out and it's not even here yet.  I'm starting it off tired.  I know I go through this every year.

I'm a bah humbug til I get time to do it all.  Anyway, I DO look at all that sits awaiting my attention and I just long to be here doing it.  Tomorrow I can dive in. 

Today is cleanse day.  A long awaited one.  I'm very excited b/c after all we ate last week and also in the last 4 to 6 weeks - eating bread, pasta, cheese, fats of all kind - in an effort to try to get to a normal digestive state - I can feel the lbs start to creep back, and no doubt the blood pressure, the sugar numbers, the cholesterol following suit, the aches, the tiredness, the right knee, the right arm, inflammation and pain.  Yeah I'd rather be on the system which gets rid of all the toxins and the fat.  We'll see how it goes.  If it gets too cleansing I may have to back off to every two weeks, but we'll see.  I really don't think this was the culprit of my issues though - but I can see where this coupled with the antibiotics in the flu shot virus injection may have caused some issues.  If this rids toxins and the flu shot put toxins in to build antibodies - this easily could have caused disruption.  Kinda wondering if the flu shot was able to do its thing now b/c the cleanse is so dang effective.  lol

Anyway, yesterday was a hugely busy day.  I didn't get much of my normal work done.  I had a dental appointment, we had our safety lunch which was breakfast, tried to help a friend/coworker get food delivered for after their father's funeral today.  Another friend took over and worked it out as I couldn't get delivery - but she got it worked out.  I felt bad but they told me they wouldn't deliver and told her they would.  lol  I was like, "why wouldn't they do that for me?"  Anyway glad it worked.  I wanted to help, but the main thing is it is done.  So pray for my friend/coworker who is burying their father today.  It's a small family service so I won't be leaving to go but we will be praying and thinking of them today.

The rest of the day kinda fell apart.  A meeting, an urgent phone call with a situation on the end, another meeting full of information and to do's and an after noon of hurried work to get everyone what they needed.  Had to stay over and told George I'd be late.  I was to go to Houston's and get our meat and 3 healthy dinner.  However, I had to call in an order to China Moon instead as they were open later.  Houston's would have been closed or ready to close by the time I got there.  So we had Egg drop soup, shrimp with black bean sauce, and chicken with snow pea.  And I got an egg roll b/c I can't NOT have one.  lol

I was thinking we could have leftovers today but - I remembered I was cleansing.  So George can have them for lunch and dinner.  He suggested I not cleanse today but - I'm not putting it off.  I'll cleanse today and then will get on my schedule of cleansing on Monday's going forward - but not this Monday as I have to put 7 days in b/w a cleanse.

So - China Moon, even though I called it in at 6 - for a 6:45 order.  It was not ready.  So I played Candy Crush at the restaurant until well after 7.  I was patient but another customer was not.  She showed her A&&.  I went up two levels in Candy Crush.  I was realizing at least I could do something fun while waiting and soon we'd have our meal.

So I came home.  George seemed tired or worn out himself.  We ate, and watched YouTube shows.  He agreed it was ok to watch but I think it bores him so he read.  He was nice enough to let me watch b/c in some cases I'm three weeks behind.  This week we've been too busy, last week we were gone, and the week before we were getting ready to go.  I was surprised how three weeks could build up like that. lol  It was good to catch up with them.  I didn't catch up on them all but a couple of my favorites as we ate dinner.  By the time 9 was here - I had put the leftovers up and George was heavy into the reading.

I love the sailing life, love hearing about it, and am wrapped up in it.  But will never do it at this point.  I am happy just watching them.  I used to only be able to read about being on the ocean and now I'm able to watch it - so it's ok with me just to watch.

Honestly the RV life is more my speed.  On land, but the water and ocean life and other cultures thrill me.  Would love to be a travel writer.  But too late to dream on for that.  At least from a boating perspective.  I'm not a maintenance person but I could cook and clean and provision and run the patreon and youtube account and blog really well!  lol

Anyway I need to go and get moving and shaking.  It is raining hippos here this morning.  It stops and starts and starts and stops.  lol

Have a happy Friday!  Soon I will have the time to Conquer my list!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Kitchens and Vacations

Oh I think this cat is just about to get into some trouble.  Can't you see it coming?  All the food on the shelves and cats can climb, but perhaps he will go for the ribbon instead.  

