Saturday, November 24, 2018

Last day with our Kate....Cisco Texas

Last night we had a steak at Canyon Road Bar and Grill. It was a true Texas Roadhouse of a restaurant with wide areas and lots of tables! Open til 2 a.m. but we just had steaks and headed out. Can’t be in a hurry though on a Friday night. We were there two hours but enjoyed it! 

Here is my view from the backseat driving home. The moon was beautiful! 

Before stopping at Canyon Road between Cisco and Breckenridge we went to Red Gap Brewing in Cisco. We had a flight.

And sat upstairs.

Downtown Cisco!

Sunset on the way to Cisco. My photos loaded backwards in time so we will just blog backwards! I’m on the road doing this. Yes George is driving but technically challenging to rearrange pics on this app. Was this not Gorgeous? Texas sunsets are incredible! 

Katy had time mid afternoon to put up Christmas decor. We took a ciesta (home time) for a few hours. It was nice for all. 

Kitchen decor. 

So glad I got to see her tree before we left!


And this was in a shop yesterday that made me laugh!

Doing some Black Friday shopping yesterday! 

And before we set out to shop we had to go to the donut shop again. Got kolaches and a cinnamon twist. 

George’s foot long jalapeƱo kolache...

Findlay- bless her. Katy said she cried when we left. 

Miss Maisy Girl.

Moon. Watched a moon set over a horizon for the first time. 

And we are on our way to Hot Springs now. And I get In/Out Burger- woot woot! 
We will head home tomorrow from Hot Springs! 
Today in the car, I’ll make my to do list for this week and pretty much for December. Gonna be a busy week or two!

Y’all have a great weekend. 


  1. I enjoyed your pictures of your adventure. I have never been to Texas. Have a safe trip home.

  2. What a wonderful last day with your daughter. That moon look so beautiful. Today will probably find you back home. Yes the busiest time of the year has come. It's wonderful to travel but it's always good to be home again too! Happy Sunday!


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