Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Breckenridge and Graham

We started the day at the donut shop in Breckenridge.  Fresh made donuts.  George wanted the kolaches. Shown below.  I had a bite and I see why.  We are going back one day before we go home and I'll have my own!  The cinnamon donut twists, akin to what I had in childhood was my choice along with an egg burrito.  There were breakfast biscuits galore.  Much like what the donut shop was like that I would frequent about once a week when treated before school.  

You can see the cinnamon twist donut in the lower left section of the pic above. 

Going in to the town of Breckenridge, which is small.  Lots of local owned businesses.  

Then we went to Katy's class room.  I think it is about 10 minutes from her house.  I love the reading room with it's turquoise color chairs. 

And I love her classroom. 

Here is her desk area.  

Lot's of cuteness.  I liked this.  If the light is on 0 that means NO TALKING.  1 is talking in partners, 2 is group talk, 3 is audience voice (talk to whole class). 

Here is the cafeteria. 

I loved how the teacher's lounge was decorated. 

How creative - look at this tree in the hallway. 

And here is the computer lab with a city scape in the windows back there.  So cute.

coming out of Katy's driveway on to the highway.  We had to come back and get coolers for the groceries that we forgot and we went to get groceries in Graham after a bit of shopping. 

This is what all the roads look like around here.  They all run beside ranches.  

Here was a boutique on the outskirts of Graham, TX and we had a blast shopping.  

It was called the Tattered Pearl.

In the town of Graham.

Katy's church in Graham.

We went to a gun store yesterday. They can process your meat for you as well.  

This was in the iron kettle.

Then we ate at Brother's BBQ and they had a lot more than just BBQ but we had BBQ.  

Decor at the restaurant.

Coming home from Graham after Grocery shopping at a store called "United".  
You can buy wine on Sunday! lol 

And then we came back to the house and took care of doggies and had a drink and I watched the sunset.  Nothing but - sipping and watching until it dipped down behind the valley behind us.  When Cody got off work and got home - about 7 we went to a Burger place and had fried pickles, fried okra, and fried jalepeno's.  Yep - I'm eating bad.  I came home and did leg lifts in bed.  lol Back to my system next week full force. 

Bed was better.  I alternate my pillow from top to bottom throughout the night according to which angle has more room to offer with two people and two dogs on a double bed.  I only woke up and swapped spots 4 times instead of the 8 the night before.  The best sleep is with my head to the foot of the bed.  Since legs are skinnier than torsos, that seems to make the "bed puzzle" fit better.  I laugh now b/c when one person moves or changes their position - everyone on the bed has to adjust.  lol  

What a great first day.  And today we are going to Weatherford, TX.  About an hour a way.   Fun times. 


  1. Glad your having a fun time. How have your ....issues.....been since you got to Texas ? Hope with all the change in foods things are getting better, love and God Bless

  2. Looks like you are having such a great time. How nice to see the places for real instead of hearing about them. Now you'll know just exactly what you daughter means when she mentions her classroom etc. Your gal must be ecstatic that she can show you around. Hope your days are all just as happy while on your visit.

  3. the kolaches look yummy. katy's school looks nice. happy thanksgiving.


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