Monday, November 19, 2018

Thrilled to be in Texas!

After such a pretty day yesterday being warmer and sunny, we woke up to rain in Hot Springs and it lasted for about an hour and a half outside of Hot Springs and gave away to clouds and much to our surprise, COLD.  By the time we crossed the Texas line and stopped for gas and a potty break and refill on coffee - we were in shock that the temp had gone from 50's to 30's and a brisk wind.  All of our coats in the back.  

Not many interesting photos on the way.  My phone was used for GPS b/c it is the one that has a thin cover and the magnet to hold it into the holder while you drive.  (We love this for GPS purposes as it works well).   However, as we approached our destination in Breckenridge the clouds began to break.  We have "wide open spaces" and some valleys and hills - and it reminds me of the scenery in Westerns that were on TV as a kid.  

We pulled into their driveway and saw a herd of wild pigs.  Are they herds?  Or something else?  lol 
That was exciting.  Cody sent us a pin of where they lived and we GPS'd to the pin.  That was pretty cool b/c their address is so remote that GPS would not find it.  But the pin worked.  I guess they have learned how to do that on the ranch.  Katy said he learned it while back in the Wildlife program.  

On the way here we passed areas where there had been a wild fire.  This scares me so bad b/c it can be so dry out here.  This was about an hour from where they live.  It is pretty remote out here but there is a highway not far away and a lot of ranch land out here.  

I'm going to show you Katy's house.  It's funny that I'm starting with the bathroom.  But it is a cute one.  That is just where the photos start I guess in the order I took them.

The living room. 

The lovely kitchen with the lovely daughter. 

She was happy with George's bottle of wine he brought them.

The sun room.

The rest of the sun room. 

Laughed at this.  Only on a ranch would this be your jewelry armoire.

They dressed George up in warmth to go pig hunting.  And dressed him in Tennessee wear.  lol  He is a Vandy grad so UT is his rival team.  So this was funny.  He didn't bring any sweat shirts.  So he was at their mercy.  Laughs all around.  He didn't care - he wanted to go shoot the rifle he hadn't shot since he was 12. 

Meanwhile - while they hunted, I stayed back and watched the sunset with a glass of wine, called Mom and did a Marco Polo with her and Aunt Martha to show them Katy's house.  (Marco Polo is an app that allows video texts).  

I wanted to put the pic of George in my blog for the family and the history of this.  However, I changed it to a black and white photo so it was not as graphic.  I am aware that not everyone likes this.  It is a part of Cody's job to control the wild pig population on the ranch. And this is part of what happens every day.  I will not defend nor support.  I am tender hearted for animals so I get it.  But here he is.  They were not gone less than 5 minutes and saw the herd/group of pigs we saw when we came in and he got him one.  

So there you have it. 

Our bed is a reg size bed with two dogs and two people so we had arms, elbows, dog paws, and stole each other's pillows all night.  I am considering couch tonight, or floor.  

And we have had lots of coffee this morning and are going out to a place called Graham today.  It's about 35 to 40 minutes away.   

I think we are getting our Thanksgiving groceries today so we don't miss out.  This is not a big area with groceries so we feel we need to get things early.  We made our menu last night.  We are going to be stuffed for Thanksgiving day. 

I'm going to get my shower and get going. We have a fun day planned ahead.  I'm so excited to be here.  This is almost like having a holiday at the beach for me.  You know I've always wanted to have a tropical holiday.  This ain't tropical, but it's a western one of sorts. 

Gotta go.  Ya'l have a good Monday. 


  1. I am so very happy for you! How wonderful their place looks and I'm sure you will work those sleeping arrangements out one way or the other. Being on a ranch for them looks pretty plush. Having wild pigs around would be rather daunting and I can see why they might want to get rid of them. I'm sure I don't have to tell you to have a happy Monday. Have fun and and enjoy!

  2. Interesting pictures. I can't believe wild pigs roam around their driveway. Are they dangerous? Boy George didn't fool around he got him one. I love her couch and sunroom. Enjoy yourself. I know you are so happy to be with your girl again.

  3. It's great that you arrived safely after that long drive through all sorts of weather....hope it warms up a bit for you all. I kinda thought it was always warmish in Texas....Katy's house looks lovely, what a beautiful kitchen she has. Hope that you manage to sleep a bit better tonight with George, dogs, and of course yourself. LOL.....give Katy my love. .....enjoy the next few you go home Sunday ?


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