Friday, December 7, 2018

A Day off In the Midst of the Madness

Good morning!  Didn't blog yesterday as I slept in a bit since we were out past bedtime Wednesday night.  We went to a wonderful restaurant in Lebanon called Mo'Cara's and what a wonderful treat it was.  We went out with a former vendor/friend.  And ubered back and forth.  
The dinner was smoked prime rib, salad, and you got it - a LOADED baked potato and pecan cheese cake.  Going to MoCara's, it being "during the holidays", us being with a good friend and having good conversation - I gave myself permission to splurge.  I even had ranch dressing on my salad.  ;-)
We were not fond of the appetizer list, so we ordered another entree and all three split it - what was it?  Chicken Fried Chicken and Mac and Cheese.  lol


And bed never felt so good.  But I was an hour late getting to bed and so I hit snooze like 8 times.  So I drank coffee and played candy crush to wake up and then headed in to work.

The interstates are nutzoid these days.  Normally coming home is busy but yet pretty quick.  Depending on when I leave.  Anywhere from 35 to 40 is the norm going home.  Getting there and coming home has been more like an hour lately.  Of course I have to take the dogs out in the morning and that delays my routine some  or quite a bit if there are any hiccups at all - like when it's cold and the cat comes in the house and hides and I have to hunt him down.  It may sound easy enough just to hook 3 dogs up and take them out for a business walk and back in again - but there are challenges: 

*All three dogs want to go in a different direction
*The leashes get tangled up
*Tugie's getting so thin that her collar comes off
*Roger pulls hard to go the direction he wants to
*Maisy gets wrapped around a tree and doesn't understand to go the other direction she goes the opposite way and makes it worse and when I try to unravel us she follows making it wrap around again, lol. 
*The cat tries to annihilate the dogs when they come in and so the dogs are moving the whole time while I try to get their leashes unhooked.  It's like trying to get a flopping fish off the hook.
*Roger is scared of the cat and won't come in.

 So I straddle the front door with one dog out and two dogs in while cat is messing with the dogs that are inside and I fumble to get leashes off.  I have to completely unhook the two that are in and go back out to Roger who is dangling around outside and refusing to budge and I have to entice him to come in.  Begging and sometimes even having to go and pick him up and he's heavy.  So the front door has to be closed so he cannot see the cat who is inside.  When I open the door I have to put my foot in front of the cat to keep him back and Roger will finally come in but tries to run before I can bend down and unhook the leash.  Then I quickly reach for the cat treats to entice the cat out before he decides to run and hide.  I try to make sure all the bedroom doors are shut before we start the process so if the cat comes in he has less places to hide.

It's a song and dance we do every morning.  It can be a pleasurable experience to be with your doggies outside by the woods out back watching nature.  Or it can be an experience that leaves you cursing and swearing like you never thought you would!

So yeah, it's been cold this week and stupid heavy traffic and so WAZE app has been taking me through some twists and turns to get places in 50 minutes instead of what probably would have been an hour and 15.  Because if it's 40 to an hour normally that time a day and there is a lane closure or an accident - it's easy turned into double time.  I've learned some back streets this week I didn't know existed. 

Anyway, last night George and I went to a new place that is open called Saigon Basil and it's a Vietnamese and Thai place.  We ate for $21 - which was el cheapo for us but we had hot tea instead of a beer or wine.  It was delicious and cozy and service was great.  We'll be back there!  WE went to Bath and Body works and then to Kroger and then back home.

I couldn't wait to get in Jammies.  And it was heavenly to sit and play candy crush past my bedtime b/c I didn't have to get up this morning.  I'm on vacation today. It's a vacay day but it's a working day regardless but perhaps an enjoyable one.  Working in the way that I'm going to be running some errands, doing some shopping, and so forth.

