Friday, November 23, 2018

A Happy and Relaxed Thanksgiving

Roger hangs out as Thanksgiving meal is being cooked.  We planned for our meal to be 2:00 but I think it was more like 2:30 or 2:45.  It was so good.  The table was pretty.  

Here is Maisy girl.

The arrangement.

I had my shake pretty early on which kept me satisfied most of the morning.

I wanted to show you the sky light.  I've never been around them much but really appreciate what they can do.  During the day, you don't really need a light in the bathroom.  So that is a perfect place or one.  This is with no lights on.

Love it.  I know that people have had some problems with them and/or don't like them but I think it is cool if it doesn't leak.  lol

Here is the appetizer spread.

George's stuffing below.

Katy's wonderful sweet potatoes, which everyone demolished.  Yum!

The boys go out mid-afternoon to shoot the guns at targets outside.  Roger waits for his Daddy.

My green bean casserole is back there.

My eggs and the cranberry sauce.

The turkey! 

And our favorite...sister Schubert rolls.

This is for my blog for the history part of it.  I know it offends some.   So please just ignore if it does.  I don't want to offend but it is part of our trip.  It is part of their job on the ranch to control the wild pig population and so those that visit get to go on the hunts and can participate.  George has been looking forward to it.  He is not a hunter but he loves to shoot.  Beyond that, I will not discuss.  I love animals too so I get it.  I also eat cow, lamb, chicken and still love those creatures.  So I get that too.  It's probably the last pic unless he gets another one today.  So scroll on by.  

 And I took this photo out into the night.  The moon was so pretty.  The wind was blowing.  And I zoomed in.  I was quite shocked at what turned out.  I cannot figure out what it is that is making it look like three people are walking below.  So strange.  Tried to recreate it to figure it out.  Nothing makes sense.  Can't find anything that would have given that reflection.  Interesting.

It takes the sun a while to come up here.  Around 7 it starts getting light.  We are on the same time zone as home only we are much further west, so it makes sense.  

There was a dead scorpion underneath the table where my feet were the other night.  :-O I had felt safe going somewhat barefoot or sock foot in the house.  And Cody and Katy do.  But, as I sit here this morning at the dinging table - I have my shoes on just in case.  They have stray ones that try to get in and do - from time to time.  I don't think it happens often.  

I've heard a gunshot this morning - probably one of the guys shooting pigs or ducks.  They duck hunt in the mornings.  And I just heard someone whistling, it sounded like.  Weird.  No one up but me.  But the wind is blowing really good.  

The crickets sound like a fan squeaking, I've noticed.  So different from our crickets!  

I've decided that I would not be able to be out here unless I had a major tornado shelter.  We are going to a town of Cisco near here that had a major one that blew the place away in the early 1900's.  I know that is rare.  If you look at the stats, the risk level is moderate.  They have about two per year in this area.  There have been 95 of them since 1950.  However, none have killed anyone since then.  The largest recorded in this area of Breckenridge alone was an F3 in 1979. 
I'm doing research! The good news is you could see them coming in some places.  I doubt the weather coverage is as good here.  I don't know that tornado sirens reach out this far.  I guess Katy's hallway would be the best place to be.  Or in the tub.  They say to put a mattress over you but who can have the time and the muscles to do that in a hurry.  

I guess the biggest worry around here would be the fire risks.  After seeing what a fire could do on a windy day spreading so quickly by embers and then people being trapped.  That is a learned fear for me.  There is a burn ban here right now b/c it is fairly dry and windy.  

One has to know the risk factors of the area they live in.  I love it out here though but I'd have to resolve in my mind how I would get past those fears in a new setting if I were ever to move here in this area. It makes me realize though being out here that I'd be ok living on a farm.  I mean you can still order things off the internet.  As long as there was a grocery within 20 to 30 minutes I'd be ok.  Anyway, just thinking out loud here this morning as I sip my coffee and literally just watched the moon set.  Not sure I have ever done that before.  Was kind of a surprise.  It was just like a sunset, but I could see the horizon so clearly and it got big and dim and just went below the horizon like the sun does.  Wow!  The stars are brighter out here too.  Katy says you can see shooting stars quite often.  

Anyway, off of here to do something else.  Like take a shower and I think we are going to get a Kolache and then going to Cisco, TX - about 30 min away.  


  1. Thanks Sonya for all the lovely photos from last three days..I was reading your Facebook news and almost forgot your blog...tonight I have enjoyed reading three days news etc. So glad everything has worked out so well and you have made so many happy memories....I'm glad you got some results from Drs. But not good to have to wait another two weeks for a definitive answer as to what might be wrong....When do you start for home again ? Is it Sunday ? will be hard for you to leave Kate behind,..I'm pleased to see that the dogs have been ok. I am pleased thatGeorgehas enjoyed his shooting trips. You know what I feel about guns but I know that it's the norm over with you. We have wild pigs in an area of South Wales on the border of England called The Forrest of Dean...and people who live there get terrible trouble with the pigs getting into their gardens, or church grave yards they use their noses to dig all the ground up they are a real pest and there has been word of them getting the law changed so that they can be shot at present only certain people can shoot them if they have a license ...Anyway love continue to enjoy these last few days with your beloved daughter and son in law....give them my love .....God Bless. Xxxx

  2. katy's table looked lovely. dinner looked delicious.

  3. It definitely looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Glad you had a day to relax. It seems like you've been busy every minute of your trip going one place or another and now another outing to Cisco. Enjoy another wonderful day with your family!

  4. Your daughters Thanksgiving dinner looks so good. I know if will be hard for you to leave her. Thank goodness the scorpion was dead. I was wondering if people there eat those pigs they kill? I have seen some caged in the mountains as a child. Glad you had a good trip.


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