Thursday, November 8, 2018

Merry Fitmas and a Happy New Rear, Busy Times

I snapped this on my phone yesterday scrolling through.  Made me laugh!  
If any one would like a Happy New Rear for 2019 I can hook you up.  Sorry that sounds bad.  But very fitting! ha. 

I began the day at Walmart buying employee gift cards.  Tis the season.  Turns out (as I suspected) the number of cards is "per transaction" - the customer service lady just didn't want to deal with me that day.  It is kind of funny.  I have done this so long now that I have to tell them what to do.  The lady checking me out yesterday got stuck on the PO number when I entered my credit card.  I told her she either had to enter a date for the PO or just hit clear.  (lol)  She went to ask her manager and I don't blame her - she doesn't know that I knew what I was talking about and the manager said "just hit clear" 

On the way to work I listened to "Kind is the New Classy" by Candace Bure.  I'm enjoying the Audible gift I gave myself!  I actually enjoy my commutes listening to my favorite books on audible and pod casts also on my podcast app.  I start the week out with Believe book (spiritual book that takes you through the Bible in a very different way showing you the nature of God, how he loves us, and why we should "believe" as he has a plan for our lives and a plan to save us).  And then as he week progresses, I dive into Candace's book, into Isagenix podcasts, and into The Boat Galley podcasts - especially if I'm feeling stressed.  If I'm feeling like I need some guidance in coaching me on boundaries - I go to either Dr. Henry Cloud's book or my favorite, Amy Smith's podcast, "The Joy Junkie".  

I really like Candace Bure's book and I think there are some others in the world that could stand to listen to it! She talks about how to handle those that attack us for no reason other than selfish reasons.  And how God says it is ok to be angry but it's how you react.  I'm not perfect at it yet - in trying to be the nicest I can be in my reactions to what I see as others idiocracies.  But I am certainly better - and my stress formula of Ionix works like a charm too.  

So I try to find a method to react that not only establish my boundaries but is kind.  It is a fine art.  It's very difficult when you are under attack for no apparent reason other than someone's selflish thoughts/desires.  It's hard to put yourself on the flip side of the coin at times and be empathetic with selfish. lol  But I'm going to practice her methods on people and see if it works. It's really God's method of doing things.  Getting attacked by another verbally is certainly no fun and she did a good job of covering this on the commute to work yesterday. 

Work is still crazy busy.  Or should I say crazy and busy. lol  I wonder if I will ever get caught up.  In the middle of trying to get out massive 401k information distribution, hiring and pending hires, planning supervisor training, processing FMLA's, workers comp updates, planning holiday meals and holiday cards, new comp plan for drivers effective this week,  and haven't even started on the next month's benefits enrollments for the new hires, which usually are well underway by now to enter into each website of their enrollments since we don't have carrier connect.  That is only the tip of the iceburg - as there are always so many questions, emails, calls and so forth.  I do what I can and prioritize. My head is spinning and I'm delegating what I can.  Anyway, it sits and rolls over to the next day and some things just will not get done at all.  

I went to get my nails done after work yesterday.  I was bad and did a drive thru b/c I needed something hot to eat - not a bar -not a shake.  I got a fish sandwich and fries dipped in ketchup.  This is bad b/c I'm not cleansing.  But it was good and I enjoyed it since I don't normally eat that way.  I even got a coke.  First one in a very long time.  Maybe since spring.  

Once home I did laundry and folded the towels and started another load.  And watched Keep Your Daydream, We are the Russo's, and MJ Sailing on YouTube.  In the middle I fixed raman noodles with a bit of olive oil and parmesan cheese and also a bit of the seasoning (chili seasoning).  But I don't use much of their seasoning.  I usually don't eat those kind of noodles but I was craving something by then and it was good.  

I will probably have cereal this morning for something different.  I'm trying to dive back into my shakes at a slow pace since this tummy virus thing.   I am going to Publix to get ice cream and cake for this afternoon for NOV birthdays at work.  While there I will get me a salad for lunch and some individual milk cartons - the kind that doesn't spoil.  I will have that with cereal at my desk while organizing my day today.  I am hoping for a productive and non-eventful day.  And likely will eat lunch at my desk today.  

After work today I have to go get Pet Meds for Tugie in one direction and then go to JC Penny's and also to Belks.  So I told George I would just grab something to eat again.  Maybe we will return to normal one day.  lol  

Well, I better get ready and get out the door!  Ya'll have a great day!  


  1. I was just thinking this morning that I'm so far behind that I'll never catch up, but on the bright side I will always have something to do. Ha ! Being retired doesn't mean there is plenty of time to get it all done either. I love the saying on the tee shirt, cute ! I've been having instant oatmeal for breakfast since it's gotten colder. That would also be something quick and easy for you to have at work. Keep those positive thoughts flowing and have a happy Thursday!

  2. cereal sounds yummy. so did the fish sandwich. "Kind is the New Classy" by Candace Bure sounds like a good book.


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