Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Christmas Time Fun and a Few Christmas Woes

My Secret Santa was nice to me today.  Lots of favorite goodies.  

Yesterday was very busy.  Started with 227 emails which kept coming.  Most were resumes from two office positions listed.  We have enough resumes that I put the jobs on hold for now as that many emails are just disruptive to deal with.  IF we need more again, I'll switch it back to active.  We'll weed through what we have first. We need a full time recruiting person just to do ads, forward emails/resumes to the hiring manager after screening them, help interview and so forth, and coordinate all the hiring portion then I can concentrate on everything else.  It's getting way too busy for just two people in HR.  

It was announced yesterday that we are taking over a new plant near Portland, Oregon.  I've checked.  It's over an hour to the beach I think.  lol  So as you can imagine our world is going to get even crazier as we add anywhere from 40 to 60 people. 

My assistant and I went to buy the drinks and desserts and some back up supplies for the plant and office meals.  I took her to lunch for helping me do this.  I paid for it - not the company.  It took two buggies of food to get it all.  We had it separated out by facility to make it an easier process.  You know us women, most of us like to be organized.  We have our process.  

So we go through the line and the cashier, who also has her process, you gotta love it - was like "oh no, I must have all the paper goods first out of all the buggies, and we'll do it like that".  I was like "no we have a process; it goes to several locations and has to be bagged a certain way".  She insisted and said "let me ring all the like things together as it'll be easier"  I said "but then we will have to separate it all out again and count it in certain quantities".   She was nice but persistent so I finally said "Let's just do this, it's three separate orders".  I had to do it that way so she would give it up already.   I mean good grief.  I think she finally "got it" what we were trying to do.  She lightened up and then bragged on us for having two buggies of stuff but the cost was minimal.  She said "ya'll did good".  I laughed at how us women are so organized at how we want to do things in certain orders.  She just didn't understand what was going on.  But we got it done.  

The funniest thing about the Kroger experience was that my cart made noises - not just any noise, but like a wild hiena on a rampage kind of noise.  Like some kind of flock of birds on steroids.  People stared and laughed or tried not to laugh.  If they smiled at me I would say "we have arrived" and "we're here".  Christina followed way behind me as if "I do not know this person".  I haven't had that much fun in a long time.  Next time you want to laugh, grab the squeakiest cart.  Here's a clip: 

I also got Aunt Martha's gifts sent via UPS.  George wanted me to use the Postal Service as it would be cheaper but their line was 15 to 20 deep.  I didn't have that kind of time.  The UPS store two miles away had ZERO people in line. 

And we heard from Katy and they began opening their 12 days of Christmas box we gave them.  They opened one of the days.  They get to pick which "day" they want.  There is two gifts in each day, one for each of them.  Here's pics.  They are sometimes silly gifts.  Cody loves dinosaurs so George bought this memo holder to be funny mainly.  And Katy's gift in the box was a pig in the blanket. 

We howled at the pic that came next. 

The pig had been added to the Manger Scene!  lol

Awww how funny. 

Anyway, George fixed pork chops for dinner and hominy and there was a third thing which I cannot recall at this point.  We watched Mr. Robot.

 And then my sister called and Christmas is up in the air again but I think we got it worked out.  My sister had asked me a while back if we could eat early so the guys could watch the Alabama game on the 29th while we did presents and desserts after dinner out.  George was happy with that.  Normally we watch the Hallmark or Lifetime Channel in the background.  Didn't bother me which one it was but we had one in the family that doesn't want the game on in the background while opening gifts.  Everyone else is fine with it.  But the one family member is so upset that we discussed whether to change it to another channel or change the date to a date in January on a non-game day when everyone is available.  But that seemed sillier than fussing over what was on TV.  So we decided to keep the date and please 86% of those present.   Sometimes you just want to do the John Grisham thing and skip Christmas.  It's hard to please everyone!  It was hard enough to get a date agreeable to 2 of the 3 families that even sortof worked.  So let's take it for what it's worth and move on!  I wish life could be perfect for everyone but sometimes you gotta give a little.  To me what is on TV in the background is no big deal.  What is important to one person is not to another.  If someone is willing to host the party they get to pick what is on TV at the time.  That only makes sense to me.  At this point, we should be glad we are all going to be in the same room b/c the TV thing is only a small wave compared to some really big waves in the past.  Life is so stressful.  Especially when trying to get family together.  It's always something! Always!

Anyway I'm off to get the day going.  Much to do with the holiday meal at the Nashville plant today.  They are always short staffed and needy so off to help them with their meal for the employees so they get a good meal from the Company.  And then back to the office to do an orientation with two sales folks. 

And then maybe hopefully I can have an hour or two get something ---anything done!!

I'm off Friday and have cancelled my day after Christmas vacation day, to let my assistant have the day.  She decided she needed the time off so I'll work and let her have it.  I was going to enjoy the day at home in coffee and PJ's.  But I'll switch to another day, I guess. If I can take it.  I'll get the day one way or another!  I do not loose vac time!  They are too precious and we work too much in life in my opinion as it is with no time to take care of our families and homes. 

So I need to go.  I'm like 20 min behind. Yikes.


  1. What fun doing all that shopping. I go to Staples here to mail packages as they do UPS and there isn't a line. Your 12 days of Christmas sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate with your daughter and her hubby. I love the pig by the Nativity. Hope all goes well with the Christmas meal and that everyone enjoys it. Nothing seems to bring good cheer quite as good as a great meal together. Happy Tuesday

  2. I love the pig in the blanket! and the dinosaur. What a great idea.

  3. Glad you and your sister got the dinner sorted out ...again...what a toodoo all about a TV programme. It's not as if they didn't have two TVs.....anyway hope everybody is happy...I did get a good laugh at your discription of the shopping trolley and the noise of it ...well if you don't laugh we would cry and pull our hair out by the roots LOL....
    I have managed to get most of the decorating done and it looks not too bad. I have a visitor coming tomorrow and Thursday so I had to get the back bedroom tidied up I only have two bedrooms and the back room is where everything lands so occasionally it has to be cleared today was one of these times as so many presents etc were lying on the bed I had to set to and get most wrapped then they landed in MY small bedroom....ah well only another 14 days till Xmas so it said on TV tonight ......night night. God Bless. Xxx


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