Seeing this closet reminds me that I'd love to design my own kitchen.  Having a room of shelves to put dishes instead of bending over and trying to dig them from a bottom shelf cabinet would be more inviting to me to cook.  I get it now why the professional chefs like to have their pots hanging nearby and their knives magnetized to the wall.  

Speaking of kitchens, I'm about to have my fill of the blue linoleum in the kitchen and about ready to have the stove situation improved.  All these things have been years in the need.  We have waited a long time to fix.  I've learned in the next house - if there is one - it better be spot on perfect with no work needed.  How long have I put up with the blue linoleum when zero of my decor is blue?  Ten years.  So no one should never say I'm not patient.  I will correct you in a living heartbeat.  Let me count the ways.  

Next is the kitchen counters.  lol  Not many women would have put up with the floors and counters like I have.  It helps not to be the main cook.  But I have cooked less in the last two years because I don't enjoy the kitchen any more.  I think that is important to have a kitchen you enjoy cooking in.  It's just not acceptable to me anymore.  Not meeting my standards of living at all.  But I've been patient.  And continue to be.  

Anyway, I was indeed tired all day yesterday and just dragging.  Not having done my system religiously over the last few weeks are really playing havoc.  I've inched into some shakes the last few days.  And have been better about taking the vitamins but it'll take a while for everything to get going again.  And Friday I will cleanse and go to bed early.  We have to move everything out of the freezer/fridge on Friday night and then I can go to bed and get up early as I wake up Saturday.  Saturday's list is huge.  

George said I could go with him to KY Saturday if the fridge delivered early.  I told him absolutely not b/c I've planned on being here Saturday doing all the things I need to do. I thought his sister was going with him since they have gone in on the cow and she has offered to do so.  So I'm staying home.   And will regardless. I've also put dibs on Sunday.  My only outing this weekend is going to be the grocer.   

As usual the list is long but really long since the holidays are on us.  I need to catch up! I've been living for this weekend.  I'm trying not to take any more vacation time since I was gone three days of it last week.  I think I have 8 hours left to take so I don't lose it according to my spreadsheet.  Truth be known I should get that other bereavement day I had to work on that I didn't get to take.  But I won't belabor the point of that and the fact that I worked on vacation in August.  But if it comes down to it and I need it, I will take the time off to get our holiday coordinated.  I am ready to argue and belabor the point if needed. I do have some time put back for use in January to go to Phoenix for NYKO.  I'll be ready to dive back into the business in January.  Right now for sanity sake, I've had to back off.  I chose to focus on getting me better and getting our Texas vacation packed and unpacked, and now the holidays are here.  And those things which are family and close friend related are highly important to me so it is priority. 

So only two more days to work til the weekend.  I'm trying hard to get things done as we will have shorter weeks ahead with the holidays and I will have that vacation time in January.  

Anyway, I need to go as I didn't sleep well after about 2 last night.  I have a headache raging and I never get them.  Didn't feel well yesterday.  But pushing to go to this dental appointment at 8 and then have a safety lunch - in which we get breakfast.  I'm loving that.  And then I have a meeting after that and then can finally finally get some desk work done and things accomplished.  Then I can head home and crash.  

I used the sleep spray about 3 after not being able to go back to sleep, knowing that I would not want to wake up and that happened.  So now I'm sipping coffee hoping to wake up.  This has just been a tough week.  But two more days and counting.  

I guess I will end up having to take that extra vacation day so I won't lose it so I'll have to see when to do it.  I am NOT losing any vacation benefits as precious as they are.  And being that I'd worked on one and didn't get to take the bereavement makes me want it even more.  So if I have to have a doc appointment one day I don't worry about missing b/c I've worked plenty on personal time, gone in early some, worked thru lunches many times, and stayed late on occasion.  

Well need to go get this day started.  Need to be out the door very soon. 

Oh but I did get to get my nails and pedi done last night and that was very relaxing.  

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Cluster Morning, Awaiting a Cow, Below Deck, and Jelly Fish for Dinner?

