Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Accomplishing a Little Every Day

Love this artist's work and would love to be there at this house today getting ready for Christmas and wrapping and looking outside at the snow.  You can see some animal prints and I bet there are kids b/c of the sled and snowman.  It looks as though it might be in East Tennessee or perhaps Virginia as snow might be there.  We don't get a lot of snow in TN, lol.  Have to laugh at those animal prints.  It must be one legged! lol 

Anyway Christmas cards were done yesterday - started yesterday morning and finished last night.  I didn't make it in to work early since I was working on that but I felt good getting that done.  I collected the gifts that I need to wrap this week.  Some arrive today.  I will wrap those on Friday for what we need Saturday at our gathering with our friends and then wrap Aunt Martha's and Uncle Ken's on Friday as well and then George will get a box and ship them.  

Got the Christmas dinner planned with my sister and Mom in Columbia for the season.  We will be going after Christmas around the 29th and out to eat and then to my sister's house.  I'm doing desserts and my sister I've asked to make coffee and have the space for us to open gifts after we eat.  So that seems to work with all.  We have no idea what Katy and Cody's plans are and may not know til last minute so we just steered away from the 24, 25, 26 and that week so we'll be here for them.  And we are keeping their dog Findlay. 

I'm happy to get those things worked out. 

Also tonight we are going out to eat with one of George's prior vendors.  He is coming here for cocktails and then we'll Uber to a restaurant and back.

Tomorrow night we are going to use a gift card we have and then go to a specialty store to get a couple of gifts and then going to the grocery store for our dishes for our get together with friends Saturday.  

Friday I'll be on vacation and doing George's stocking stuffer shopping, and wrapping as mentioned above.  And will prep the salad I'm taking. 

Anyway, I need to get going and get started on my day.  I have a new flavor of shake to try this morning, Vanilla Chai - it's dairy free so we'll see if I like it.  I'd just never tried it so I thought I would.  Ya'll take care! 


  1. It just so happens that our family gathering will be on the 29th as well this year. Good your making headway there in all your plans and gifts too. How nice to be able to have a day off Friday and a celebration on Saturday. Sounds like the Christmas season is in full swing there at your house. We do have snow on the ground today. Ohio gets lots of snow and very often it looks like your picture. Hope you have a wonderful HUMP day, then slide right into your festive weekend.

  2. congrats on getting your christmas cards done. another thing crossed off the list.


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