Saturday, December 22, 2018

Momma has Arrived!

These two are on the road already and headed to us.  Please pray for their travels on this busy travel day.  It's such a long 13 hour day and will be even longer with so many people traveling.  I know they will be tired tonight.  They will be stopping by and bringing Findlay.  We will have 5 dogs in the house at that point, lol. 

So, yesterday, I spent the morning vacuuming and last minute clean ups.  I then ran some errands and got my nails done.  I went for the Ombre nails this time instead of the true French look. I think I like them but I can't decide which I like better - the ombre look or the french look.  

Then I got on my way but was running behind.  

I also stopped for gas and for coffee in Franklin.  It was a very very very cold and blustery day.  But managed to get to Mom's by 3:30 or so and we left by 4:00 and headed back to Mount Juliet.  I set the GPS to Martin's BBQ and it took us I-840 and Central Pike.  I think Nashville traffic was a zoo fest by then.  It worked as we had very little traffic.  It took us two hours to drive home including a stop to let Fancy poop and also to get BBQ at Martins.  

You should have seen me trying to take care of 4 dogs doing business and getting Momma up the sidewalk at the same time.  She was holding on to the back of my pants, lol and leashes getting wrapped around us both.  We took baby steps and I continued to unwrap leashes and try to keep dogs from wrapping around us.  We finally made it.  Next time - I'll make Mom wait in the car til dogs back in the house.  Then I unloaded her suitcases and my shopping stuff and the food.  

Of course we laughed as right as we had everyone and everything in the house, George pulled up.  Mom said "he knows when to show up", lol.  

We had a nice little dinner.  Martin's BBQ brisket is out of this world.  I believe I'll get that plate next time I go in.  I usually get BBQ or their BBQ tacos.

Then we sat around the Big TV Fireplace with Christmas music while we played games on our ipads and read and talked.  

I went to bed around 9. 

This morning there was a parked car again out on the street.  So weird.  They also have their headlights on always.  I waited and watched before taking the dogs out.  They took off.  I didn't call the police b/c I don't know how long they were there and I don't know that they weren't picking someone up.  Or dropping someone off.  I couldn't tell what make of car it was or if it was a car or a truck or the same one as last time.  I hate to call as I had no info to give.  And they weren't bothering anyone.  I kept checking but no one had returned.  

Anyway, today we will be going out to eat.  The restaurant we wanted to go to is not open today.  So bummer.  We will be going to Courtney's instead.  I'm looking forward to eggs and bacon!  

Then we are going to Houston's and then we are going to drop Mom off and go back out to the store to get our Christmas grocery run done.    

Our menu is all planned out through the 25th.  We'll be eating in and eating out a few times too.  A good mix.  I'm glad Mom is here and glad we can be home for Christmas!  

I've had very little time to think about the gifts I am getting.  But I remembered yesterday that I'll be getting my Apple Watch.  I remembered b/c I saw someone at the nail salon with one on.  I got excited.  I'll have mine soon!  ;-)  I have waited so long.  

Anyway, I know that Santa will not bring an RV, but if money were no limit.....I'm ready to go on our first adventure.  Here I am planning it with no RV.  I gotta get busy on the business!  Will have to change the schedule for 2019 b/c I can't work a business with the schedule we had last year.  I'm going to have to plan the time out and perhaps change some things up.  I have to figure out what is most important.  

At least we get to go to an RV show in January.  

Well, I better go.  Mom is up and I need to get going with the day.  Gotta get a shower in, a load of laundry and reboot the dishwasher.  Maybe get in a diamond diary game.  I can't blog while we are talking.  lol  So I'll try to pop in tomorrow when I have quiet time.  My quiet time is now over.  ;-)


  1. Have a wonderful day! It's so nice your Mom could come and soon your daughter will be there too! They will be definitely be in my prayers as they travel. It is such a busy time of year for the highways. Christmas at you house sounds like a wonderful place to be!

  2. prayers for katy and cody and their safe travels. i'm glad your mom is there and you had a great first night together. 5 dogs ought to be interesting for sure.

  3. Merry Christmas. I so glad you get to spend time with your daughter and your Mom. Sounds like you house will be filled with Love and Laughter this Christmas.


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