Friday, November 30, 2018

The Need to Conquer

Ahhhh!  Good night's sleep.  Still in "I just wanna be home mode" and feel the need to conquer as I look around with tree undone but ornaments awaiting, the laundry room piled full - even after doing several loads already, stepping on crumbs on the kitchen floor and cringing, and the carpet looks like we are a factory, packages are ready to be wrapped, shopping still to be done on line, Christmas cards to address and send, a business I want to work on but don't dare til after the holidays for sanity sake.  If someone was interested I wouldn't have time to help them.  I need to get with family and book our Christmas.  And the doggies all curled up and very heavy rain coming down.  Oh I wish I had today off.  But tomorrow will come quickly and I can begin to work on everything.  I will be glad to get Target order done, Isagenix order done, and go the grocery.  No quick food in the house at all.

Meanwhile the schedule continues to build for our upcoming weekends in Dec.  All Saturday's are booked and so Friday nights and Sunday's will be next.  I have to hold on to Sunday's for dear life though.  It's the only day I have to claim to get ANYthing done.  December wears me out and it's not even here yet.  I'm starting it off tired.  I know I go through this every year.

I'm a bah humbug til I get time to do it all.  Anyway, I DO look at all that sits awaiting my attention and I just long to be here doing it.  Tomorrow I can dive in. 

Today is cleanse day.  A long awaited one.  I'm very excited b/c after all we ate last week and also in the last 4 to 6 weeks - eating bread, pasta, cheese, fats of all kind - in an effort to try to get to a normal digestive state - I can feel the lbs start to creep back, and no doubt the blood pressure, the sugar numbers, the cholesterol following suit, the aches, the tiredness, the right knee, the right arm, inflammation and pain.  Yeah I'd rather be on the system which gets rid of all the toxins and the fat.  We'll see how it goes.  If it gets too cleansing I may have to back off to every two weeks, but we'll see.  I really don't think this was the culprit of my issues though - but I can see where this coupled with the antibiotics in the flu shot virus injection may have caused some issues.  If this rids toxins and the flu shot put toxins in to build antibodies - this easily could have caused disruption.  Kinda wondering if the flu shot was able to do its thing now b/c the cleanse is so dang effective.  lol

Anyway, yesterday was a hugely busy day.  I didn't get much of my normal work done.  I had a dental appointment, we had our safety lunch which was breakfast, tried to help a friend/coworker get food delivered for after their father's funeral today.  Another friend took over and worked it out as I couldn't get delivery - but she got it worked out.  I felt bad but they told me they wouldn't deliver and told her they would.  lol  I was like, "why wouldn't they do that for me?"  Anyway glad it worked.  I wanted to help, but the main thing is it is done.  So pray for my friend/coworker who is burying their father today.  It's a small family service so I won't be leaving to go but we will be praying and thinking of them today.

The rest of the day kinda fell apart.  A meeting, an urgent phone call with a situation on the end, another meeting full of information and to do's and an after noon of hurried work to get everyone what they needed.  Had to stay over and told George I'd be late.  I was to go to Houston's and get our meat and 3 healthy dinner.  However, I had to call in an order to China Moon instead as they were open later.  Houston's would have been closed or ready to close by the time I got there.  So we had Egg drop soup, shrimp with black bean sauce, and chicken with snow pea.  And I got an egg roll b/c I can't NOT have one.  lol

I was thinking we could have leftovers today but - I remembered I was cleansing.  So George can have them for lunch and dinner.  He suggested I not cleanse today but - I'm not putting it off.  I'll cleanse today and then will get on my schedule of cleansing on Monday's going forward - but not this Monday as I have to put 7 days in b/w a cleanse.

So - China Moon, even though I called it in at 6 - for a 6:45 order.  It was not ready.  So I played Candy Crush at the restaurant until well after 7.  I was patient but another customer was not.  She showed her A&&.  I went up two levels in Candy Crush.  I was realizing at least I could do something fun while waiting and soon we'd have our meal.

So I came home.  George seemed tired or worn out himself.  We ate, and watched YouTube shows.  He agreed it was ok to watch but I think it bores him so he read.  He was nice enough to let me watch b/c in some cases I'm three weeks behind.  This week we've been too busy, last week we were gone, and the week before we were getting ready to go.  I was surprised how three weeks could build up like that. lol  It was good to catch up with them.  I didn't catch up on them all but a couple of my favorites as we ate dinner.  By the time 9 was here - I had put the leftovers up and George was heavy into the reading.

I love the sailing life, love hearing about it, and am wrapped up in it.  But will never do it at this point.  I am happy just watching them.  I used to only be able to read about being on the ocean and now I'm able to watch it - so it's ok with me just to watch.

Honestly the RV life is more my speed.  On land, but the water and ocean life and other cultures thrill me.  Would love to be a travel writer.  But too late to dream on for that.  At least from a boating perspective.  I'm not a maintenance person but I could cook and clean and provision and run the patreon and youtube account and blog really well!  lol

Anyway I need to go and get moving and shaking.  It is raining hippos here this morning.  It stops and starts and starts and stops.  lol

Have a happy Friday!  Soon I will have the time to Conquer my list!


  1. I hope you do have a fantastic Friday and a super Saturday conquering that list of yours.

  2. Well I have got to the end of your oh so busy I type this you must almost be home and your weekend can start...I so hope that the great new fridge will appear on time and there will be no trouble getting them to take away the other one...looking forward to a nice photo of it....I hope over the weekend you get a few of your Xmas things started maybe some cards written and I might even get mine started at last..the abroad ones should have gone according to the post office last month ( October !) I'm certainly not going to be posting them air mail so will have to have fingers crossed that they arrive in time.....take care try to find a relaxing time over weekend. God Bless....

  3. It rained here all night last night. At least that got rid of the snow. Wasn’t fun walking the dog right out of bed, though!

  4. raining here too. hope you find time to get your tree up. i know you'll be happy when you do.


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