Monday, December 17, 2018

Gifts are Wrapped and a Another Productive Day

Yesterday was critical.  All the wrapping is finished!  I still have some stocking work to do for George and plan to do that tonight. 

We took George's car to Firestone to get a tire fixed.  He had to get new ones.  We took it early and then went to Walmart for Birthday wrapping paper for Katy.  Then to Lowe's to get George's shop Vac that he wanted for Christmas.  I told him that I was not wrapping that big thing.  Lowe's didn't have big huge xmas shopping bags and I am not going to search for any at this point.  I really don't think a vacuum makes a good gift.  lol  But he wants one and got a wet/dry vac.  I'll stick a bow on it.  But he'll have to bring it upstairs first.  lol Then we went to get my oil changed and transmission fluid changed.  I hope it's done right.  I've never heard such hollering and hooping.  I really don't like going anymore.  I'm just glad I don't have to answer all the questions they ask.  It's a nerving process, lol.
I was glad to be sitting over there playing Diamond Diaries. 

I've played that game so much in the last week to relax - it takes the nervous edge off of you and even makes me groggy.  Truth be known I guess it's mostly at night or when I'm tired that I'm playing it so that makes sense.  But I have enjoyed it so much.  I love hearing the "glass beads" clink together and also it has a glass that breaks on some of them and it sounds so real.  I think it takes the stress off.

So we came back home and I boiled eggs and fixed tuna fish for lunch and set the TV on modern fireplace and Christmas music to set the mood to wrap.  And George went out for about 3 hours shopping for me.  I finished all the wrapping but a couple of items.  And George came in.  He wanted to watch the Titans.  I told him the fireplace TV was warming things up but go ahead - lol lol lol. 

After that he finished wrapping the remaining few items. 

So our view now is to go from presents to "menu planning".  We are tossing things around as to how it will go. 

I am hoping to take the 21st off and go get Mom that day.  I've asked if she will come in and stay with us so she can see Katy and Cody and have some fun at Christmas.  I am not going to get to take my Dec 26th as I usually do so I will take her back on Christmas Day night as we will be doing our celebrating that morning and around lunch.  Then I have to work on the 26th. 

I also will be working at night to get the house in order for Christmas.  And work on stockings and menu planning for Christmas Day at our house.  Katy and Cody leave early on the morning of the 22nd to come in.  And we'll get to see them that night.  We'll have birthday brunch out one morning!  And get them for Christmas brunch on Christmas Day.  I don't think we get to do dinner with them any but we'll take what we can get.  Cody's grandmother offered to fix dinner for them all one night.  And Cody's parents are fixing for them one night.  It's hard for them trying to fit everyone and everything in. They also have a dinner out with close friends one night.  We can't wait to see them again.  Then I guess it'll be a while before we lay eyes on her again!

Well, I need to get ready and head out to work.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day! 


  1. Sounds like you are just about ready there. It's going to be great having some time with your daughter. Once they get married, we do have to share our time, but it's wonderful when we have them with us. Sadly I haven't had all of mine home for Christmas in a long long time. But thankfully most of them live close enough that I at least get to see them for the holidays. Hard to believe it's Monday already. Hope you have a great one!

  2. sounds nice you'll be seeing katy and cody for the holiday.and your mom.


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