Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Crazy Monday and Lazy Monday Night

Morning!  Not much to say other than "yesterday was mad busy crazy" and I didn't leave work until almost 6.  So I did not have much of the night to do anything at home.  With the drive home, eating dinner, and not much left.  Once dinner hits around 8 and we watch a show during it - the motivation factor is just gone.  I fell asleep in bed playing candy crush.  lol  

It's so hard to get anything done after work.  But I'm off Friday at least and it's becoming critical at this point because I need to get the cards addressed, make our dishes to the weekend party. 
Then must wrap a few gifts for shipment and also for the weekend party.  George has already wrapped a few things.  

He fixed a great "round steak" in the crock pot that had onions and mushrooms.  We added a bit of worcestershire and balsamic vinegar for flavor.  It was good.  And I believe it had a German taste.  Had we not been concerned over waistlines, it would have been excellent with baguette bread slices to dip into the sauce.  

So, I was up early this morning and there is not so much to blog about so I have some time to address the Christmas cards.  I think I will do that.  I also intend to go in early to work.  I also have to get gas and wanted to fix a good lunch.  This all means I'll be late to work right? lol 

In that case I better scoot!  

Ya'll take care.  


  1. Glad you had a relaxing evening after such a busy day. You needed it. Hopefully if you make it in early, it will mean you don't have to stay so late. Hope you have a TERRIFIC Tuesday!

  2. good luck getting the cards addressed. you've got a busy schedule, for sure.


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