Thursday, November 15, 2018

Speculating about Fructose, Flu Shots, and Miss Tugie Going to Mom's

What a rainy day it was yesterday!  And it is snowing this morning.  I don't think it is much for us to worry about but I will have to give it some attention this  morning and make sure before I leave. 

The coffee is good going down.  The house is 69 but feels like 55 to me.  I can't complain though b/c we do have heat.  My BIL and SIL do not have heat.  We told them they could stay with us and they thought about a hotel but they decided to stick it out.  They were going to sleep in their sleeping bags and said they had spent colder nights in a tent.  We went out to dinner with them last night at Martin's BBQ and had a great time.

Yesterday was a day of twists and turns every which way.  Very busy.  Lots of needs.  And I was by myself for most of the day.  Much of my appointments were cancelled for today due to flights being cancelled of those I was meeting with - then I have a chance to get some things done before vacation. 

And tonight George and I are taking Tugie to Mom's.  We are very sad that she cannot go with us on the Texas trip.  She would be miserable.  She needs to be a place where she can rest, a familiar place, one with less activity, and no long car trips back to back.  She no longer is comfortable in the car.  And so Mom is so nice to keep her.  She can sleep and be pampered by Mom. 

Thanks for the comment yesterday about Fructose.  I looked and the shakes do have Fructose.  Fructose is a natural sugar found in honey and fruits, and many of the vegetables we eat so that is hard to avoid.   It also has Stevia which is a natural sugar from a plant used since the 16th century to sweeten teas and such. All of the ingredients are natural.  Just b/c it's natural though doesn't mean I might not have some lack of tolerance to it.  So any of these things are possible.  I have done extensive - extensive (worth repeating, lol) research on Isagenix and most of the folks with this digestive problem is when they are first getting on it and getting used to it.  No one else seems to be having issues on going that I can find.

I don't know what the answer is.  But the lab reports will rule out something I guess.  I'm still leaning on the flu shot's dead virus with this year's flu shots containing that last strain of flu that took so many people out.  And it occurred to me this morning that it was after last year's flu shot that I began having trouble with my arm.  I have no clue if that could have been connected to the site of the shot in my muscle, after reading about other's having issues.  But after this year's flu shot - having some more inflammation in the same place that made we really wonder.  Maybe it wasn't lifting luggage at all that did it.  I'm getting very curious now about this.  Mom also has a friend that got the flu shot and going through some of it.  A girl at work's Father In Law was hospitalized with the same issues after the flu shot and pneumonia shot.  So the shot this year is a strong one and I'm suspecting that my body is reacting from it.  But no one really knows.  It could be something in the system, it could be something going wrong with my body, it could be a virus or bacteria.  My head spins trying to figure it out.  And I appreciate ya'll trying to figure it out too.  I need all the help I can get. lol If it is not something simple the lab reports find - then I imagine I will have to really do a log of some sort and it'll take a long time to figure it out.  Go through a process of eliminating and then adding back. 

One thing I haven't done much of is add cheese!  Mom said "go eat cheese!".  So perhaps I will do that. lol

Better go - I have a lot to do this morning extra in getting Tugie ready to go!  Or at least was hoping to.  Time is always something we never have enough of.

Ya'll have a good Thursday.  Thanks for reading and I appreciate your comments and input so much.  Even when it is about my OUTPUT.  lol lol lol lol


  1. My daughter mentioned that yesterday she'd been have issues like yours for over a week and went to the doctor and hers prescribed Nexium and gave her some sort of antibiotic that is good for tummy issues. Don't know if hers is like yours, but hopefully both of you will get better soon. Not easy when you have to work and have lots to do. Your sweet little Tugie will probably be more comfortable with your Mom. Hope you have a good trip there and enjoy your Thursday!

  2. What about lycopene? It can cause issues above 30 mg. I know this because too much watermelon gives my hubby issues. Don’t tell him I told you. Ha. Take care, Sheila

  3. Have a fun trip. I know you will enjoy seeing your daughter again.


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