Wednesday, November 7, 2018

All Things Better, Busy Times, and Bohemian Rhapsody Movie

Well, hello everyone.  I did not get to post yesterday.  One of my customers turned their associate button on to share with others and I spent some time on IM and Marco Polo explaining some things before going to work. 

My issues are the best they have been in 3 weeks now, so I've not gone to the doc yet. Back to normal! It's weird to go to the doc and say "I'm better now so I'm here".  So I'm not going yet.  But reserve the right to change my mind at any moment should anything turn south. The only other thing that I've noticed is that I feel like I'm sweating out something.  You know when you sweat out a virus?  Usually though you have had a fever.  I don't have a fever.  And haven't had one.  So can you sweat out a virus w/o having a fever?  It could be metabolism.

The To Do at work this time of year is astounding.  Way too much going on.  It comes in faster than we can get it out.  No different at home.  The To Do list is still long. 

We had severe storms come through supposedly the other night.  I thought I had my alerts on my phone set, but the "do not disturb" was on.  I really didn't see any warnings from our area that I missed.  And in that back bedroom I don't hear the wind and storms like we did in the front bedroom.  Plus we have thunderstorms and rain playing anyway on the noise maker lol.  I was shocked to wake up at the alarm instead of storms overnight.  Such a change.  Normally I would have waited to go to bed and stayed up for midnight storms.  I'd have not been able to sleep. 

Well I ordered this shake yesterday.  Looking forward to it.  I may have a shake this morning.  I miss them.  Have been trying to lay off cleansing and liquid meals for a while but I'm about ready to dive back into the shakes.  Especially when this arrives.  I also ordered our newest Essential oil. 

I have the rest of the Essential oils so might as well have this.  I bought both with money I made from the business!  I am thinking that I will cycle again this week!  When I made this purchase it placed BV points toward whatever leg I was needing BV on and I think I get paid again next Monday.  Unbelievable what I could do in this if I really had the time to do more - more quickly. 

So George and I went to see Bohemian Rhapsody at the movies - the movie about Queen.  It was a really good movie.  I loved it.  We are watching the same actor, Rami Malek in another series called Mr. Robot.  It's kinda funny that we found this actor in two movies (well one is a series) all in the same week.  He's really good.  REALLY good in his characters. 

And I need to get to Walmart this morning and order 100 more gift cards.  They are making me do this 100 at a time.  So tomorrow back for the other 89.  Then on to work.

I am getting nails done after work today.  They need it bad.  I was going to do it Monday but the skies looked threatening and I didn't want to be out.  Turned out it was just wind and clouds and a smaller line ahead of the real thing - so I'd have been ok.  But I'm going today. 

Anyway, ya'll have a wonderful day and praise the Lord I'm better and I thank you for the prayers.  Just pray that it sustains and keeps going well.

I did hear the Lord whisper in my ear this morning, "I have plans to heal you and not hurt you". 


  1. I'm so thankful you are feeling better. What a difference it makes when you feel good! Good luck with the cards, too bad you have to go back again tomorrow. . . I suppose they have their reasons... Have a great day as over the Hump of the week we go...

  2. I was looking at the email they sent me and I only saw one new oil. Is that all. how much is it. I don't need any of the others, just maybe the new one if reasonable. Let me know.

  3. We saw Bohemian Rhapsody as well - we have been big Mr Robot fans from the start. Rami is just amazing but what I really loved about it was how you could not even see a tiny spark of Elliot at all - he disappeared into the Freddie role like a chameleon and that is pretty difficult when you have such a recognisable face, especially the eyes.

    Even my parents went to see it, with my Aunt, and ALL of us wanted to just go right back in and watch it again. And we may well do that. :)

    I also thought the actor playing Brian May could easily have *been* Brian May. When they played the real Queen clip at the end, you could not tell those two people apart at all.

  4. sounds like a blessing to sleep through the storms. glad you're feeling back to normal. the movie sounds good.


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