Thursday, November 22, 2018

A Day in Dallas

Well we went to Dallas yesterday.  It's 2 hours from Breckenridge - quite possibly a bit longer, at times - if caught in traffic.  I sat in the back seat and did yesterday's blog and Candy Crush, and anything else I think of.  And finally went on Google maps and watched our "blue dot" move toward's Cindi's Deli where we'd eat breakfast around 9 or so.  I was unsure we could make the drive in without having breakfast but we ate steaks the night before, fairly late - so it was still with us.  

I snapped a pic of the Dallas skyline from where we were, which turned out great b/c who would expect a tractor to be in scene.  Perfect for Texas!

My view as we approached Dallas. 

Looking toward the building where Lee Harvey Oswald leaned out the window to kill JFK. So sad.  I was shocked to have realized that we were right there so close to where that happened. 

Closer up.

George and Katy have talked about Cindi's Deli for so long.  And I can see why.  It is a gold mine of a place.  

It may seem/look like another downtown diner, but the food was delicious and a bit different. It did have a Jewish or possibly even German kick to it.  It is a New York style place.  These two are happy.  They have been here before.  Katy took Cody there too once.

And a selfie drinking some more coffee out of my favorite shape/style of coffee mug.  (One of my favorite styles, lol). I also like the stoneware mugs.  Almost bought one.

And the Latke's which had potatoes, onions, eggs, served with sour cream and applesauce.  

Katy got a salmon and cream cheese bagel.

While there, I downloaded a graphic/photo/marketing type of app.  Something that was in my advertisements that looked like me.  It has freebies but you can do the premium version.  If I end up using it a lot I will.  But just playing around I did this.  It's almost like a Paint Shop Pro app.  I wonder if there is a Paint Shop Pro app?  lol  I've never looked for such an app but as much as I like making graphics and being creative, I may look for more.  This app can do a lot but I was just playing with this one.  

George is posing.  I think it captures his having a hard time deciding on what to get though.  

Secretly, I wanted a cheese cake dessert, but I didn't need it and we didn't have a cooler.  but look at those cheesecakes. 

Here is Reunion Tower, an observation deck.

Katy and George had gone up in that last time, and we had other things to do, like going to the Science Museum.

George played the instruments located outside. 

Perot Museum of Nature and Science.   I might have been a bit excited about this.  I do love some areas of both science and nature.

Going up the escalator of the science museum.

I plan to look this up later.  

While there, we found gems/rocks that had been mined from where George works in TN. 

These were among several beautiful rocks that were mined.  

I was so intrigued by this woman.  I had to take her pic.  I guess it was wax.  She looked so real, even the eyes.  And, she looked a bit like me at a younger age.  The face, the shape of the head, the nose, the eye brows, and even the mouth and ears.  Quite freaky.  My skin not that dark but I do have an olive tone.  

She also looks like she has my demeanor when I'm not happy about something.  lol

I liked this fish.

I think Katy wanted to be a chip monk.  

Then on to the Katy Trail Ice House, which is by the "Katy Trail". 

Katy ordered fries and I ordered avacado dip/salsa and chips.  We were still a bit full from breakfast but just needed a few bites of something as we each drank a beer.

I got the Corona light with lime.  Which is a refreshing choice for a mid afternoon drink when you have much of the day left.  It's very light.

We sat outside by the fire pit.  The shot was a fail b/c you can't see the fire very well, lol.  But the warmth felt good.  The day was low 60's I think but still felt cool at times if a breeze blew.  This was perfect.

I stepped onto the trail and looked back at the Icehouse area.  

Such an awesome spot in the middle of Dallas.  

Looking down the trail.  The train is there.  Apparently it was a rail line that ran through Missouri and down to Texas and now used a lot my hikers and such. 

And above you see "The Katy" with "The Katy".  lol

Then I heavily requested to go to Sam Moon!  Hadn't been in a very long time, since going to Frisco, TX for the envelope company.  So was happy to do this on the way home. 

George stopped at Total Wine and Spirits which was a HUGE warehouse of a place.  We stopped in there for a long while as George looked for rare items.  

And catching the view from our 2 hour or longer drive home. We had to stop and get gas and Katy ordered a couple of pizzas for our dinner.  It was heavenly.  We snarfed it all up.  

Bed and sleep felt good.  And we are about to embark on our cooking of the Thanksgiving lunch, which will be served around 2.  There are a couple of people coming that are not going home for Thanksgiving that work on the ranch so we are feeding them too. 

I'm making dressed eggs and green bean casserole.  The ranch provided the fried turkey.  George is making the homemade dressing and the pickle tray which has way more than pickles - it's more like a deli tray.  Cody requested that.  Katy is making sweet potatoes and fudge pie and broccoli salad.  We have cranberry.  

So we will begin our cooking soon.  

We have sipped coffee and watched the sky go from light to dark.  The sun rise is out front and we are in the back, but it is beautiful still to watch the sky light up and see the view and the mesquite trees.  

So, I am going to get going and get started on a few things.  Also want to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to you.  Lots to be thankful for.  And I'm going for more coffee and thankful for that! 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I'm sure it will all be wonderful. You certain have packed a lot of things to da into your visit and a lot of good eating too!

  2. Sounds like the perfect day!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!!

  3. your trip to dallas looked like alot of fun. i definitely would love cindi's.


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