Well, yesterday started as a "cluster fail".  I thought I had done a pretty fair job of getting organized enough for the week to sail easily through to the weekend.  I was even in a good mood when I got up.  But little things began to happen which were highly annoying.  You know how it goes - things out of place, can't find anything, don't like what you picked out to wear, everything else needs ironing, the coffee grounds get in the coffee and the coffee pot leaks b/c it got all stopped up b/g of the grounds and the dogs all got up at separate times and 3 trips outside, couldn't find the other "top" to my blender to do my shake, fix a pb sandwich to go and get PB all over me and the steering wheel as I drive down the street, have to stop at stop sign and find napkins in the car. The clock is ticking and I get mad at myself if I'm late.  Meanwhile everything that needs doing is just sitting there waiting on you to do it.

 I have tried to knock some things out while I'm in the room at the house - laundry, picking up, putting up, the final unpacking, setting out a few Christmas things.  All in all I think b/w the morning I had and that (trying to catch up) it made me late, rushed, angry and in a bad mood.  That is no way to walk into work that has it's own snafus as it will make for a perfect storm.  So I had to pray and momentarily "rest in Him" yesterday to get me through the day.  I felt His spirit calm me and I was good the moment I set my things down on my desk.  I was there all in one piece and no peanut butter to show for the mess of the day, no coffee grounds in my coffee. 

On the way home I talked with a friend whose marriage is ending.  They are friends we have hung with a bit over the last two to three years.  It breaks my heart.  He had been single for years and years and we were so happy he had found "the one" but he just couldn't be married any more it sounds like.  He hadn't been able to tell her he was leaving - he just left.  She is being very strong.  And says she is ok.  She has her plans laid out and knows what her goals are so she is busy working toward all of those things.  Her work going well and her plans laid.  So I vowed to be there for her for girl time and talks and told her to call me any time. 

We are kinda running out of food at the house - well enough to pull quick meals together.  We are awaiting our fridge!  We don't want to restock til the new one arrives.  And putting things in the freezer not good yet b/c we have a 1/4 of a cow coming Saturday! lol  We have a deep freeze in addition to the fridge and another fridge downstairs with a freezer.  So we will be good.  George has to drive to KY to get the beef along with his sister.  I'll be here awaiting the fridge delivery.  I dread the pulling out of the fridge and the embarrassment of what all will be back there.  Years and years of dust and whatever.  I will have the broom handy!  I also know that there is wall paper back there.  We didn't see a point in moving the fridge to scrape wall paper and then to paint back there.  lol

So last night George fixed salmon, rice, limas, and some pot sticker things that looked like a jelly fish sitting on my plate.  I couldn't eat it.  I tasted it to solve his pleading but I could not eat it.  It was greyish and ---just no!  lol

While eating we watched "Below Deck".  What a horrible crew this has been.  No one can get along and the characters have not been very interesting this time.  I still watch it though.  I also think Kate, the chief stew is a little too cocky and not very kind to her staff and it looked like she bullied the one she didn't like making it tougher for her instead of showing her what she needed to do and teaching her.  The 3rd stew had a hurt foot and was sick and Kate treated her badly b/c of it, because it made the others have to work harder.  A tough situation for sure but only makes it worse. 

Anyway, bed felt good last night.  Sleep was good.  I awoke very tired though which is a rarity these days.  I've missed some days of vitamins and haven't been on my system in the last few weeks b/c of the "issues" - not knowing what was going on - so my body is spinning back into "not feeling good" mode. That on top of everything going on and the mounting to do lists on every front - has me feeling exhausted. I hope I'm not getting something.  But this week I'm back on the vitamins and doing shakes and bars etc.  I drank my fruits yesterday and need to drink some greens and maybe do a hydrate drink today.  I am just fully exhausted. 

That said I'm going for more coffee.  I get the nails and toes done tonight.  Looking forward to that.  Was hoping to do that in Breckenridge but there is only one person in town that does it and she was out of town with family for Thanksgiving. That is how small the town is. 

Anyway - I'm off of here and hope you all have a good day! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Busy Times, Much to Do, and Thinking about Christmas

Good morning!  Well what a Monday.  Got through it.  And a busy one it was.  I didn't take lunch other than setting up dog trims for later in the month and checking with Lowe's to make sure we were on the Saturday list of deliveries and making sure they will take the other fridge.  Then I left around 4:20 or so to get gas and get on the road to Columbia ahead of some of the traffic.  I was lucky to get ahead of some of it.  And that there were no wrecks yet. 

