Sunday, November 4, 2018

Weekend Warriors

All of the fall decor, sits in a pile.  Has to go up early so I can clean and get the Christmas decor started slowly over the next couple of weeks. 

Yesterday started off slow getting things done on my big list as I kept doing other things I wanted to do, like organizing my Facebook Saved List into Catergories.  It helps b/c I save a lot of videos for my business training.  So I took an hour to do that.  Did I really have that much saved?  Yes. Now it's divided into business, humor, travel, recipes, pets, and things to check into, etc.  

So what did I do yesterday?  I also redecorated the blog.  I have to be happy with it at least 98%.  lol  Not sure I'm there yet.  I think I'm about 92% but it'll have to do I think for now.  

I wrote down the past week's Christmas finds into the budget and took things out of sacks and organized them in the guest bedroom.  I printed all of the business receipts and recorded into the expense book.  I had George take my maintenance photos and finished my first challenge.  (I finished my 2nd challenge before my first one - it's complicated and depends on the timing of the year and the judgement period.)  I've not lost enough to be mentioned at NYKO, our upcoming New Year Kick Off celebration of sorts.  Usually it's like 100 lbs or more.  But anyway, I'll get a t-shirt!  ;-)  So I should have two t shirts coming and I'll get $200 in product for each challenge.  Awesome deal 

Gathered all the fall things as mentioned, ready to put up.  Figured out what to wear to the wedding reception tonight and where we need to go and what time.  Did the Target order.  Got the vacuuming done.  Downloaded a Reggae CD onto my PC for ipod sync.  And sent a Thank You to the lady that was so nice through Etsy.  Only I discovered she didn't get it this morning - apparently I responded to an automated email, lol.  Oh well.  I'll have to try again.  

George was gone a good chunk of the morning running various errands and going to yard sales.  He discovered that our fridge we want is SERIOUSLY on sale.  So we are going to go buy it today! ;-) Yay no more leaky fridge.  Yay, we'll have an automatic ice maker again for shakes!  

I'm still not back to normal, so if things don't improve by Tuesday - or so - I'm going to the doc.  No more cleanse for a while b/c whatever is going on that makes it worse and it takes a while to recover.  I think it's doing its job to clear out whatever toxins are within or virus.  But if not improved soon I'll have to go see what is going on.  May have to have antibiotics or something.  So weird, no symptoms.  But I'm so tired of worrying over it all.  Starting to be depressed about it.  I'm trying to let God have it and I start to have hope and then it's shredded again.  But I should be getting better every day as I was.  I just kept doing the cleanse and it would start all over, so I need to see that it will keep getting better if I don't do the cleanse.  Grrr. 

Today's list is dusting, downloading my next book for audible credit, changing the sheets, doing measurements for my chart, checking out Hot Springs Arkansas, bringing up Christmas decor, setting up y 2019 calendar and ordering some Christmas orders on line.  I need to order our Tickets for Tues night's movie.  And do some follow ups.  I won't get all that done.  Our day is not going to be as long at home.  So I'll do what I can.  I've done a devo this morning.  

And I have figured out quite by accident how to get my Spotify to play on the Big TV - my playlists.  That is so cool!  Yes!!!! Right now Hot Chelle Rae is playing "It's Alright". lol 

Well, off of here to go get things done. We are the Weekend Warriors! I'm in relaxed mode though.  We'll see!  lol 


  1. You make me smile with your weekend warrior attitude! I won't take fall down until after Thanksgiving, but I know you'll be gone then so I can see why you slowly want to start on Christmas. I do hope that after so long you finally do kick that bug you have. But yes, it it's not gone, you do need to see your doctor. Hope you have a fun day and manage to relax a bit too. Happy Sunday!

  2. i'm slowly getting christmas up here. i know you'll be happy to get yours up because of your trip to texas. sorry to hear you still have tummy issues. a trip to the doctor is called for.


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