Saturday, November 10, 2018

Stop! Don't Eat White Foods! OK! Go Eat White Foods!

I failed to mention that Thursday night after work was shopping night.   It grew and grew what I needed to do.  Originally needed to stop at Belk for eye liner, added to that some khaki pants for winter.  Wanted to get a different color lipstick since my hair is lighter now.  And then I needed to go to Penny's.  And then George asked if I would go get Tugie's meds, in another city altogether but only 20 minutes opposite of the shopping.  How could I say no? 

So I found not only the much needed khaki pants, but another pair of blue pants that fit me better and also a pair of brown pants which I never thought I'd be able to wear.  Maybe I haven't shopped before for myself for pants before Thanksgiving.  So my size was in everything.  Must have been a newly arrived shipment.  The sales were everywhere.  Even $1.99 rack for tops, $4.99 racks.  Still, I could not be enticed for the sale racks.  No time and I'm in the mood to move on, my summer wardrobe already doing fine.  But it was awesome to be able to get 3 pair of pants that fit for winter. 

So, I did go to the doctor.  And the irony is just astounding.  On my last visit he says, "continue on with your low fat diet, good job, stay off of the white foods (pre-diabetic reasons)". 

Yesterday.  "Go eat some bananas, applesauce, rice, and toast and probiotics and cut out dairy"!   

Does this not happen all the time?  Last time it went in the other direction.  The pendulum swings. 
Eat this.  Now don't eat it.  Don't eat that.  Now eat that.  

It makes ones head swim.  So I've tried so hard to lose weight and cut out all those things. So after the doc I went to the store and bought bread, crackers, beanie weenies (b/c I wanted them), dark chocolate with almonds, instant rice cups.  In my rebellious attitude I came home, had a glass of wine, ate the beenie weenies which were a disappointment, went over ate some BBQ kettle chips, opened a bag of baked crackers and ate a bunch of those, ate potatoes for dinner and had 2nd's.  Ate some of the Hershey's dark chocolate with almonds bar and decaf coffee.  

This morning.  I'm all normal!  My body hurts, but all functions are normal.  

And I can't wait to go back to my shakes.  Which I will do by Monday morning!  

So I think this is a gut thing and it does not want me to eat healthy.  So how do I retrain it?  I've done well for so long.  I keep reverting back to the flu shot and how after that is when things began to go awry - after about a week to two weeks after the shot.  Is that possible?  My glands began to be sore one morning.  That went away but then the gut trouble started.  I've had a pain or two in my glands off and on - nothing constant and nothing worth even mentioning.  So my system is acting as if it is fighting something.  The good news is that my white count was good.  But the doc said he thought it was a bug and gave me a "poop kit", lol.  Well I'll have to wait to see if there are any other abnormals before I can do that.  

Life is just so intriguing.  Don't eat those white foods!  Now go eat those white foods!  Drives me crazy!  I'm on a mission - don't they know that?  The devil is messing with me I think.  But God wins.  The good news is, I was not sent for further testing and so it's probably just a virus bug or food intolerance or a system imbalance.  So I guess we see what happens. 

Gotta go - we are having a fun day today.  And leaving soon.  I will have a lot to share tomorrow. 
On to more coffee and to get ready! 


  1. I have heard of that BREAD diet before for those with upset stomachs. Bread, rice Apple sauce etc. It's meant only for when you have an upset, so for a little while it shouldn't hurt. It's only till you get straightened out so that should be ok. Yes, it is definitely good news that the doc didn't think it was anything else. Hope you enjoy your fun day! Happy Saturday.

  2. That’s just the typical BRAT diet for ‘issues’. Temporary until issues stop. Could it be a mild case of diverticulitis? I’ll keep you in my prayers, hopefully it will resolve soon. Take care, Sheila

  3. I think doctors always advise "bland" foods when one has an intestinal thing going on, but the last time this happened to me and I took that advice were some of the most painful days I ever experienced, as the bread (aka carbs) I was advised to eat felt like a live animal working its way through my intestines, clawing as it went. It made me never want to eat bread again. We do make our own here and that does not have the same bad reaction but I eat it very sparingly all the same, half a slice when it comes fresh out of the breadmaker is about all I will do.

    If you have some frozen bananas, add that to your shakes, use almond milk or soy instead of dairy. :) I always use almond milk for the shakes, it has such a lovely flavour, and I always use soy now for coffee.

  4. glad you went to the doctor. does sound confusing. maybe the poop kit will yield a diagnosis that makes more sense.


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