Sunday, November 11, 2018

Shopping, Eating, Walking, Packing and Praying for Normal

Well as you can see I tried to eat as bland as I could.  lol  Eggs and bacon and grits.  And a biscuit with strawberry preserves.  We ate at Biscuit Love.  It's in the Gulch in Nashville.  

Above is George's Hot Chicken buscuit.  

Then we headed to the fairgrounds for Christmas Village.  It was wonderful! 

We stood in line about 30 minutes before the opened.  The wind was very cold.

There was so much stuff and so many people that I did not take many pics.  

These were so cute. 

And we ran into a friend!  My friend Dawn from Gallatin.  We went to church together, had some classes together, small group time together, planned together, and supported one another.  She has such a big sweet heart.  

Mr. and Mrs. Claus where shopping yesterday!  

My man took me to get a burger.   We went to Jack Brown's and it was soooo good.  I know I know, it's not exactly bland enough.  But it did have bread.

I love the vibe and fun in here.  It always feels like spring.  And is always happy and crazily decorated.

I was happy to see Katy and Cody were also out having a good time.  They went to see the Pred's in Dallas.  

I was so exhausted by the time we got home.  We also hit a couple of other places and had a beer.  Yeah I know.  Not on the BRAT diet. Most of the issues are back and forth.  And instead of keeping on a BRAT diet, I sortof just included the BRAT diet into my diet.  lol  The probiotics seem to help more than anything.  I'm not sure I'll be able to get the test done either b/c it can only be done when things are going awry.  So we'll see.   I am sorry but I don't have a lot of trust in the doctor's.  I am breaking out into a cold sweat, quite often though and I don't understand that.  It often did that when cleansing - so I think it's my liver trying to detox whatever is going on.  This has all been very depressing to me.  I am up and down.  Am I going to live or die?  

And b/c I ate so much in the last two days-- eating so much crap that I'm not supposed to eat - like BREAD and carbs and potatoes and white foods - I was completely nauseated when we got home.  And had to take an indigestion tablet.  I've not had to do that since I've been on my system.   I was also worn out and frozen to the bone and could not get warm.  I went to bed at 7 and got up at 5 this morning.  Last night I thought I was dying.  I felt limp and lifeless but this morning upon waking I felt much better.  

We didn't go to church this morning b/c we had so much to do here to get ready for our trip.  
I've done laundry as usual and ironing, and packed up my Isagenix goods for the week and for the trip.  I went in and checked my autoships - both mine and George's to make sure it's set for what I need when I get back.  And won't ship until we get back. 

I did the Target order and ordered the usual treats and also ordered Science Diet again thru Alexa so that we have plenty, with Tugie going to Mom's and the other two going with us. 

I have packed up my suit case for Texas except for some black pants that need to dry and be ironed.  Jewelry and shoes are all fixed.  Even my outfit to wear Saturday is set to go!  I've not prepped my work clothes this week.  Just now thought of it really, lol.  I guess I need to go think about that some to save time in the mornings.

I've swapped purses. 

George and I went through all of our purchases and logged them on the Christmas list and figured out what was left to buy.  We have made some huge progress.  

George brought up the Christmas stuff.  I have not been in the mood to put it up yet but just feel good knowing that it is upstairs already and ready to go.  We'll work on it when we get back.  

We have talked to the house sitter that will be staying here and all is well. 

I even played my Tropical Paradise game just for fun to sit still for a minute this morning with some coffee.  

 And I went for a walk around the block and then some for a quick 1 mile and a quarter walk and some 2700 steps.  It felt great.  I cannot cleanse yet, for a while, until my tummy gets back to the appropriate balance. So getting some exercise will hopefully help keep the lbs away while I'm expected to eat these things I don't normally eat that bloats and clogs you.  I think I like the other way better.  lol 

Anyway it did me wonders to get out.  I proved to myself I'm not dying.  Not yet anyway. 
I can still walk.  I even considered running.  I decided that after the new year, I may try working up to a run just to see if I can.  But I kept it at a walk today.  After the new year, I'll have my Apple Watch and can study the heart rate thing.

Since I was on my feet most of yesterday and also today, my back is hurting me pretty good. 

Anyway, things are coming together for the trip.

Someone tried to break into one of my signon's yesterday under BackPorchGal.  I don't use that sign on much.  But I got a notice that someone tried to log in as me. :-O  It wasn't me.  I'd even forgotten about that one.

Here are the pics from today:

Very peaceful.  Me and my ipod and also took them off at times just to hear the nature. 

I had a sweet moment when I looked down at my phone and a friend had texted to say "hi" and ask about me.  And all the while a song was playing with lyrics that said "we all just need to be loved".  It makes all the fear and sadness and worries go away when people are nice, to the point of caring about you.  My heart is saddened by the ones who don't - that would rather harm your spirit and psyche for whatever reason.  Makes me so glad to have true friends that care about my life. And show it.  So much of that is missing from life. 

Yes, enjoyed the walk.  Enjoyed the day. 

Just wanting life to be normal.  I want to go back to my system b/c I start to feel bad when I'm not.  The white foods and bread is just not nutritious.  So I'm trying not to go back to the dairy just yet.  But I may soon.  Maybe in the morning or maybe Tuesday morning.  Or until I get this test done.  But if it is normal I can't do the test.  lol  Anyway I'm confused and trying to give it to God.  The doctor's don't have an immediate answer either.  He was really thinking I'd been on antibiotics.  But I've not been.  Others say it's stress.  I've not really been THAT stressed.  I mean yeah, there have been some gnarly people I've had to deal with lately but I can brush that off easily now like I've not been able to before.  Yeah there is a lot of responsibility and a lot I'm trying to do.  But it's all a good stress.  I don't know.  Maybe the vacation will help.  If it does then we'll know the culprit. 

I just want happy times and feeling good and going on about my plan and hopes and dreams.  And being able to do what I want to do.  I'm so excited about the future but all this is messing with it and with me.  So I have to figure out what is going on so I can know what adjustments to make and how to get it done from here, where I sit.  

Like now!  Probably no post in the morning.  Since I've posted today. 


  1. What a great day you had to get out and do shopping. And packing for your trip has to be exciting for sure ! Hope the week ahead finds you feeling better and better. Remember eating light doesn't have to be all about bread. Take good care and have a great Monday!

  2. Sorry about the stomach problems. And yes, I sorta agree about trusting Doctors, I want to but it is tough. Loved the pictures, Katy is such a lovely girl. I think George is getting younger, probably that chicken biscuit! However you both ARE young! ;-)
    Sherry & jack

  3. I hope you feel better and have a good trip. I have heard there is a bad stomach virus going around here. Maybe just a big tablespoon of pepto bismol might help. That is what I take if I have a tummy ache. It is a cold rainy day here. I need extra sleep this time of year. That seems to help me not get colds and such. And lots of juices and hot teas. Well have a good week.


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