Thursday, November 1, 2018

Tales from a Happy Halloween

No make-up and a very tired girl here - I did go blonde-er!  I thought my hair stylist did a good job on the cut.  It's perfect and will be even better as it grows.  I texted her to tell her I was happy with it.  Yesterday though I had to sport my el-vira type wig.  

Meet Sonster from Spiderville.  

You do not want to get caught up in my web!  lol

I had orange and black spiders all over me.  And I dropped them everywhere! lol

George and I went out to Chedders and they had a pumpkin voting contest and a backdrop for photos.  

Our group was so fun and festive yesterday.  Absolutely love it.  

We had a nice meal that we brought and it all came together.

Here's George's "Pot Pie" at Cheddars.  

Here's my salad.  Grilled Chicken pecan salad.  After we ate we went to Providence area and shopped for ourselves and for Christmas.  Found a few deals!  Got some much needed things.  It's a great night to shop - no one is in the stores!

Well, I want to go ahead and get ready and head in.  Storms and rain on the way.  Will probably be right in the middle of it driving in.  I don't want to be late though.  Nashville folks cannot drive in the rain. They will all crash into one another and then the rest of us cannot get in to work.

So ya'll have a great day!  I've decided to cleanse today.  And tomorrow will likely start my shakes back.  I'm better.  Not perfecto but getting somewhat slowly better every day.  I'm going to take a chance.  Likely it is some virus that has attacked.  Or something that I ate that was bacterial.  All I know is the coffee sure is hitting the spot today.  I'm planning on drinking boat loads of water today too.  

Woke up this morning thinking, "Dang is it not Friday yet????"  But it'll be here fast enough.  
Ya'll be good!  


  1. you looked perfect for halloween. looks like a fun time was had by all. dinner looked scrumptious. glad your tummy issues are better.

  2. It all looks like a great Halloween! Nice every one got into the spirit of things there ! I love your costume. Lots of rain here too.Take care on the highway and have a happy Thursday!


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