Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas Day and Apple Watch

Our tree packed with presents underneath.  Always so exciting!  Love to watch people open.  Love to open them myself!  A wrapped package is so exciting and inviting.  I even love the mess after and sorting paper for trash, bows to keep, stacking the boxes and folding the sacks.  lol

Here's Rockin' Santa wrapped with lights. 

Froggy Christmas

Reindeer Centerpieces

Cody and Katy doing their stockings.  We love the stocking time! 

The animals love their Georgie!

And their Nana, who is drinking pure orange juice, for the record - not wine or the mimosa that Katy and I had. 

Mom's dog, Ms. Fancy Lou.  She was so cute and sweet.  And she was very good.  She loved being with the other dogs and watching them.  They all got along fine.  Aren't her paws cute?  Ms. Fancy gets her own hamburgers, so her waist is a little like the rest of ours!  lol

I think Mom had a good time.  She was ready to get out of her house a bit.  I hope she enjoyed it enough to come spend a long weekend with us sometime.  It takes a lot to get someone out of their element for a few days.  So I'm so glad that she came.  It thrilled my heart, and in some respects even healed my heart.  We had a good time but on Christmas Day she was getting sick with a cold and didn't feel good.  I hated that she got sick at our house as it makes it look like we didn't take care of her.  She said it was coming on before she got here.  But she is back home now.  I took her back on Christmas Day.  I think she was ready to get back home. 

And Even More doggies hanging with George.

As usual, our Christmas food table grew and grew.  The kids (Katy and Cody) wanted a snack table and wanted to graze.  We had sushi, salmon, shrimp, salsa and chips, spinach dip and crackers, cheese, sausage balls, a pickle tray, Hot Chicken bites & ranch, and prime rib and biscuits.  And there is me in the reflection.

Peacefully sleeping, my Tugie - who found her a soft spot to curl up and sleep hard.  Love her.  

 Christmas is not Christmas without little dog mischief-ing and developing green polka dotted beards out of Christmas paper.  She was clueless. lol

Cody and Katy and their little family.

I drank water during cleanse day out of my "Don't quit your Daydream" mug.  It's perfect to house a big cup of water for sipping at your desk all day (was from my Secret Santa, Teresa, at work - Bless Her). 

And for the record, I WON'T forget my Daydream.  

I'm having a ball with my Apple Watch.  Patiently waited.  And it is helping me in so many ways to improve the quality of my life.  Having though it was really a selfish thing of me to want one as my phone does a lot of the same thing - but when something becomes part of you - it's just more convenient.  

I'd asked a lot of folks what they liked about theirs and they always loved it and had a hard time describing why.  I get it.  I'll try though. 

These are not in order of importance but as I thought of them.  Hold on let me get more coffee.  lol

1.  It was incredibly easy to set up.  Now I haven't set up a LOT of apps.  I really decided I didn't need to, after all the phone is always nearby.  I did not get cell service.  It is just on bluetooth as my phone is always with me.  So no need to have it active with cell service. 

2.  It helps me remember to breathe which is extremely important for stress and anxiety release. It has a really cool breathe app and it will give you reminders periodically to stop for a minute to breathe.  

3.  It keeps up with my heart rate and that is allowing me to see inside rhythms- literally - to what is going on with my body and I can now SEE the results of walking and I will get to SEE the results of my heart rate going down as I improve and it has to work less to keep my body going.  I'm looking forward to watching the numbers change.  It gives me a goal.  

4.  It has a target goal of sorts to stand, to move around, and to exercise.  I did great yesterday on all three as I went walking for over a mile at lunch yesterday.  

