Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas Eve and Birthdayin!

Well, here is my Christmas Eve post.  I'm a day behind. It's been hard to get blog time going with a lot going on.  But we've enjoyed ourselves.  I wasn't planning on blogging this morning as I snoozed, but here I am and will try to hurry it through so I can get ready and get out the door. 

On Christmas Eve we did "Birthdayin" with Cody and Katy.  That meant this time that I had gifts to open from them as they won't be here for my actual birthday.  

I got perfume and some Pioneer Woman bowls.  

Katy opened her gifts in front of the "fire" lol. 

 Cody's gifts were wrapped in "deer huntin" paper, lol.

He was thrilled with his Xbox and was not expecting it. 

Then we headed out for some Hattie B's hot chicken.  Mom told me to order for her.  And I went to order her the regular chicken and she said "no I like a little heat" so I got her mild.  I didn't like this pic below as it made me look fat.  "Big Furry" is huge but comfortable so I decided I didn't care.  I did have to go home and weigh though and since thanksgiving and all the holiday parties and Christmasing - I've only gained 5 lbs.  Thank goodness.  I can knock that back down pretty quick.  Probably in one cleanse day - maybe two.  So I felt better after I weighed.  Then I decided I could post it. 

We went to Sam's for Christmas day Sushi and a few other things.  George was determined to have Sushi from there.  I don't like to go there anymore.  The "clientele" has changed dramatically.  It's no longer a special place.  It's turned into the land of Soddom and Gomorrah like a few other places around town.  It doesn't take long for places to go South, when people get a hold of it and crime worlds takes over.  It is just so sad.  

I fixed Irish Stew for dinner.  It took forever b/c of all the chopping.  I guess I should have chopped the day before but it seemed pointless to pull everything out twice.  

It was good.  We were all still full from the chicken earlier but this was heartwarming and a late dinner too.  

We enjoyed the fireplace the last few days - even if it was on TV.  

Well, more tomorrow or as I have time.  I'll cover Christmas Day.  I show pics of gifts as well.   There were a few surprises.  No RV.  I wasn't expecting that of course.  But I didn't mind teasing the family.  The day I do get my RV is going to be some kind of wonderful.  I'm not sure if I will scream, cry, give happy moans amidst silent prayers, or just faint.  

I can assure you it will be after a lot of hard work and persistence.  But you start somewhere.  And we'll be going to an RV show the end of January.  George keeps bringing it up so I appreciate the fact that he is allowing me to dream.  And that will be a big focus for me next year and trying to bring that all into alignment as well as try to be better at putting God first and doing His will.  

Anyway, I am trying not to think of the fact that I normally have this day off to play after all the hoopla.  :-(   But that's ok.  George is working too.  Anyway it was probably better for me to take off Friday than today.  Gonna be crazy I think this week and next.  As long as everyone is patient all will be fine but there is going to be way more work than people to handle it from now on - it was already that way.  I hate having to tell people "I'm sorry I've not had time to do your thing yet".  I don't like saying it and no one likes to hear it. But I think we'll all have to get used to it til we get some mercy and have some help, lol.  Patience with a capital P is the name of the new game.  Because we were already  behind.  It is what it is.  We have to try to stay positive.  I know it's hard when everyone is pressing for things right now.  But we won't be able to give it all "right now".  We can only do so much in short amount of time, prioritized and the rest sits and rots if it is not urgent, lol.

Ya'll have a good day. 


  1. How wonderful to spend Christmas eve with your daughter and celebrate her birthday! Your stew looks very good too. It seems Christmas goes by way too fast. Hope you do have a great day at work. I can only imagine every one is trying to adjust after a holiday weekend.

  2. What a great way to spend your Christmas and birthday together, looking forward to seeing some photos. When do Kate and Cody leave again ?...liked your today photos,,,you look just grand, not too fat...
    I didn't think to take photographs of Mary and I opening our main gift coming from Mary is a new I pad. I have been into the apple shop and think I saw the one I want, same as this one but a much larger one size up was tempting too. I just thought that I don't do a lot of games etc do take loads of photos and think that might all that's wrong I don't have a lot of space left. The new one although same size has a lot more ,,,space,,,,,in it. So I have to decide before the weekend...can't go back to the apple shop as she said there is no one available to get all things transferred onto the new I pad...till start of 2019 so I will go in then...

  3. looks like a good time was had by all.


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