Mom had made a new spaghetti recipe in the crock pot.  It was very good.  And heartwarming on a cold day.  We talked a bit and I told her about Texas and then I headed home with Tugie.  I was glad to see her.  She is old enough that she really didn't get excited to see me or know what was going on.  But in the car riding along I petted her and rubbed her and she leaned her head against me several times like she used to do as it is her way of hugging you.  Then she crawled into the secure bed I made her in the front passenger seat, half way home, and slept the rest of the way. 

Once home, I did laundry - folded two loads and got ready for bed. 

We got our first Christmas card.  From the most organized person I know.  A friend named Brad S.  I figured it was from her as the other organized person is Katy and I didn't think she had mailed hers just yet.  I love seeing her cards with her kids and grand kids every year. 

I've not addressed mine yet - but soon!  I want to get a green pen first.  Or gold or silver. 

Well, I got the report back from the doctor - all are back.  Everything is showing normal.  I'm not sure what all the tests were for - so I'm not sure what all I "don't have".  lol But it is good that I don't have any of those things.  They asked if I was still having issues.  I said that this week it had been better.  Every week is a little better.  But I think I'm heading toward more normal now.  I told them that I felt something got rid of the good bacteria in my system and that possibly it was the flu shot as the CDC is showing that several others have had the same issues with this years flu shot.  Interested to see what they have to say about that.  I figure they will argue the point.  But I found a website where people were reporting their issues.  The government is most certainly not going to report the shot is causing issues. I supposed these issues are least of the issues associated with the full blow flu. Anyway I'm better so no problem.   But I question now about getting the flu shot next year.  It also has trace amounts of mercury in it I read. And questionable other things that has to be in there to make the shot work but is not good for you.  Who knows what happened, but I'm slowly better.  Very slowly.  But on a spectrum each week is better than the last. 

And I've decorated the blog as quickly and best as I can for now.  I'm using a bigger picture for the topper and this one is a small one.  So I'll have to create one.  All of my others are Back Porch Tales toppers so I have to create all new ones for this blog now and I've no time to be creative today.  And probably won't be for a while. 

The goal is to hit the ground running this week.  Now that all the travel is over and Tugie is home, I can finish decorating.  I started Sun night, but George brought the tree up.   And I'll work on it some.  And then do the Christmas cards.  And need to vacuum and do more laundry.  Need to do the Target order today too. 

I missed out on Cyber Monday due to work and traveling to get Tugie.  I was too tired last night to look at the two sites I wanted to see.  Oh well.  There will be other deals.

I need to relook at the Christmas list and see who all I'm missing things for and get those things ordered this weekend.  We have to get the things for Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken wrapped for shipment and then the Irelands and we do an Italian meal and our Christmas together with them on the 8th.  We have another party on the 15th.  And I have the dog trims set for the 15th as well.

We also have to figure out Christmas with my family in Columbia and Christmas with Katy and Cody.  They are only going to have 2-3 days here we think b/c we think Cody will not get off much. 
We are keeping Findlay while they are here staying with Cody's parents who do not have pets in the house.  I'm not sure we'll be successful at getting everyone together b/c I think they are going to have time in Mt. Juliet to see each of their parents and then head back.  If everyone could travel here for a change it would really help but that is doubtful.  And even so we would not be able to plan a time as we don't know ourselves yet.  We usually have to do the traveling if we are going to see my sister and Mom.  And my sister will be moving at Christmas most likely in to their new home.  So they won't have much time for us and most certainly not enough to travel here to see us. That said, it is either going to have to be before Christmas before George and I can get to Columbia, or after - but likely not during the actual holidays.  We have traveled for years.  If I could get my sister to travel here and bring Mom it would be nice but we have always done the traveling.  We know we will not be able to please everyone on their timelines so we can only try.  But one thing is for sure.  We are seeing Katy and Cody when they come! And are making our calendar available during those few days we are here.

Anyway, I'm running behind which is only going to be worse as "tis the season" to be running late, running around like a squirrel.  We didn't have enough time before and now with the holidays it is just nutzoid.  I'm getting older and not going to be moving as fast.  So it gets harder every year.  I'm already doing away with some of my Christmas decor.  It's too much to put out for such a short time now.  A lot of trouble.  The tree itself is a lot.  But I will do it and perhaps we can have a yard sale in the spring again with a few things.  I'm in the mood to clean soon and make life a bit more simple.  I want to read, travel, get the RV and get rid of a few things.  Will be working on my 2019 plans as soon as I can.  Might be NYE or NYD before that happens.  lol

Well, I'm off of here. 

