Thursday, November 29, 2018

Kitchens and Vacations

Oh I think this cat is just about to get into some trouble.  Can't you see it coming?  All the food on the shelves and cats can climb, but perhaps he will go for the ribbon instead.  

Seeing this closet reminds me that I'd love to design my own kitchen.  Having a room of shelves to put dishes instead of bending over and trying to dig them from a bottom shelf cabinet would be more inviting to me to cook.  I get it now why the professional chefs like to have their pots hanging nearby and their knives magnetized to the wall.  

Speaking of kitchens, I'm about to have my fill of the blue linoleum in the kitchen and about ready to have the stove situation improved.  All these things have been years in the need.  We have waited a long time to fix.  I've learned in the next house - if there is one - it better be spot on perfect with no work needed.  How long have I put up with the blue linoleum when zero of my decor is blue?  Ten years.  So no one should never say I'm not patient.  I will correct you in a living heartbeat.  Let me count the ways.  

Next is the kitchen counters.  lol  Not many women would have put up with the floors and counters like I have.  It helps not to be the main cook.  But I have cooked less in the last two years because I don't enjoy the kitchen any more.  I think that is important to have a kitchen you enjoy cooking in.  It's just not acceptable to me anymore.  Not meeting my standards of living at all.  But I've been patient.  And continue to be.  

Anyway, I was indeed tired all day yesterday and just dragging.  Not having done my system religiously over the last few weeks are really playing havoc.  I've inched into some shakes the last few days.  And have been better about taking the vitamins but it'll take a while for everything to get going again.  And Friday I will cleanse and go to bed early.  We have to move everything out of the freezer/fridge on Friday night and then I can go to bed and get up early as I wake up Saturday.  Saturday's list is huge.  

George said I could go with him to KY Saturday if the fridge delivered early.  I told him absolutely not b/c I've planned on being here Saturday doing all the things I need to do. I thought his sister was going with him since they have gone in on the cow and she has offered to do so.  So I'm staying home.   And will regardless. I've also put dibs on Sunday.  My only outing this weekend is going to be the grocer.   

As usual the list is long but really long since the holidays are on us.  I need to catch up! I've been living for this weekend.  I'm trying not to take any more vacation time since I was gone three days of it last week.  I think I have 8 hours left to take so I don't lose it according to my spreadsheet.  Truth be known I should get that other bereavement day I had to work on that I didn't get to take.  But I won't belabor the point of that and the fact that I worked on vacation in August.  But if it comes down to it and I need it, I will take the time off to get our holiday coordinated.  I am ready to argue and belabor the point if needed. I do have some time put back for use in January to go to Phoenix for NYKO.  I'll be ready to dive back into the business in January.  Right now for sanity sake, I've had to back off.  I chose to focus on getting me better and getting our Texas vacation packed and unpacked, and now the holidays are here.  And those things which are family and close friend related are highly important to me so it is priority. 

So only two more days to work til the weekend.  I'm trying hard to get things done as we will have shorter weeks ahead with the holidays and I will have that vacation time in January.  

Anyway, I need to go as I didn't sleep well after about 2 last night.  I have a headache raging and I never get them.  Didn't feel well yesterday.  But pushing to go to this dental appointment at 8 and then have a safety lunch - in which we get breakfast.  I'm loving that.  And then I have a meeting after that and then can finally finally get some desk work done and things accomplished.  Then I can head home and crash.  

I used the sleep spray about 3 after not being able to go back to sleep, knowing that I would not want to wake up and that happened.  So now I'm sipping coffee hoping to wake up.  This has just been a tough week.  But two more days and counting.  

I guess I will end up having to take that extra vacation day so I won't lose it so I'll have to see when to do it.  I am NOT losing any vacation benefits as precious as they are.  And being that I'd worked on one and didn't get to take the bereavement makes me want it even more.  So if I have to have a doc appointment one day I don't worry about missing b/c I've worked plenty on personal time, gone in early some, worked thru lunches many times, and stayed late on occasion.  

Well need to go get this day started.  Need to be out the door very soon. 

Oh but I did get to get my nails and pedi done last night and that was very relaxing.  


  1. It is a priority to focus on family and getting yourself better. No doubt about it. This coming weekend will be a good one for getting yourself back on track after vacation. Hope you can get some needed rest and things done getting your home in order and yourself back on track. Meanwhile, try to take it one day at a time and enjoy each one.

  2. I hope you get your kitchen like you want. I am wanting new hardwoods in my entire house instead of carpet. But we need a new fridge first. Maybe after Christmas.

  3. Take care. I had a headache for about 3 days and I discovered I had been sipping on a new drink that everyone seems to like. It turned out the fructose in the drink was doing that. I stopped with them and took the 3 I had at the house to my friend I work with. She has no problem with them. So back to my plain water.

  4. hope that headache disappears. one can certainly ruin a day.


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