Sunday, November 25, 2018

From Texas to Hot Springs

Again my pics are backwards lol 😂 We had a nice sleep and stay at La Quinta and very accommodating to the doggies. 

We found a winery that stayed open til 8 and we did a tasting and bought a few bottles. 

At dinner I decided to go for key lime pie which we split. 
It was so good!

Here is the Fisherman’s Wharf we ate at in Hot Springs. We were happy with our decision. We ordered a seafood platter and a platter of Alaskan King Crab and split it all!  There are several pics of the restaurant here. Only meant to upload one but I’m leaving it! 

Inside the restaurant. 

Ducks on the lake or river. Not sure what body of water it was. 

We hit Arkansas after a few hours and I snapped the sign.

Going thru Dallas. Interesting bridge. 

But in Fort Worth about 2 hours into our trip....leaving Breckenridge...George allowed me my In/Out Burger. We both got the double. 

I look tired from the trip I think and face fat and puffy from eating horribly (but fun) all week. Back on the system tomorrow.

Currently as I type this we are in the car about 4.5 hours to home but that does not include the couple of stops we will make to stretch, get something to drink, and all the other things one might do at a pit stop lol! It’s 10:22 and we ave been on the road since 9. 

We should be home late afternoon and I’m ready to be!  

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  1. dinner sounded good. for a minute i thought you were in californa when you said fishermans wharf.


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