Friday, November 16, 2018

Today's Post is All Over the Place

In our spare time over the last week - which has been little, we have watched the first three episode's of Masterpiece Theatre's The Durrells in Corfu.  It was great!  We'll have to get some more discs of it. 

 Katy sent me a pic of their church's small group in which a raccoon was peering in the window.  lol  Yes they do live out in the middle of nowhere practically.  This is hilarious.

It took me over an hour to get to work yesterday.  I inched in towards Nashville in this mess.  It was a wreck which must have had the interstate blocked or down to one lane until it all moved over.  Once moved over we started moving a little but then everyone had to slow down to see if they knew the people and what happened so we hardly went any faster. 

Days like this make you want to work from home with NO exceptions!

My SIL, Cody has been on a trip this week with his team at work and caught a great looking fish.  I am not sure what kind it is.  He looks pretty happy.  In his element.  This was something they did down at the Texas coast. 

I'm excited to see this show as I like Candace Bure (Full House).  I recently read her latest book. 
I don't do a lot of the Life Time channel movies but I will watch hers. 

And I'd really like to see if I'd like this show with Connie Britton.  

Anyway, lots of things to murk up the "to do list".  Meaning of murk?  Making it difficult to see my "to do list" lol!  Murking it up so I can't see nor do it!  Oh but I love to sit with a bowl of popcorn and watch a show after I've worked on my to do list for a while.  

So we took Tugie to Mom's yesterday.  We took all her treats and foods, stopped at Walmart and got more buddigs (meat treats for her pills to be wrapped in).  And we just decided we didn't want burgers or that kind of drive thru food.  We held out for fried chicken from KFC in Columbia and took it to Mom's.  We wanted a hot meal.  Turns out she hadn't eaten anyway yet so when we called and told her we were bring a bucket of KFC - she was delighted. Not the best for any of us but at this point - sometimes a bucket of fried chicken is what the doc ordered.  And ohhhhh how good it was! I thought it was a great idea too b/c Mom has a lot of chicken to eat off of for a few days now.  

I hope Tugie did ok last night.  She did not seem distressed that we were leaving and did not seem to even want to go.  But she loved being in my lap for the trip there without having Maisy hovering over.  She leaned on me and loved on me with her head.  So sweet.  I miss her and it seems strange to and a lot less of a crew just having two.  

I hope it all goes well with her there.  

So now we are at Friday, my last day to work.  There is not enough of me to go around for all the needs.  But I have made progress toward some critical things.  It's never enough.  I refuse to feel guilty for taking a vacation b/c we all get and deserve to take it.  If you can't be disconnected for a bit every once in a while, and see family and be with your own, then life is just not worth the try.  What are you living and working for?  Just to work? I don't think so.  So I am unplugging (literally b/c in many spots there is no cell service and internet is very spotty).  I won't completely be off the grid.  Katy says her internet is not great but I might be able to get a blog post done.  So I am taking my laptop and will attempt.  I'm leaving my work laptop at work b/c that way I can lead my assistant to certain documents or forms or data if needed.  I won't be taking two laptops with me and I wouldn't be able to have it with me anyway since we are going to be out and about in remote towns of TX.  I'm not going to be in internet cafes working.  So best to leave it at work where she can access if needed.  

And that is all I know.  I'm leaving early this morning since traffic has been so horrible.  We need to get this day done and over and tonight we will finish packing, pack the car, and in the morning head out.  My suitcase is already packed.  But I have to add shoes and cosmetics.  I have to pack all the pet supplies and all my Isagenix stuff.  We have a lot of eggs in the fridge and are boiling eggs for the road and taking bread and peanut butter.  I think that will get us to memphis.  lol  We will stop for lunch somewhere beyond Memphis- likely BBQ take out and eat it in the car.  We will have the doggies.  We decided we'd start early and stop if we saw anything interesting.  We'll get to our 1/2 way point and check out the town!  Dog friendly hotels rock! 

We are also packing Katy's Christmas stuff in the car so we have to get all that packed.  Anyway I'm ready to get the day done so we can get on with it.  And perhaps while there I'll make some decisions about 2019 and exactly what my goals are and what that looks like.  

And I need to go if I'm going to get a head start.  
I'll be posting one way or the other.  I have a blog app that I can use via cellular if needed. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend.  
Please pray for our travels.  And we have a pot luck today for lunch.  Looking forward to that.  

Take care! 


  1. Thank goodness Friday has arrived and your long awaited vacation is about to begin ! I will be praying for safe travels for you and hope you thoroughly enjoy your trip. Yes, we work so our family is happy, and you do deserve your vacation! Don't worry about work, it will still be there when you get back. One way or another. Sounds like your car will be pack to the brim. Enjoy your family time !

  2. Hi Sonya, sorry not to have had time to pop in each day this week....indeed this is my first day in and I am going to have to read backwards to see what you've been up to !!...L however just had to come in tonight. ( probably mid day with you) to say have a brilliant great time with Kary please tell her I send love and also to Cody, I love hearing about their exploits and I am extra excited to be seeing photos of their lovely house and area all around and of course Kate herself etc etc......Take care on the long drive...God will be with you at all out for other drivers...much love go travel... whilst you are doing that think of how it will feel to be travelling in your own lovely HV....xxxx


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