Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Busy Times, Much to Do, and Thinking about Christmas

Good morning!  Well what a Monday.  Got through it.  And a busy one it was.  I didn't take lunch other than setting up dog trims for later in the month and checking with Lowe's to make sure we were on the Saturday list of deliveries and making sure they will take the other fridge.  Then I left around 4:20 or so to get gas and get on the road to Columbia ahead of some of the traffic.  I was lucky to get ahead of some of it.  And that there were no wrecks yet. 

Mom had made a new spaghetti recipe in the crock pot.  It was very good.  And heartwarming on a cold day.  We talked a bit and I told her about Texas and then I headed home with Tugie.  I was glad to see her.  She is old enough that she really didn't get excited to see me or know what was going on.  But in the car riding along I petted her and rubbed her and she leaned her head against me several times like she used to do as it is her way of hugging you.  Then she crawled into the secure bed I made her in the front passenger seat, half way home, and slept the rest of the way. 

Once home, I did laundry - folded two loads and got ready for bed. 

We got our first Christmas card.  From the most organized person I know.  A friend named Brad S.  I figured it was from her as the other organized person is Katy and I didn't think she had mailed hers just yet.  I love seeing her cards with her kids and grand kids every year. 

I've not addressed mine yet - but soon!  I want to get a green pen first.  Or gold or silver. 

Well, I got the report back from the doctor - all are back.  Everything is showing normal.  I'm not sure what all the tests were for - so I'm not sure what all I "don't have".  lol But it is good that I don't have any of those things.  They asked if I was still having issues.  I said that this week it had been better.  Every week is a little better.  But I think I'm heading toward more normal now.  I told them that I felt something got rid of the good bacteria in my system and that possibly it was the flu shot as the CDC is showing that several others have had the same issues with this years flu shot.  Interested to see what they have to say about that.  I figure they will argue the point.  But I found a website where people were reporting their issues.  The government is most certainly not going to report the shot is causing issues. I supposed these issues are least of the issues associated with the full blow flu. Anyway I'm better so no problem.   But I question now about getting the flu shot next year.  It also has trace amounts of mercury in it I read. And questionable other things that has to be in there to make the shot work but is not good for you.  Who knows what happened, but I'm slowly better.  Very slowly.  But on a spectrum each week is better than the last. 

And I've decorated the blog as quickly and best as I can for now.  I'm using a bigger picture for the topper and this one is a small one.  So I'll have to create one.  All of my others are Back Porch Tales toppers so I have to create all new ones for this blog now and I've no time to be creative today.  And probably won't be for a while. 

The goal is to hit the ground running this week.  Now that all the travel is over and Tugie is home, I can finish decorating.  I started Sun night, but George brought the tree up.   And I'll work on it some.  And then do the Christmas cards.  And need to vacuum and do more laundry.  Need to do the Target order today too. 

I missed out on Cyber Monday due to work and traveling to get Tugie.  I was too tired last night to look at the two sites I wanted to see.  Oh well.  There will be other deals.

I need to relook at the Christmas list and see who all I'm missing things for and get those things ordered this weekend.  We have to get the things for Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken wrapped for shipment and then the Irelands and we do an Italian meal and our Christmas together with them on the 8th.  We have another party on the 15th.  And I have the dog trims set for the 15th as well.

We also have to figure out Christmas with my family in Columbia and Christmas with Katy and Cody.  They are only going to have 2-3 days here we think b/c we think Cody will not get off much. 
We are keeping Findlay while they are here staying with Cody's parents who do not have pets in the house.  I'm not sure we'll be successful at getting everyone together b/c I think they are going to have time in Mt. Juliet to see each of their parents and then head back.  If everyone could travel here for a change it would really help but that is doubtful.  And even so we would not be able to plan a time as we don't know ourselves yet.  We usually have to do the traveling if we are going to see my sister and Mom.  And my sister will be moving at Christmas most likely in to their new home.  So they won't have much time for us and most certainly not enough to travel here to see us. That said, it is either going to have to be before Christmas before George and I can get to Columbia, or after - but likely not during the actual holidays.  We have traveled for years.  If I could get my sister to travel here and bring Mom it would be nice but we have always done the traveling.  We know we will not be able to please everyone on their timelines so we can only try.  But one thing is for sure.  We are seeing Katy and Cody when they come! And are making our calendar available during those few days we are here.

Anyway, I'm running behind which is only going to be worse as "tis the season" to be running late, running around like a squirrel.  We didn't have enough time before and now with the holidays it is just nutzoid.  I'm getting older and not going to be moving as fast.  So it gets harder every year.  I'm already doing away with some of my Christmas decor.  It's too much to put out for such a short time now.  A lot of trouble.  The tree itself is a lot.  But I will do it and perhaps we can have a yard sale in the spring again with a few things.  I'm in the mood to clean soon and make life a bit more simple.  I want to read, travel, get the RV and get rid of a few things.  Will be working on my 2019 plans as soon as I can.  Might be NYE or NYD before that happens.  lol

Well, I'm off of here. 

Ya'll have a fantastic day! 


  1. I had a computer glitch so not sure if my first comment went through, but anyway, wishing your a terrific Tuesday! Here it will be a fantastic one, most of my decorating is done and there is snow on the ground. So glad you got your Tuggie home and things are getting back to normal!

  2. glad tugie is back home. and to hear all your test results are normal. good luck decorating the tree.

  3. Sorry Sonya, I am way behind this week..it's actually Friday and I'm just catching up on what's going on with you. Thankfully I saw on Facebook that you were safely home.....I just don't know where this week has gone. I cannot believe that tomorrow is Dec 1st,..no cards or anything done..Will have to get my Advent Box out...if I can even remember where it was put. Reading about your Xmas dilemmas I'm glad in a way I don't have any trouble now there is no family left really. But I still have my dear BIL over for Xmas day itself and on Xmas eve I am meeting my niece and all her three kids and their four kids.....that's more than enough....I'm sad though not to have so many presents to give now, it just dosnt seem like Christmas without the excitement of wrapping,folding, writing cards etc etc...but thus weekend I will try to find the Xmas spirit. Xxxnow to see what else you've been up to since you got back from Kate's.


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