Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Just Another Evening, Another Errand, Another Day Closer to Vacation

What a cute work of art here.  Love this.  Don't have much time.  I hit snooze way too many times.  lol George and I stayed up too late apparently.  I didn't really notice the time.  But I sent a business text at 10 p.m. last night in response to someone.

When we got home, we had to go get George's car - the Rav4 - from the shop.  He paid for it on the way in yesterday.  Since I was out part of Friday for the doc appt, then I didn't want to be late to work for taking him to get the car.  So he paid for it in the morning and we went and picked it up after work.

Then we came home and I did laundry (towels) and he fixed us a dinner of pasta and sauce - that we bought from the Christmas Village.  It was really good.

We talked to Katy for about an hour.  And then we watched the rest of our Netflix video.
Then took dogs out and went to bed.  Not an exciting life, but that was yesterday.  lol

I did find out that our 1/4 of a cow has been slaughtered and is hanging.  That sounds horrible.  When you realize that part of it - it makes you appreciate the life of whatever it is that gave up their life for you to be sustained in life.  We are scheduled to go pick it up the same day the fridge is being delivered.  So it may be that George will go get the cow and I'll be staying home for the fridge delivery.  If the fridge comes early - I will get to go.  Rarely does anything work out though when you want it to so I'm not planning on going.  If I get to then I'll be surprised.  You know I'm a home body though, so staying home is probably best for me given the upcoming holiday decorating and gift wrapping that needs to happen along with the housework, laundry, ordering, and continued shopping, and so forth.

So, off to get ready and get to work.  Trying to work extra this week if I can - getting there early, eating lunch at my desk, and so forth.  Staying later past 5 is harder this week as we have errands to run and places to be.

Yesterday I had meatloaf from Cracker Barrel with mashed potatoes and green beans and carrots.  I did not eat all the carrots.  Three sides is too much.  lol  I also had a few bites of the corn muffin.  Comfort food.

So, everything is coming together so far for the trip.  And I'm going back for some more coffee!  Gonna be a big bad busy day of running around and not much accomplished at the desk.  Since I'll be doing harassment avoidance training at the plant and doing a post office run to mail off the Holiday cards.  All that puts a dent in the day.

Oh and one more thing!  The flu shot contains the following so when my doc said "are you sure you have not been taking antibiotics?" - I actually did have the flu shot and the problems began occurring after that - a week to two weeks later it began:

The following list looks at seven ingredients in vaccines, including flu shots, and why vaccines need them:
  • Influenza viruses. The flu vaccine contains tiny amounts of the viruses it protects against. ...
  • Formaldehyde. ...
  • Aluminum Salts. ...
  • Thimerosal. ...
  • Chicken egg proteins. ...
  • Gelatin. ...
  • Antibiotics.

Ya'll have a great Tuesday!

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  1. How great with the new fridge and a 1/4 of a cow. We used to get a half when everyone was at home and I had a large freezer. Now even a quarter would be too much for just me. I've never heard of any after effects from a flu shot lasting more than a couple of days, but it does make one wonder. Putting in those extra hours will only help later on and with vacation, things at work will only stack up all the more. That meatloaf dinner sounds really good... I'm thinking I need to make one soon. Take good care and have a terrific Tuesday!


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