Thursday, December 20, 2018

Defining a Successful Cleanse Day on a Busy Active Day

I always want Christmas time to be magical and feel like the above.  

In reality though, it's much more like the below.

It'll be ok.  The hard work is almost over and the fun about to begin.  And very soon the house will be like the first photo above.  Maybe.  We will have 5 dogs in the house soon.  The tree could be upside down before we know it, lol.

I've tackled much at work the last few days.  Yesterday finally had opportunity to get some critical things done on my desk.  However, there is MUCH left to do.  

At lunch I went to the car to have a few minutes of planning time as far as meals.  George has worked on it as well.  We keep working on it and coming back together and filling in the holes.  We are planners for sure.  Most people would just go the store and buy a bunch of stuff to have available and fix it if time allowed.  We like to plan.  So we have our agenda and menus coming together.  I think now we are basically down to deciding on a few side dishes. 

I did the cleanse day yesterday.  I got to work and almost changed my mind b/c I was just "spent" already by loss of sleep by burning candles at both ends.  Staying up late trying to get the house ready, Christmas ready.  Getting up early, no late snooze buttons, getting the routine done and to the office early - December commutes finally kicked in with the colleges being out.  Thank goodness - giving me 15 minutes back on the drive time in.  

So...I almost did not cleanse as I was wiped out before the day began.  I had a "hydrate" which puts electrolytes back in your system and that gave me a boost.  So I did it.  But then last night about 8 after going all day and then trying to get my house cleaned and all the movement and up and down stairs - I was about to pass out.  You are supposed to have a light day when you cleanse - no heavy activity - a walk is ok - but I was carrying boxes and bending over and carrying things around and while it was not particularly a gym workout or anything, it was still too much for the end of the day and no fuel to run on.  So I gave in and had a 1/2 of a shake and then later a couple of scrambled eggs, and then later - a spoon full of peanut butter - lol.  I felt better.  And could continue on to finish some things.  

I got the table set but had to go get a box from storage as George had put that box up already that had part of my Christmas table decor in it.  We often counter each other's efforts unintentionally.  This was probably what sent me over the edge, having to go find this box and lift it from the top shelf in the basement when I finally found it.  And then having to carry it up the stairs.  But I found what I needed in it.  I realized my mood would not get any better and I was feeling faint - so I just ate! 

Some would say that was not a successful cleanse day.  I started to beat myself up as I began to look at myself as "weak" as if I had "given in" to the temptation of food.  George said "you are an adult and know when you need to eat, especially if you feel you are going to pass out".  So I know I did the right thing.  I still call it a successful cleanse though b/c I had an extremely low calorie day and that body needs that.  I still had my "deep berry" drinks that has all the good super food stuff your body needs.  My body is still resetting.  And it did a lot of good to go to bed with protein having been obtained so it can burn fat overnight.  So I feel great this morning.  I feel like my fats and carbs from the previous week have been forgiving.   My body is saying "Thanks for caring about me".  So it was it all good.  I had read that sometimes on a cleanse day your body needs a little more than other days.  Had I been able to sit in the chair and vegitate and watch a show, I'd have been fine, but I had three hours of moving around and I needed fuel to continue.  

So I don't feel bad.  

Anyway, I'm off of here to get more coffee and get ready.  

Today is my Friday.  And George is getting a crown replaced.   It popped off and so they are working him in.  He had to beg for them to work him in this morning as they are all off next week.  

I am pretty sleepy still this morning, the days adding up now of late night staying up. 

I get to go to George's aunt's dinner party tonight.  But as I knew it, I'd be really stressed and stretched all week trying to get everything accomplished to be able to go.  Since I busted butt last night, I am in good enough shape to swing it.  

I wanted to go but I knew how much I had to go to make Christmas happen with company coming and I'm glad this week is almost over the fun about to begin.  

Tomorrow I'll get my nails done in the morning and then go get Mom.  A few last minute house details as well. 

Better go get that 2nd cup of Joe!


  1. When you''re busy like that you do need food to get you through it. Good thing you ate. Like you said it was still a very low calorie day. It will be good for you to sit back and enjoy it all. Your hard work will be worth it. Hope your Friday on Thursday is a great one. Just heard on the news this morning today is supposed to be the heaviest traffic day of the year, so take care out on those busy roads.

  2. you shouldn't beat yourself up because you needed nourishment. you did what you had to do.


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