5.  I love having the events on my wrist - although I don't have any today as everyone is out so no meetings, lol.  
6.  Love the reminders being there.  Because on my phone, I don't always look at my reminders for some reason even when I get a notification - it comes and goes, but this is always there to see all through the day.  
7.  I love the "moon" stages.  You can pick what you want to be where on this screen and you can choose from a variety of things, but I was sure to have the moon stage on mine as I'm always intrigued with how the full moon effects life. 
8.  I love seeing the current temp and the range of temps. 
9.  Being the weather person that I am, I love having "the wind" on there, lol.  
10.  I was so surprised to get a call on my phone yesterday.  I didn't miss it or have to look for my phone on my desk - it was right there on my arm and I answered. 
11.  It's easier to remind my self of things 
12.  It's easy to send a text via Siri.  Why didn't I do that with my phone?  lol  

Anyway I'm sure there are lots of things later that I'll think of but that is a start. 

Yesterday was back at work and onboarding the Oregon Plant takes front row and center.  I'm very behind but have faith we can do this!  

Oh how exciting! 

Lots of things still on the calendar.  

Christmas with George's sister and my BIL.  This makes me happy that we can do a special Christmas together.  I'm happy we are closer and now that our kiddos are gone we can get together.  We are also going out to celebrate my birthday in January!  That is something we started doing is going out for our birthdays together.  Always enjoy it.  Sometimes we get together --just because!  

We also have Christmas in Columbia as well coming up.  Then New Years.  I work on on NYE but George is off.  Then the Phoenix trip is around the corner.  I'm getting excited.  

Matter of fact, I did some training online last night regarding some things that are going on right now. 

I'll be posting this in my FB feed today.  And of course you all know that if you are interested in this at all you can let me know by sending an email to me at (I'm going to write this in a weird way so spammers don't get it.......)
Back      Porch      Writer   AT   AOL  DOT Com  ---you know what to do!  

Whether you just want to be friends on FB, or have a look see in our Private Facebook Group - just email me and let me know.  

I did a big order last night.  I had $200 in free product b/c I finished a challenge.  All you have to do is turn in a photo of yourself and current weight and then when the time frame is over submit another photo, and end weight, and how you think the plan has helped you.  And then you get free products.  How cool is that? 

I talked with George about the ongoing schedule and need for time to work on the business.  I'm changing cleanse day to Tuesday and also will do the team meetings on Zoom on Tues nights to stay connected.  It's really important.  That way I'm only removing myself from ONE weeknight instead of two as far as dinner and family time is concerned.  And I told him I need a power hour every night to be able to connect with folks.  So I'm starting to get my game plan going.

Anyway, I need to go and get into work.  Ya'll take care!  


  1. What a wonderful Christmas Day. So nice to see you all enjoying yourselves so much. Hope you mom is feeling better soon. Not good to get a cold for Christmas. Hope you have a great Thursday! It's great that we get to keep on enjoying Christmas for a few more days. Hard to believe New Year's is so close now.

  2. amazing what your watch can do. it makes a great gift.

  3. I love The Apple watch. My daughter has one. But I had no idea they would do that much stuff. Now I want one. Your decorations look very pretty. I am glad you got to spend some time with your daughter. Time is going by too fast. Now it is time to set goals for the new year.

  4. I am so pleased you had such a wonderful Christmas Day...Your new Apple Watch is just great, I'm sure it will help you enormously with the reminders to breathe !! And lots of other things I'm sure....I know how excited you were to get it. I can't remember what you got for George ? ...I had two new dresses made for me from my niece Beth and also a top, she bought the material and had them made from dresses of mine, I havnt tried them on yet but must do so I think they are a bit too long and hopefully too wide ! But AmySunshiine will be coming over to see just what needs adjusted etc, Beth just wanted me to have parcels to BIG pressy is from Mary she is buying me a new Apple I pad but although I have chosen the one I want...I's same size as this one but has much more storage I have to go back into Bath to the official Apple Store as they will transfer everything from this I pad onto the new have known me long enough by now how bad I am with anything to do with teccy things !! Actually I do feel a bit silly not making myself bite the bullet and do these sort of things by myself..but I just use my age as my you I have a birthday early in January but there's a bit of a difference in our ages !! I will be Lets whisper it....74 !!! Night night. God Bless xxx


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