Ya'll have a fantastic day! 

Monday, November 26, 2018

Back Home Again

Going by Memphis on the way home from Hot Springs to home near Nashville.   What a long 7 hours or so.  But we may it.  What a wonderful trip overall.  It was very windy yesterday and all the wind caught up to us when we got home.

Some of my treasures below - molasses and honey.  

Anyway, we got home and unpacked and unwined but I was on my feet for about 4 hours.  Our bed felt good.  No time to post much as it took a LIVING forever to get the photos I wanted transferred.  Took over an hour to try to get it to do it right.  It won't bring in a week at once.  Best to do a few at a time.  It will only do a few and then you have to go back and figure out which ones it didn't import or got stuck on.  Grr. Technology.  So that took any blog time right there. 

No groceries in the house!  I'll have to grab lunch from somewhere.  And the new fridge comes Saturday so we are trying not to stock up.  

Much to do this week though.  No time to list it but for starters today after work I will go and get our Tugie, that has been staying with Mom.  She wouldn't have traveled well.  

Anyway, off to the races to see what charms await me.  lol 

Ya'll have a good week!  What a great vacation week we've had with our daughter and Cody when he was available.  He hunted and worked but we saw him at night a lot.  

Ya'll have a good one!  

Sunday, November 25, 2018

From Texas to Hot Springs

Again my pics are backwards lol 😂 We had a nice sleep and stay at La Quinta and very accommodating to the doggies. 

We found a winery that stayed open til 8 and we did a tasting and bought a few bottles. 

At dinner I decided to go for key lime pie which we split. 
It was so good!

Here is the Fisherman’s Wharf we ate at in Hot Springs. We were happy with our decision. We ordered a seafood platter and a platter of Alaskan King Crab and split it all!  There are several pics of the restaurant here. Only meant to upload one but I’m leaving it! 

Inside the restaurant. 

Ducks on the lake or river. Not sure what body of water it was. 

We hit Arkansas after a few hours and I snapped the sign.

Going thru Dallas. Interesting bridge. 

But in Fort Worth about 2 hours into our trip....leaving Breckenridge...George allowed me my In/Out Burger. We both got the double. 

I look tired from the trip I think and face fat and puffy from eating horribly (but fun) all week. Back on the system tomorrow.

Currently as I type this we are in the car about 4.5 hours to home but that does not include the couple of stops we will make to stretch, get something to drink, and all the other things one might do at a pit stop lol! It’s 10:22 and we ave been on the road since 9. 

We should be home late afternoon and I’m ready to be!  

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Last day with our Kate....Cisco Texas

Last night we had a steak at Canyon Road Bar and Grill. It was a true Texas Roadhouse of a restaurant with wide areas and lots of tables! Open til 2 a.m. but we just had steaks and headed out. Can’t be in a hurry though on a Friday night. We were there two hours but enjoyed it! 

Here is my view from the backseat driving home. The moon was beautiful! 

Before stopping at Canyon Road between Cisco and Breckenridge we went to Red Gap Brewing in Cisco. We had a flight.

And sat upstairs.

Downtown Cisco!

Sunset on the way to Cisco. My photos loaded backwards in time so we will just blog backwards! I’m on the road doing this. Yes George is driving but technically challenging to rearrange pics on this app. Was this not Gorgeous? Texas sunsets are incredible! 

Katy had time mid afternoon to put up Christmas decor. We took a ciesta (home time) for a few hours. It was nice for all. 

Kitchen decor. 

So glad I got to see her tree before we left!


And this was in a shop yesterday that made me laugh!

Doing some Black Friday shopping yesterday! 

And before we set out to shop we had to go to the donut shop again. Got kolaches and a cinnamon twist. 

George’s foot long jalapeño kolache...

Findlay- bless her. Katy said she cried when we left. 

Miss Maisy Girl.

Moon. Watched a moon set over a horizon for the first time. 

And we are on our way to Hot Springs now. And I get In/Out Burger- woot woot! 
We will head home tomorrow from Hot Springs! 
Today in the car, I’ll make my to do list for this week and pretty much for December. Gonna be a busy week or two!

Y’all have a great weekend. 

