Sunday, December 23, 2018

Feeling a Little Guilty about Relaxing...But going with it!

Well, yesterday morning I got up early at 4:30 and had my quiet time.  Silly for a day off but I was awake.  And then we all got ready and was out the door by 8:30 to go to breakfast at Courtney's.  It was good and greasy!  Just like breakfast used to be on the farm.  Eggs, bacon, grits, hash browns and biscuits and butter. 

Then we went to Houston's to get homemade biscuits for today's breakfast which is country ham and biscuits and eggs. 

Then we took Momma home and then went back to get the groceries for the rest of the Christmas Holiday. 

Back home, I changed into t shirt and jog pants and after starting laundry, sat down and played games on the ipad as Mom was doing.  I even went to visit Farmville2 to see if I might want to play it, but no - just too much going on with that at this point.  I really miss decorating and organizing the farm.  I loved games that you could decorate and make it your own.  But it's too much trouble on my laptop with the lack of being able to right click on things much.  But it was fun to visit it at least.

I got so sleepy sitting there that I decided to go for a walk with Maisy.  It felt great to get out and walk.  I had felt like a miserable pig after eating that breakfast.  lol  It was good going down but afterwards I felt miserable. 

Anyway, a bit later Mom was hungry and I was too and George wanted some too -as it had been about six hours since breakfast.  So I fixed pop corn in the Whirlypop popcorn maker.  Mom really liked it.  I fix it with coconut oil. And like to use the red or the black popcorn when I can find it. 

 We watched a few shows on You Tube.  Mom said she enjoyed watching the shows.  My favorite ones didn't have new videos.  I really want her to see Gone with the Wynns.  They only do a show about once a week.  So you have to wait!  Unlike TV, they don't usually have "seasons" - lol.

We watched Traveling Robert as well.  His videos are a little longer and very fun - just like you are with him the whole way.

Around 4:30 or 5:00 Cody and Katy showed up after their very long drive from TX.  It was so good to see them.  And Findlay is with us.  After the left and Titan's over George fixed corn bread.  He had the roast going in the  Instant Pot.  And it was really good.  We all enjoyed that! 

Not long after that I went to bed.  lol I think it was about 8:30.  I got back up to help George take the dogs out.   And then sleep was awesome! 

So I'm having a hard time waiting for Christmas.  I told Momma I feel like a little girl.  lol  We have to wait two more days, what?  I'm also not used to having this much time in a row!  I love how Christmas fell this year against a weekend and then I had taken Friday.  So destressing to the point of "wow, should I read, play games, plan?"  I feel guilty almost but decided to just enjoy the time and rest my mind and then dive in after Christmas. 

I kinda have this feeling of "oh my gosh, January is almost here and I need to have my game plan on".  lol  I think I do that every year though.  I did look at my January calendar last night.  I have to figure out a way to get more done that I want to do.  I'm going to have to have a "power hour" every night.  And want to spend more time exercising. 

I was thinking that I may have to change my schedule around a bit.  But in reality it's not gonna matter.  I end up doing what is important to me anyway. 

Would you all be put out if I blogged every other day instead of every day? 
Or what if I did a once a week recap instead of every day. 
Blogging is one of the things I enjoy doing but could do less of, I think to be able to have time to work on some other goals. 

I need to take Tugie out, and get on with the day!  I'm back and had to take all 5 out. 

Anyway, ya'll have a good day.  Today's agenda:  eat, do laundry, clean the kitchen, take a shower, play games, take care of dogs and eat again - lol!  WE won't see Katy and Cody til tomorrow.


  1. Don't feel guilty about relaxing after all the work you've done, just enjoy it! Glad your daughter arrived safely and I'm sure you are looking forward to seeing her again soon. At least they are not too far away for a few days and can visit. Hope you have a very relaxing and enjoyable Sunday.

  2. Just catching up on your busy week.....I smiled when you said you felt guilty, you are definitley not guilty, I think you are amazing truly have had such a lot on your mind this week, I'm amazed you have got to the end and you are still sane !!...thankful that Kate Cody and doggy has made it after that long journey. Will be lovely to see them tomorrow and you will be able to chat for hours......I notice you wondered about blogging perhaps a little less so that you could fit even more into your schedule,,,I wouldn't mind so long as whatever you do you don't stop altogether.,...but if by blogging less you can maybe get more money from your vitamin work and consequently you could get your RT vehicle quicker, now that wiill be an extra fun day....take care and enjoy Christmas with Mum there with you. Much love to all. Xxx

  3. glad the dogs are cooperating going out together. sounds like you had a good time relaxing.


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