Monday, November 5, 2018

Productive Fall Day, Shopping, and Knocking off the To Do List

The day started out so gorgeous.  And knowing a storm front would be coming in and most likely the leaves all gone soon, I decided if I was getting pics, I needed to do it yesterday.  So I took a few as I do every year.  I'm happy to say that some of the colors finally popped. A lot of them were just dead brown.  I love the red ones and the yellow and the orange!

Some are still green and some are gone completely.  Just an odd mix.

Our house looking through the trees. 

Yesterday I did a devo and then began doing a bit of laundry.  I ordered our buy one get one free "Two for Tuesday" movie tickets to go see Bohemian Rhapsody about the Queen band.  That was an ordeal.  They make you go to the AT&T benefits app to do it and it got all weirded out on me as it involves both AT&T and Fandango and some other website.  It wasn't giving me the discount.  It finally connected properly and I got it to work.  

I ordered my Christmas orders from LTD Commodities and also from another magazine I got where I saw a cute item for someone.  And also from Belk.  I don't know that I had this on the list, but I ordered Tugie some doggie tee shirts from Amazon b/c she shivers so badly.  I will let her wear one for 2 to 3 days and change it.  Right now I only have one tee shirt and then a corduroy material one that is a bit heavy but honestly she is wearing it now and seems to enjoy it.  Cotton is certainly breathable and so I've ordered two more for her.  I hope they fit. 

I also looked up a few places in Hot Springs and we had already done that once, but I looked up a few places to shop and also checked out a hiking spot.  Don't think we'll have a whole lot of time but we are thinking we will leave early so we'll have time to stop a couple of places on the way and then if we get to Hot Springs early enough we can eat lunch there and explore for a while until our hotel is open.  So we have some options now.  

I also changed the sheets, vacuumed, dusted, and ordered our Christmas cards on line using photos for the first time through Shutterfly.  I thought that would be fun and meaningful with the dogs and us and even included Little Bit but had to spell his name "LB" to get him on the line.  

I also get a book credit for Audible.  I can see this is going to add up far faster than I can get them listened to.  But it's very exciting.  I downloaded Winter in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand.  
When the month changes, my new book can be picked out - plus I can choose two others from another list which I never do.  

Ordered Science Diet for the dogs yesterday morning as well and probably will need to order another before we leave.

What I didn't do was get to work on the 2019 calendar but that is not urgent. 
I will need to revise my to do list and incorporate what is on it for certain days and time frames.  

Oh and I ordered another Isagenix order through George to keep me at Consultant Status b/c I only needed so many BV's and I was going to order more Christmas gifts anyway so went ahead and did some of that.  

Time to eat for doggies!   George feeds the doggies before we head off on the afternoon of errands.  Yes the above was done before 2:30.  

A funny thing happened.  Even though we knew the time changed for some odd reason we still were looking at our clocks and let ourselves get fooled by them.  We rushed around a bit and realized we had another hour to kill.  The morning went by very slowly and it was like we got that one hour back three or four times.  I was pleased!  I love it when time is slow.  

So we went to Lowe's to get our sexy looking fridge with the door in it.  Did you know that you can knock on the door and it will light up and you can see what is in it?  And guess what!  It was on sale with $600 knocked off b/c they are running their pre Thanksgiving sale.  Woah.  They had one left.  It arrives on DEC 1st for delivery.  Merry Christmas to us. 

Then we went to the Apple Store and I picked out my Apple Watch.  I'm a difficult customer.  But finally we figured out which one I needed.  I am getting the Generation 4 and it only adds $25 a month to the cell bill (AT&T) til it's paid off.  So that was nice.  I'm excited about it.  Have wanted it for a while.  It's a Christmas gift so I can't have it until then. 

And then we were running a bit late but managed to get there in time enough - to the reception of our friend's son Jamison who was married at Rosemont in Gallatin.  I snapped a pic driving in.  The rain had started.

Our table was pretty with the greenery and the roses and the candles.

The bride and groom cut the cake.

George snapped a pic of me with my phone much to my surprise.  

Our friend Christina was in the pic above.  Both Christina and her Mom and my good friend as well, Kathy is below.  Kathy has also just started our nutrition system recently and having good success with her numbers going in the right direction.  

I looked up to say something to George and "snap" goes the camera.  

So I took a selfie of us.  

I saw this on the internet (phone) on the way home and saved it for you guys.  I thought it was cute! Yes George was driving. lol 

So, the dinner was great at the wedding reception.  It was a private wedding of family only.  The food was great and was done my Mission BBQ.  I did have dessert b/c I rarely do now. 

So I hate to say it, but I still have issues.  So it never got better from the cleanse, much to my surprise.  So I'm going to have to go to the doctor.  I am trying one last thing - the anti D meds and see if that helps.  It did last time.  So I'll see how today and tomorrow goes and will make an appointment for either Wed, Thurs, Fri if not improve.  I promise.  I am concerned but I would be more concerned if I felt bad.  I feel as good as I've ever felt!  So I'm just not sure what the deal is. 

One thing is for sure though - we need to get it straightened out b/c I want to get back on my program and on with my life and get this nagging worry off my mind.  It's always something!

So keep me in your prayers. 

It's back to work today and back to a busy desk.  I have orientation this morning at the office and have to go to the plant this afternoon for a meeting there.  It's always something there too.  So I can't even get the work done on my desk.  It'll just grow more behind.  And sit there it will and everyone will have to grow some patience.  But what can you do?  lol 

Anyway off of here to get myself ready and out the door.  Hope you all have a great Monday.  I hear we are supposed to have severe storms tonight in the overnight.  I've got to get my nails done after work today.  No cleansing til the tummy things gets straight so I can look forward to eating with George tonight.  Unless it's leftovers.  I'm not really wanting left overs.  I need to go to the store. 

Well, ya'll have a great day!


  1. It always amazes me how much you can get done in a days time. You really do make the most of your time. Merry Christmas to you! A new fridge and a new apple watch! Wow! That was really a nice sale on the fridge and with only one left, it was perfect timing. Hope you feel better and the week is a good one. It might not always be the way we want it, but every day is one to celebrate and be thankful for.

  2. I'm so sorry that you've still got your issues ....I think it's really time to get to the Dr. Love it's gone on just to long....I wait anxiously to hear what his verdict is.....Love the photos on today's blog, the dogs are so nice waiting for their dinners ....hope today has gone ok at work...
    All quite well here..After a really cold and freezing mornings but dry days we are now having mild mornings and damp wet days with a lot of rain forecast for overnight tonight......take care love. Night night. God. Bless. Xxx


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