Saturday, November 3, 2018

Loving Me a List Making Saturday!

The most beautiful day of the week for me.  I love a Saturday at home.  I treasure them.  

I actually did a post yesterday and guess what? I forget to publish it.  It's over and gone so I'll leave it unpublished.  I think I got distracted.  

So it's been a crazy busy last couple of days.  Very behind at work - but it is what it is.  

As for my tummy issuess - I got better, then worse, and now better again......Again.  
The bad news...the cleanse was making it worse. 
The good news....I think I have had a virus and the cleanse was doing its job in overdrive to get rid of it.  

Having had so many successful cleanse days, I'm convinced it was not the cleanse causing the issues, but the virus.  I've decided the cleanse helps in many ways to rid of the problem, in other ways it may not be good to do the cleanse while still having the viral issue.  So I'm going to leave off the cleanse until I'm back to normal.  So far as I can tell the shakes do not impact.  

So yesterday, realizing it was the cleanse, I was just all torn up b/c this is my vitality.  And my future.  But having thought it through - I realized it's not the cleanse itself causing an issue, it's doing the cleanse while having an issue.  And now I feel better.  I'm too well with no other symptoms for it to be anything else, I think.  No fever, no pain, no tiredness, no other issues except a sweating feeling sometimes which I attribute to metabolism, burning fat as I often feel that on our system, as the system works.  

I am taking ProBiotics as well - so I'm off the cleanse for a while and will adjust.  I am sad though b/c the cleanse helps with maintaining weight and as we come upon the holidays, so I am a bit distraught still over that but what can you do.  So I expect that I will gain weight, not being able to cleanse.  I can however, try to schedule a low cal day each week which will help.  It's good for your body to have varying amounts of calorie days as that keeps your metabolism in check and keeps it from storing fat continually or getting used to a routine and grove - it keeps it astute. 

So now that I won't be adjetating things maybe "life's output" can return to normal.  lol  

So as busy as it is at work, it's also busy at home.  And everything is all turning toward - what all do we need to do to get ready for Texas and what do we need to be doing for Christmas. And what are we forgetting?  We are so excited for both, but there is a lot to prepare for.  

These are the things that have been rolling around in my head the last week or two or longer.  While I do have various thoughts and lists and notes on my calendar, this morning over coffee I finally listed all the things I need to think about or do.  I decided to use the 4 quadrant method.  With the 1st quadrant being Today's List, the 2nd quadrant being tomorrow's list.  The third quadrant being "Sometime Later" and the 4th quadrant being "Much Later" and more like a "don't forget about list" before the end of the year.  I actually started another page of 2019's list for a bucket list idea and a to do list for next year.  While things were rolling around my head I also did a list of a Marketing Idea for the business.   

While creating this planning list at my desk in PJ's, bed head, and a cup of coffee in my Joanna Gaines, Magnolia mug - George accused of me of being lazy.  He sung it in a song "Momma's being lazeeeee" he sang!  Whatttt?  I'm not being lazy and held my 3 page legal pad up for him to view.  He answered by singing the line again to the dogs, "Momma's being lazeee in her PJ's and bedhead".

Whatever.  So here is my being lazeeeeee in my PJ's with coffee:

___Print receipt for Planner 2019 for business/personal use. 
___Take Maintenance Photos to upload to my Challenge so I get my $200 in product
___Gather the fall decor up
___Figure out what to wear to tomorrow's wedding reception
___Change sheets
___Clean Bathroom
___Target Order
___Look up what time and where we go tomorrow for reception
___Upload CD's to iTunes and sync Ipod
___Send TY to the Etsy lady that was so nice and did a good job with Etsy order


___Measurements for my chart
___Look up stores in Hot Springs Ark
___Bring up Christmas decor
___Order Science Diet X 2
___Christmas Orders from magazines
___Begin writing things in the 2019 calendar
___Buy movie tickets to see the Queen movie "Bohemian Rhapsody"
___Order Christmas cards

Within the next week or so - either do or plan:

___Tugie meds enough for TX
___Plan something fun with Mom before year end
___Birthday plans SIL
____Bible Study plans for 2019
___Good Will sign up 
___White index cards 
___Get eye liner from Belk
___Step up to Success Training (Schedule)
___BP Meds enough for Tex
___Security system
___Candle lite Yoga
___finish losing lbs by year end
___Christmas shopping Franklin
___Christmas shopping Opry Mills
___Finish reading another book
___Ring Cleaned, prongs checked
___Last Isagenix order before TX
___Last Target order before TX
__2019 Bucket List
___2019 business follow-ups
___2019 Campaign
___Next challenge ends 2/10/2019
__Figure out IsaWallet Prize
___Continue learning comp plan
___Marketing 2019 continue
___Add boats to Fleet  (something fun I keep up with
___Finish downloading graphics from emails
___Fix Chili
___clean out photos from phone

So it's been a fun morning being able to jot all this down and keep it in focus so I can get it off my brain and just start doing it. 

Ya'll have a happy weekend!  


  1. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning. Like you, I too must make those lists or I will forget to do something. It take time to write it all down, but it's wonderful to have a check list so we don't forget what we need to do. Your trip is getting close now and it's going to be wonderful. Hope you have a relaxingl Sunday !

  2. Well one things for sure ain't lazy...I could never do as much as you attempt. I am most definitely lazy !!...When is it you are off to see Kate and Cody ? It's lovely to have that to look forward to. I am sure George will be getting excited as well, but not admit it LOL
    I actually made a start on my Xmas list yesterday. Boots our chemist retailer had an offer if you spent £50. You got £10 back thought that was a good buy. I wanted after shave things for max my nephew in law, and Peter my friend who looks after me by doing shopping etc etc they had both of their favs. So as well as getting my £10 excess the after shave things were reduced by almost £10 on both of I was a happy bunny...and that's a start to the Xmas shopping, must check my card situation and see how many I might need. That's one of the sad things about getting older my Xmas card list is going down by a few almost every year which is sad...night night. God. Bless xxx


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