Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Cluster Morning, Awaiting a Cow, Below Deck, and Jelly Fish for Dinner?

Well, yesterday started as a "cluster fail".  I thought I had done a pretty fair job of getting organized enough for the week to sail easily through to the weekend.  I was even in a good mood when I got up.  But little things began to happen which were highly annoying.  You know how it goes - things out of place, can't find anything, don't like what you picked out to wear, everything else needs ironing, the coffee grounds get in the coffee and the coffee pot leaks b/c it got all stopped up b/g of the grounds and the dogs all got up at separate times and 3 trips outside, couldn't find the other "top" to my blender to do my shake, fix a pb sandwich to go and get PB all over me and the steering wheel as I drive down the street, have to stop at stop sign and find napkins in the car. The clock is ticking and I get mad at myself if I'm late.  Meanwhile everything that needs doing is just sitting there waiting on you to do it.

 I have tried to knock some things out while I'm in the room at the house - laundry, picking up, putting up, the final unpacking, setting out a few Christmas things.  All in all I think b/w the morning I had and that (trying to catch up) it made me late, rushed, angry and in a bad mood.  That is no way to walk into work that has it's own snafus as it will make for a perfect storm.  So I had to pray and momentarily "rest in Him" yesterday to get me through the day.  I felt His spirit calm me and I was good the moment I set my things down on my desk.  I was there all in one piece and no peanut butter to show for the mess of the day, no coffee grounds in my coffee. 

On the way home I talked with a friend whose marriage is ending.  They are friends we have hung with a bit over the last two to three years.  It breaks my heart.  He had been single for years and years and we were so happy he had found "the one" but he just couldn't be married any more it sounds like.  He hadn't been able to tell her he was leaving - he just left.  She is being very strong.  And says she is ok.  She has her plans laid out and knows what her goals are so she is busy working toward all of those things.  Her work going well and her plans laid.  So I vowed to be there for her for girl time and talks and told her to call me any time. 

We are kinda running out of food at the house - well enough to pull quick meals together.  We are awaiting our fridge!  We don't want to restock til the new one arrives.  And putting things in the freezer not good yet b/c we have a 1/4 of a cow coming Saturday! lol  We have a deep freeze in addition to the fridge and another fridge downstairs with a freezer.  So we will be good.  George has to drive to KY to get the beef along with his sister.  I'll be here awaiting the fridge delivery.  I dread the pulling out of the fridge and the embarrassment of what all will be back there.  Years and years of dust and whatever.  I will have the broom handy!  I also know that there is wall paper back there.  We didn't see a point in moving the fridge to scrape wall paper and then to paint back there.  lol

So last night George fixed salmon, rice, limas, and some pot sticker things that looked like a jelly fish sitting on my plate.  I couldn't eat it.  I tasted it to solve his pleading but I could not eat it.  It was greyish and ---just no!  lol

While eating we watched "Below Deck".  What a horrible crew this has been.  No one can get along and the characters have not been very interesting this time.  I still watch it though.  I also think Kate, the chief stew is a little too cocky and not very kind to her staff and it looked like she bullied the one she didn't like making it tougher for her instead of showing her what she needed to do and teaching her.  The 3rd stew had a hurt foot and was sick and Kate treated her badly b/c of it, because it made the others have to work harder.  A tough situation for sure but only makes it worse. 

Anyway, bed felt good last night.  Sleep was good.  I awoke very tired though which is a rarity these days.  I've missed some days of vitamins and haven't been on my system in the last few weeks b/c of the "issues" - not knowing what was going on - so my body is spinning back into "not feeling good" mode. That on top of everything going on and the mounting to do lists on every front - has me feeling exhausted. I hope I'm not getting something.  But this week I'm back on the vitamins and doing shakes and bars etc.  I drank my fruits yesterday and need to drink some greens and maybe do a hydrate drink today.  I am just fully exhausted. 

That said I'm going for more coffee.  I get the nails and toes done tonight.  Looking forward to that.  Was hoping to do that in Breckenridge but there is only one person in town that does it and she was out of town with family for Thanksgiving. That is how small the town is. 

Anyway - I'm off of here and hope you all have a good day! 


  1. I do hope you have a better start to your day than yesterday. Good thing you managed to get it all in control with the good Lord's help. You are blessed with all that freezer space. Here I only have a small one in the refrigerator. Eat what makes you happy, but if it don't, then forget it, is my policy. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. I don't blame you one bit for not eating the gray jellyfish looking thing. Do you think your husband could be adding some new spice or something to the food he cooks the reason your tummy has been giving you problems? I would be careful what ate. I am sorry you had a rough day yesterday, I have days like that too. This time of year is hectic anyway. I feel better when I get extra sleep when I get run down like that. I hope you feel better.

  3. Below Deck... my guilty pleasure . :) But I do agree that Kate is a bit uppity in her position. But the 3rd stew , she lied to the captain. That ticked me off. She played the victim and well, when they all re watch it, they will see!
    I can't wait for next week! Sorry about your friends divorce. How sad. I've been there, done that. So hard. But she will be stronger for every thing she goes through!
    Rose from Lee, Ma


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