Sunday, November 18, 2018

Hot Springs

Travel day to Hot Springs went well. Dogs a bit restless in the car and have to stop every 2.5 hours. But the day went fine! Ate boiled eggs, almonds, and peanut butter pretzels in the early a.m. Trying to hold out for lunch in Hot Springs didn’t happen. Drive thru cheeseburger at McDonald’s held us over til after checking in at 2:45. And getting dogs settled in hotel and fed and comfy. Then we hit the town. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

This was in Memphis....


Going over the Mississippi River! Bridge ahead. 

Maisy found her happy spot!

Hot Springs! We were so excited when we got to this area of Hot Springs. Little shops, restaurants- kind of a little touristy but in a fun and pleasant way. The area dotted with hot Springs to go up and touch and even drinks from. 

As we parked George leaned over and gave me a kiss and said, “Happy Vacation”. And we began making our way to the Superior Bath House Brewery for a beer and appetizer. On a quick whim I ordered a cheese dip and tortilla chips because I’ve not had much cheese lately. George ordered some Shishito peppers and ranch and we hungrily pigged out   And had a flight of the bathhouse beers- he the dark ones and me the light. We laughed at the enormity of chips but managed to eat all of it. 

We shopped around waiting for hunger to come again so we could eat at the Latin restaurant- hunger didn’t come but we went anyway lol! 

Our flights....

I thought this was a real person at first.....and labeled him as a classy dude. 

But it was Al Capone... lol 

Our meal at Rolando’s. I got the chicken corn tamales. George got a shrimp dish. And you know we had leftovers lol! 

Our hotel had a fridge so we were able to keep them overnight and eat for breakfast. And then at 7 we ate the lobby breakfast that came free with the room! 
I loved the hash brown taters since I usually don’t get those. 

I went to sleep early as we were back in room at 7 and was going to read but I showered and slept while George read. Lights didn’t bother me. Dogs did great but I woke up at 2:30 and then went back to sleep after a couple of sprays of our sleep spray. 

Doggies resting last night. They were zonked because they didn’t sleep much yesterday with the excitement and change in their schedule. 

We are on our way to Texas - on toward the ranch! Gotta go through Dallas! We are on the road now. Just came out of some rain. Lots of thick forests and a bit of low mountains and hills coming out of Hot Springs. Foggy still but lifting. 

Headed to Texarkana and Dallas and then West on 20 to our destination! 


  1. Looks like fun and sounds super exciting!
    Stay safe and enjoy!!

  2. So glad you are well on your way....just think you will be seeing your lovely Kate tomorrow.....or maybe even today by the time you read this coment. Your trip so far has been great so pleased for you.....I smiled at the beer photos ? What is that. Over here drink driving is almost taboo about 1/2 pint is hardly worth drinking. Peter will occasionally get a half cider but very rarely.....anyway loves. Take care drive safely, give Katy my love xxx

  3. Glad all is going well. Your meal looks great. Enjoy your trip, post when you can and take care of the doggies

  4. looks like a fun start to your vacation. enjoy.

  5. It looks like you choose a wonderful place to stop midway on your trip. So glad to hear all is going so well and you are enjoying it all including the food. How exciting you will soon be at your daughters place! It's Monday morning as I'm leaving this comment so I'm sure by now you've arrived. Just enjoy this special time together !


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