Monday, December 3, 2018

Decorating Done, Shopping almost Done, Freezers Packed Full

Yay!  The decorating is completely done.  I did almost everything but eliminated about 10%.  Over the next few years my goal is to make it even more simple.  It's all those figurines that are breakable that sat about - I just don't have the time or patience to find all the places to set them.  It was always the hard part anyway.  I don't like a lot of clutter.  And truly I do not like the color red so Christmas colors are never my favorite.  I think that happened the year I had the stomach bug on Christmas.  Since then the colors of Christmas have turned my stomach at times from a memory standpoint.  What a horrible year that was. But yeah, the decorating is over. 

I got the sun room tree up as well.  Did several more loads of laundry - had sheets, towels, and the pet blankets to refresh.  Changed Tugie's clothes.  She has on a fresh shirt.  I did our much needed Target order.  I did an Amazon order and got through with that and had to turn around and do another urgent order for something I needed for this week. I did the Isagenix orders for my upcoming needs.  Since I've not been active at sharing in the past month, I've gone back to associate instead of consultant.  I'm about to cycle again but won't yet until I become consultant.  None of the BV goes away as long as I still have my 100 BV per month.  I knew it would happen b/c I was not far along yet.  I was already having trouble finding time to do this and I still WILL do it and share it b/c I believe in it and I enjoyed doing it, but I knew with the holidays and our travel, there was no way in Nov and Dec to even think about it.  October was a little nutty in itself.  I decided not to beat myself up or worry about being judged by others who do have the time.  It always makes me mad when people say "you have the same 24 hours I do".  I don't feel I have to explain myself. I choose to put family first and so my priorities are different.  From what I can tell, we do pretty big Christmases compared to every one else and that means more shopping and wrapping.  We do a lot of little things, stockings, 12 days of CHristmas boxes, have Christmases with friends, do special things at Christmas, do some travel at Christmas and we traveled at Thanksgiving and have had nearly every weekend booked with some kind of event since Oct 1.  The pets require a lot of attention  and I've had something going on with me as well.  So I've decided not to worry about it and when Christmas is over and the New Year starts I can be back at it.  I've been spread so thin and when I do something I can't do it half heartedly.  Already the time I have is full hearted with good intention but no room or time to fully commit.  lol  So it is what it is and I will work at it next year and I can't wait to do so.  Looking forward to it.

We went to the store and had a blast - like old times.  We didn't need any meat after the cow and pig arrived and have almost NO room in the freezers up stairs.  We have the new fridge's freezer of course and our deep freeze.  We do have the freezer downstairs that I believe George said is empty.  But I'll likely not buy anything frozen other than a frozen lunch or two. 

We restocked the fridge with things we've missed with eggs and condiments and cheese and sandwich meat and salad fixings and veggies.  And it is so organized and you can find and see things.  I love it.  Everything has a place and there is room left over and you can see where everything is.  It makes me want to cook again.  (Except for the blue floor which needs to go!)

I went through the Christmas list and made a list of what is left and that is "not much".  I'm impressed.  So now the wrapping begins and so do the parties. 

I swapped over my billfold and love it!  It's perfect. The fact that it is an inch bigger actually helps it to sit in my purse in such a way that it doesn't fall to the bottom and I have to dig for it.  It sits right there and so does everything else in my purse.  I am surprised by that. 

George wanted to go out for an excursion yesterday.  He went locally shopping for me.  We did not go to Czann's.  I needed the time at home to finish up. 

I did not get an email sent to my sister with dates for Christmas.  I did not get the Christmas cards done.  So I'll need to wrap the gifts we need for this weekend, plan my dishes for this weekend and the grocery list, and do the Christmas cards, and wrap Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken's gifts and then we'll be caught up for the week.  In light of that to do list for the evenings this week - I've declined at George's request to go to the movies on Tuesday.  Just too much to do. 

So an exciting day yesterday - much laundry done and ironing done and coffee ground and things restocked for the week.  Even went up a few levels of candy crush and caught up on the shows while eating and/or resting.  I did stop once just to play candy crush and rest my legs.  After being on them for 8 hours or so - was time! 

So - how much is a 1/4 of a cow?  Two "Walmart size delivery boxes" full of meat - lol It filled up our fridge's freezer and about 1/2 of our deep freeze which is about a medium size freezer - maybe 4 feet long and 3 wide.  George thinks it was about 110 lbs of meet for our 1/4.  It is GRASS FED.  Came out to be about $4 lb.  We bought some pig too - bacon, ham, ribs, roasts.  It was 30 lbs of pork.  Plus he went to rices and bought some country cured ham and sausage.  So we went to Kroger yesterday and George says "you know, we don't have any chicken". lol lol lol So he bought some chicken thighs.  I guess they are downstairs in the fridge.  I barely managed to get my frozen lunch in the fridge freezer.

Making a shake with crushed ice from the ice maker is the bomb!  lol  And I'm loving how good the water tastes from our filter.  I squeezed fresh lime on the ice and had the water over it and I'm loving ow that tasted - so fresh and clean.  And I think that will be my new evening drink.  ;-)

It was also good overnight to have lime water by the bed.

So we are loving it! 

And it seems we have had a Christmas already with all this going on.  One of George's old vendors (from former work) called to see if we were available on Wednesday evening.  So we'll see.  No text yet back from him.  But usually means dinner out.

Anyway, wondering about George's job as it is supposed to end at year end.  :-O  I've not worried about it for a while and not going to now, but wondering if his current employer will commit to bringing him onboard (the corporate approval is the hold up) as the management teams wants him on board.  But we don't want him to be a temp forever.  It's not fair to him as he has no benefits and no vacation or holidays.  But, he is on my benefits. 

So anyway, I need to go so I can get ready and get to work.  I heard the power was out in that area. Not sure if we are impacted or not.  If so we can't get work done - or much of it anyway.

Well, ya'll be good and we'll have more tomorrow! 


  1. Wow! I'm always amazed at how much you accomplish. How nice to have most everything ready for Christmas. Decorating and shopping are always good to have done. Hope you have a good start to this new week. Happy Monday!

  2. While Ken was out with his knee he bought a large upright freezer for our garage. I purchased 9 8 lb bags of veggies from a farm in central Fl. We have baby brussel sprouts, cut squash, flat green beans, speckled butter beans, mix veggies for soups and stews and cut corn. We break these down into family size. We purchased about 25 pounds of pork. The other day Ken bought steaks, seafood and chicken. I had also put up fresh strawberries and blueberries. I do think we are set for the next few months. When I am working it is easy to take things out and Ken has them ready when I get home

  3. A person can only do so much. Sounds like your plate is full. I would not worry about what anyone else thinks. Tuggie looks so cozy and comfy on her bed. Your decorations look pretty. Time is moving too quickly. I have to get my shopping done. Have a good week.

  4. Oh Sonya, I'm so pleased that your new Freezer arrived and that it the sound of things LOL...I don't think I have ever seen so much food...other than in a freezer shop !!....all that will keep you going for months and being grass fed it will taste lovely. It has taken time to be hung and the delivered....The house looks lovely with the trees up etc...wonder if old Tugie recognises what is going on ?.....I have just today managed to get my overseas cards posted, tomorrow I am going to start writing the others...and may even wrap a few bits and pieces, unlike you Mary and I don't seem to have many gifts that actually need wrapped but I suppose that happens when you get older...this year there are I think 6. names removed from the address book.....sad really, so I am trying not to think about it. Love. And God Bless. Sybil...


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