Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Eating and Making our Texas Video

Country Ham, Eggs, Biscuits
We enjoyed our country ham and biscuits.   I added black strap molasses to mine.  In a big way, as it was not as thick as I had anticipated and a lot came out of the jar, lol.   This was Texas molasses, or at least that is where I bought it. 

I don't know when I've had a more relaxing Christmas.  We have always been traveling and on the go.  So this has been nice to have time to actually enjoy being off.  It's amazing.  Usually when I'm off I'm walking around the house doing things but most of it was already done last week.  I am doing a bit of laundry though in the morning.  And help keep the dishes up.  I have morning duty with the dogs and it is interesting getting them all 5 out the door and fed.  They all have to be fed at the same time, lol.  If one dog gets up later than another it's pandemonium.  

Throughout the day we take them out several times.  If it's just me, I will try to take 2 or 3 at once.  But it works best if two of us can do it.  I did have 4 this morning as Mom took fancy.  We offer to take Fancy out but Mom insists on helping.  She can help as long as she stays on the porch.  

Tugie loves to sit in Nana's lap along with Fancy so Mom sits all day with two poodles in her lap.  lol  But here Tugie is sleeping in her bed.  I took a pic so you could see her new nautical Lobster shirt.  

Tugie in her Lobster shirt

George fixed an excellent prime rib dinner last night.  It's my turn to cook tonight and I'm cooking an Irish Pork Stew.  

Prime Rib dinner
 Here is the table.  It is NOT grand and glorious.  My little decor is just that..... "little" but it means a lot to be able to see the person across the way.  I will have to work on a more scenic and dramatic display next year.  After being at Aunt Gwen's house, my decor is puny, lol.  Hers was beautiful.  I just discovered you can see Mom in the mirror below.
Christmas Table
 We opened our bottle of Arrington "Antebellum".  I will have to get another bottle sometime.  I was more in the mood to drink tea last night.  But I did get some of it.

The reindeer decor
All day yesterday b/w breakfast and dinner, I worked on a video and editing and voice overs and such.  Trying to practice.  Maybe one day we'll build our brand and have our own RV report, lol.  I considered doing videos in place of blogging and doing it once a week,  but the video would take about as long to put together as a week's worth of blogging.  And that won't work.  lol

I enjoyed working on this video though of our trip to Texas.  I can tell that I'm going to want more bells and whistles than the windows video editor on my laptop.  It did pretty good though but it crashed a few times.  And the audio over the music was hard to do - sometimes you can hardly hear it.

Anyway here you go.   If you liked it, give me a thumbs up on You Tube!

We will get to spend part of the day with Katy and Cody, as we do their birthday brunch today and they get to eat "Hot Chicken". 

I need to go!  Ya'll have a good Christmas Eve! 


  1. Love your video! It was great ! Hope you all have a Merry Christmas Eve!

  2. Tugie looks so sweet. Glad you are getting some much needed rest. Video turned out great. Have a Merry Christmas.

  3. By now your Christmas Eve will be well on it's way, I hope you are having a lovely restful time. I have had a very busy day. We had our yearly family meet up. My niece Barbara organises it and we meet at a lovely old inn that dates back to 1854 ...there was 14 of us from my Brother -in-law his birthday is today he is 87 all the way down to my littlest Great great niece LilliMay who is just 3 ..when you live on your own you get used to quietness and the noise of everybody shouting to each other really makes Mitch exhausted. And I'm not far behind !! We left around 3.45 as it was beginning to get dark and I don't like driving on roads I'm not used to in the dark, being Xmas Eve of course the roads were busy. I was pleased to drop Mitch off and then head home. I am now going to go to bed early.....I hope that Santa will remember to stop at your house and leave some nice gifts......I send a whole bag full of LOVE xxxx

  4. PS. B Gosh I forgot to say I loved your you say you will have to find how to deaden the background music to bring the commentary to the fore....but otherwise it was great.....thank you....I coudnt see it on U tube but no trouble at all on your blog. Xxxx

  5. dinner sounded great. i like your table decor. it was rustic but elegant too. your video was awesome.


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