Monday, November 26, 2018

Back Home Again

Going by Memphis on the way home from Hot Springs to home near Nashville.   What a long 7 hours or so.  But we may it.  What a wonderful trip overall.  It was very windy yesterday and all the wind caught up to us when we got home.

Some of my treasures below - molasses and honey.  

Anyway, we got home and unpacked and unwined but I was on my feet for about 4 hours.  Our bed felt good.  No time to post much as it took a LIVING forever to get the photos I wanted transferred.  Took over an hour to try to get it to do it right.  It won't bring in a week at once.  Best to do a few at a time.  It will only do a few and then you have to go back and figure out which ones it didn't import or got stuck on.  Grr. Technology.  So that took any blog time right there. 

No groceries in the house!  I'll have to grab lunch from somewhere.  And the new fridge comes Saturday so we are trying not to stock up.  

Much to do this week though.  No time to list it but for starters today after work I will go and get our Tugie, that has been staying with Mom.  She wouldn't have traveled well.  

Anyway, off to the races to see what charms await me.  lol 

Ya'll have a good week!  What a great vacation week we've had with our daughter and Cody when he was available.  He hunted and worked but we saw him at night a lot.  

Ya'll have a good one!  


  1. So glad you had such a wonderful trip and made it safely home. It's a week to hit the ground running for sure. So much to do always, but you have some good memories to carry you through the week. Hope your Monday is great one! You've got lots of joy to share!

  2. glad you had a lovely time on vacation seeing katy and cody. tugie misses you i'm sure.


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