Today's goals:

___Shop some for George - mainly stocking stuffers
___Secret Santa stuff for next week
___Wrap our gifts for tomorrow
___Wrap Aunt Martha's and Uncle Ken's gifts
___Maybe wrap George's if I have time
___Prep my salad for tomorrow

So we'll see how much I can get done.  A head start on the wrapping will be good.  I have a day also scheduled for next Friday.  I always save 3 vac days for Dec and about 4 to 5 days to roll into January.  I've not taken a lot of vacation this year until the August and November and December.  So it's this time of year that I look forward to taking it.  But it's always so busy.  I don't want to lose it either.  Usually the 1st vacay day in Dec is to shop for George b/c otherwise I'm always with him.  And the 2nd one is to wrap.  And the 3rd one is the day after Christmas to just slow down and enjoy it.  There's an unusual lot of things going on at work though so once again vacay could be threatened.  Normally I worry about it.  Now I'm just going with the flow.  1.  I am not in the mood to worry and God said not to and I trust Him with my life and how it will go.  2.  I understand what is going on and understand why I would need to be there if needed.  Would not be anyone's fault.  3.  I do want to help if needed.  4.  I truly believe that it would all work out in the wash anyway.  So I'm not going to sit and worry over "having things my way".  My way will be God's and however he chooses it to be will be.  Now if it was after I'm already off and had to be called in while out shopping or something, I think that would be an issue - with most anyone.  That WOULD be a hard one.  I think I would be doing an angry dance and shouting holy molasses to the masses right there in Macy's!  lol    Just kiddin' I'm not going to Macy's.  It just sounded all Christmas like.  I wish there was a Dillard's close to us though!  Love Dillards.  Used to work there.  Loved the Dillard family as well. What I knew of them.  I got to meet THE Mr. Dillard once. 

That said, I'm going to hop into my day which is going to start with shower, laundry, kitchen (it's not bad but needs some attention), opening packages that came in.  May wrap a few real quick and then I'll head out. 

I'm thinking I'll catch lunch out somewhere as a treat to myself.  A salad?  Not sure but I'll find a little place to get something.  I don't want a major shopping day as I'd rather be home. I'm just going to pray that God leads me to the right gifts so I can make the best use of my time and then head home. 

I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.  But I woke up this morning at 3.  Couldn't sleep so I played Candy Crush in bed til about 4 - hiding the phone behind a pillow so the light wouldn't bother George.  The dogs barked a lot after I went back to sleep and slept til 7.  I don't think George said goodbye but I wouldn't know it if he did.  The dogs just barked a lot and then they barked when they wanted back up in bed with me.  I awoke again when I heard the garage door opening and closing.  I got up b/c I'd caught up on sleep at that point.  I made coffee and played Candy Crush some more. 

I suppose there is some nervous energy in me somewhere making me want to play Candy Crush.  It relaxes me during busy times.  Anyway better get off and get started.  Dogs are sleeping good right now! I hear snores all around! lol  Have a grand day!  I'll enjoy mine off in the Midst of the Madness.



  1. I should have left a comment yesterday but I laughed so much at your description of getting the doggies and cat in and out the house, I had to make a dash to the toilet. ( well you didn't need to know that did you!!). When I came back I had to get a start to my day. Like you we are all at at sixes and sevens, not sure what to start first...but hope you managed to get the last of Georges presents. I still have not thought of anything for's difficult as like you and George Mary is always with me...which makes it hard...tonight we have the church charity Christmas Celebration I have a longish rhyme to read, I had hoped not to read them from the paper but afraid my brain is getting to old to remember such a long reading.....hope you have a good weekend...

  2. I’m hooked on Words With Friends. I spend an hour or so each morning catching up on all the people I’m playing against.

  3. Hope you had a great day in the midst of your madness there. The dogs, the cat and the traffic. You certainly needed a day off. Our local Dillards closed a few years back and now we too have to travel a ways to get to one. I always have loved their sales. It's to be bitter cold here today, but I'm staying inside so all is well here. It's Saturday morning so I'm wishing you another great day. Nice you have a 3 day weekend.


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