Friday, November 23, 2018

A Happy and Relaxed Thanksgiving

Roger hangs out as Thanksgiving meal is being cooked.  We planned for our meal to be 2:00 but I think it was more like 2:30 or 2:45.  It was so good.  The table was pretty.  

Here is Maisy girl.

The arrangement.

I had my shake pretty early on which kept me satisfied most of the morning.

I wanted to show you the sky light.  I've never been around them much but really appreciate what they can do.  During the day, you don't really need a light in the bathroom.  So that is a perfect place or one.  This is with no lights on.

Love it.  I know that people have had some problems with them and/or don't like them but I think it is cool if it doesn't leak.  lol

Here is the appetizer spread.

George's stuffing below.

Katy's wonderful sweet potatoes, which everyone demolished.  Yum!

The boys go out mid-afternoon to shoot the guns at targets outside.  Roger waits for his Daddy.

My green bean casserole is back there.

My eggs and the cranberry sauce.

The turkey! 

And our favorite...sister Schubert rolls.

This is for my blog for the history part of it.  I know it offends some.   So please just ignore if it does.  I don't want to offend but it is part of our trip.  It is part of their job on the ranch to control the wild pig population and so those that visit get to go on the hunts and can participate.  George has been looking forward to it.  He is not a hunter but he loves to shoot.  Beyond that, I will not discuss.  I love animals too so I get it.  I also eat cow, lamb, chicken and still love those creatures.  So I get that too.  It's probably the last pic unless he gets another one today.  So scroll on by.  

 And I took this photo out into the night.  The moon was so pretty.  The wind was blowing.  And I zoomed in.  I was quite shocked at what turned out.  I cannot figure out what it is that is making it look like three people are walking below.  So strange.  Tried to recreate it to figure it out.  Nothing makes sense.  Can't find anything that would have given that reflection.  Interesting.

It takes the sun a while to come up here.  Around 7 it starts getting light.  We are on the same time zone as home only we are much further west, so it makes sense.  

There was a dead scorpion underneath the table where my feet were the other night.  :-O I had felt safe going somewhat barefoot or sock foot in the house.  And Cody and Katy do.  But, as I sit here this morning at the dinging table - I have my shoes on just in case.  They have stray ones that try to get in and do - from time to time.  I don't think it happens often.  

I've heard a gunshot this morning - probably one of the guys shooting pigs or ducks.  They duck hunt in the mornings.  And I just heard someone whistling, it sounded like.  Weird.  No one up but me.  But the wind is blowing really good.  

The crickets sound like a fan squeaking, I've noticed.  So different from our crickets!  

I've decided that I would not be able to be out here unless I had a major tornado shelter.  We are going to a town of Cisco near here that had a major one that blew the place away in the early 1900's.  I know that is rare.  If you look at the stats, the risk level is moderate.  They have about two per year in this area.  There have been 95 of them since 1950.  However, none have killed anyone since then.  The largest recorded in this area of Breckenridge alone was an F3 in 1979. 
I'm doing research! The good news is you could see them coming in some places.  I doubt the weather coverage is as good here.  I don't know that tornado sirens reach out this far.  I guess Katy's hallway would be the best place to be.  Or in the tub.  They say to put a mattress over you but who can have the time and the muscles to do that in a hurry.  

I guess the biggest worry around here would be the fire risks.  After seeing what a fire could do on a windy day spreading so quickly by embers and then people being trapped.  That is a learned fear for me.  There is a burn ban here right now b/c it is fairly dry and windy.  

One has to know the risk factors of the area they live in.  I love it out here though but I'd have to resolve in my mind how I would get past those fears in a new setting if I were ever to move here in this area. It makes me realize though being out here that I'd be ok living on a farm.  I mean you can still order things off the internet.  As long as there was a grocery within 20 to 30 minutes I'd be ok.  Anyway, just thinking out loud here this morning as I sip my coffee and literally just watched the moon set.  Not sure I have ever done that before.  Was kind of a surprise.  It was just like a sunset, but I could see the horizon so clearly and it got big and dim and just went below the horizon like the sun does.  Wow!  The stars are brighter out here too.  Katy says you can see shooting stars quite often.  

Anyway, off of here to do something else.  Like take a shower and I think we are going to get a Kolache and then going to Cisco, TX - about 30 min away.