Saturday, December 15, 2018

Christmas Past, Christmas Present, Christmas Future

I guess the week was so busy trying to dodge stress from every angle that the first part of my morning, aside from the normal morning routine of doggies and getting the laundry going, I really just wanted to sit and play the new King game Diamond Diaries (akin to candy crush).  I love to hear the glass beads crush against each other.  I needed to "VEG".  I did get the kitchen cleaned, flannel sheets washed, and most all the laundry done and dogs required a lot of attention..  I finally got into the wrapping around 10:30 or so and felt guilty I hadn't already done it.  

I got all George's stuff out and wrapped it first.  Then started on the rest.  I am 80% through.  Now I know what I have and know kinda what is left to get.  George had picked out a few things to wrap and I didn't have them all written down.  I do need to get him a few more goodies so he'll have some more surprises.  I will take care of that one night this week.  

I played Christmas music.  Christmasing now for me has a range of emotion.  And I let them come and go.  Sentimental feelings and the love and joy and fun of the Christmases past.  It seems since Dad has passed the peace of the holidays in my extended family is hard to come by.  I miss my grandmothers and my grandfathers who gave such love through the years.   I love remembering the Christmas mornings with my Kate as she opened the gifts and saw what Santa left and went through her stockings.  And while we will miss that going forward, as she is married now and starting new traditions, we look forward to celebrating whatever day we can get them here.  It's joyous thinking about the future and what it will bring.  

Part of being alive, is realizing that the only things that is consistent is CHANGE.  It's not always easy to accept.  But it is forthcoming.  Embracing what you have and going through the Bah Humbug process and de-Scrooging ones self takes guts, allowing yourself to love thru the frustrations and letting go of traditions, and learning to appreciate the Christmas pasts, Christmas presents, and Christmas future.  It's a non-selfish way of being able to love those around you, to accept that change is inevitable, but life can still be great if you let it.  I love yesterday's entry - about choosing to enjoy life if you just choose not to be a miserable cow!  That will always crack me up.

I smiled at this yesterday in my living room.  I'm going to LOVE sharing this bottle of Antibellum with my love this season.  I love that wine, and will savor it with every sip - most likely on the night we fix the prime rib. 

So the day went quickly.  I stopped to fix pop corn at some point.   Just because!  And Tugie and I ate popcorn and watched part of a show on YouTube, Traveling Robert.  His are longer episodes and I needed to get back to wrapping.  

Then at 4 it was time to get ready for our dinner out.  What a great time we had.  A great meal.  We went to Texas de Brazil.  George's boss took his department out, spouses included, for this wonderful meal.  

You can click on the link above on "Texas de Brazil" and see the skewers of meat they pass around.  I think we liked it better than Rodizio.  We had all kinds of steak, prime rib, leg of lamb, bacon wrapped chicken, bacon wrapped filet, polish sausage.  And a wonderful salad bar.  All so good.  We split dessert - Creme Brulee.

So George and I are taking the pets for their Spa Day today and then running errands while that is going on.  And then we pick them up and take them home and head to a party at a friend's house, the annual Topham's Ornament Swap party.  Dirty Santa is played with the ornaments but you only get ONE swap if  you don't like what you opened and it stops there.  lol  I've played it before where it keeps going until everyone has swapped in that turn. 

So it will be a fun day.  Sleep was good last night.  We are about to head out.  Have a wonderful day.


  1. What happy days for you! Parties at work, parties with friends and all that good food too. I only have one party, well really a lunch with friends and then our annual family gathering to attend. Glad you got so much done anyway. Enjoy your fun Saturday!

  2. dinner sounded good and that dessert looks heavenly.


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