Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas is Coming Together and Neighborhood Excitement

It's beginning to all come together.  I have to test George's stocking tonight and have a bit of wrapping left for him, then wrapping supplies can be put up.  Actually we can store it in the sun room until after Christmas since it'll be too cold to use the sun room anyway. 

I ran and did a shopping errand last night.  Dollar Tree and Walmart.  Wasn't too bad.  But all that is done now and I'm totally ready to start getting the house in order and planning on the menu for Christmas Day and a few other meals.  George and I briefly discussed it last night.  

At work yesterday we had a retirement lunch catered by Joey's House of Pizza and we had baked ziti, salad, and pizza rolls.  A couple of vendors sent or brought gifts and that is so nice of them to do so.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal.   It is not on my diet, but I partook.  I wasn't missing out on Joey's.  lol 

We had some excitement last night.  Around 8:45 my neighbor called and said there was a car at the end of her driveway just parked there, "watching" our houses.  She shined her headlights on them and they sped off.  We discussed, along with George, that she should call the cops and alert them to suspicious activity.  I think so many of us are atuned to the fact that they can't do anything until someone does something, but at least in our community we are smaller and they have developed a relationship with people in the community and work the community, are on Facebook and their presence is known.  They do a great job and they "learn" a lot about who is who and who is up to what within our area.  

So.....the car that left CAME BACK of all things and parked there again.  George loaded his gun and slipped out the back door to "watch" from the darkness of our back yard and in our neighborhood, staying in the shadows and hoping to get a tag number and see what they were doing.  Knowing this could get scary in a hurry if he ran upon something, I messaged our other neighbor across the street saying "who is this car at the end of your driveway - they keep coming back and parking there".  So he also slipped out the back.  Our other neighbor the original one that called - called the cops so they could get out here.  However, the car left just before the cops came through.  But the cops got there really really fast though.  

I stayed in the house peeking through the blinds in a dark room, lol.  There were 4 people in the car.  Or at least three.  You could see lots of movement in the car and lights from phones and such.  As the car left, neighbors came out and so the police talked with everyone.  George told them he saw one go in the house next door to us, so there was possibly one of them inside the neighbors home.  So they went next door to check on the couple there.  They were fine, but the girl (we don't know the relation and didn't even know a younger girl lived there) but she said they were looking for a cell phone.  The police said they did not believe her and that they were aware of the group of people in the car and they have been known to be entangled in illegal activity.  So at least the police know about who they are and the connections.  This amazed me.  We do not know what type of activity.  But the police said to call if we saw them again and they would come and catch them there and question them.  They would patrol more in the area. 

Anyway what excitement.  At least we know they are connected to this person next door somehow.  I don't know if it is prostitution or drugs or what.  I do know that the neighbors over there have always been quiet.  The woman very ill or sick and the man rarely out and rarely speaks - not because of rudeness but just being quiet.  They live a quiet and private life.  I really don't even know if she is living anymore - I mean that is how quiet they are.   But anyway - all of it odd.  

So I am getting off of here and getting my stuff in the car and make up on and heading off to work early again.  Have been working extra and over.  Much much much to do.  Many people waiting on things from me and that will sadly become the norm as we become more bottle necked and with the holidays as well.  

I really need to take Friday to go get my mother and bring her in town.  And I don't want to lose the day.  So I will get done what I need to.  Everyone else seems to be taking their vacation days as well!  So I see no reason not to take the day.  

Anyway, tonight we clean, a bit more wrapping and putting George's stocking together, getting Mom's room dusted and cleaned and bed plumped and start to work on the house getting Christmas supplies out of the way and prep menus and plans for the holiday.  

It looks like if George helps me tonight that I can pull off going to his Aunt's!  We'll see how it goes! 

Ya'll have a wonderful Wednesday.  I decided to do a cleanse day today.  It's a day too early but I won't be able to do one tomorrow if I go eat tomorrow night.  So today is the best day and then I'll probably do the next one the day after Christmas. 

Well, have a good one!


  1. It's good you live in a neighborhood where everyone looks out for one another. Scary, but hopefully, they will be caught and the police put an end to the mysterious visitors. This time of year it is very hard to be on any kind of diet with all the goodies everywhere you go. Food is a big part of our celebrations for sure. Glad you decided on your day off. You do deserve it. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday as we go over the hump of the week, sliding right down now to the weekend!

  2. Christmas is a lovely time of the year...but there's no doubt at all that as far as work goes you really are over stressed. Once the new year starts I think you are going to have a serious talk with your bosses and give it to them straight that you cannot and have no intension of working at the pace you have been doing these past few can also say that unless something is done some seriously important documents etc are going to fall through their hands with nasty repercussions.......
    I was also thinking of all the space that George in particular takes up on any vacant space....Next time you talk about getting an RV. Bring up the subject of having an awful lot less space and it might be a good idea now to start down load things...yourself included of course. (That's going to be as hard as expecting the bosses to get extra staff )
    Thank you so much for my lovely card......hope you get to Georges Aunts party tonight, but not at the expence of a little rest time for you yourself.....Not long now till you see your lovely Kate.....night night. God Bless mxxxx

  3. So wonderful you are going to get to spend time with your Mom at Christmas. Being with family
    at the Holidays is so special. I miss my parents. That is odd about the car sitting in that driveway. I could understand maybe if they were lost but coming back is scary. There is so many breakins nowadays. Be careful when you take your doggies outside at night.

  4. glad the situation at your neighbors is resolved for now. that could have been real scary, real fast.


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