Sunday, December 2, 2018

Our Cow and Pig arrived just after the Fridge Arrived!

December is here!  Wow!  I had to laugh when I turned the calendar at work - and saw someone was eating breakfast on their patio with snow on the ground.  

Thursday and Friday at work were insanely busy.  Friday afternoon much calmer.  Friday was a successful cleanse day.  It felt good.  

George and I hauled boxes of refrigerated goods and and frozen goods from the old fridge to the fridge downstairs in the basement.  Since we've not stocked up anything in the last few weeks, there was not a lot.  But "not a lot" seems like a lot when you start boxing it up.  All the condiments and such.  

I was pleased we went ahead and knocked that out.  I also did a couple of loads of laundry Friday night to get a head start.  I think we even watched a show - maybe some of my YouTubes.  Then I had to go to bed as with working all day, and dealing with the fridge and laundry and moving around a lot, my energy level on cleanse day took a dive.  

But before I went to bed, I was not sleeping another night in those sheets.  I changed the sheets to our flannel ones (if they get hot we sleep on top of them) and often do anyway.  But I bought a new King Size bed spread which is quilt like from Texas.  It came with two shams and was only $65.  No prices like that around here.  

I didn't show the whole bedroom or even the whole bed.  The bedroom is messy and I didn't do the shams yet.  

As I type this I smile.  I just heard the icemaker dump ice in the fridge.  Our new fridge has arrived.  We have an ice maker now!  Yay!  Makes the shakes much easier!  

Lowe's had called once and hung up.  I was in the shower, but had given George my phone knowing their day was starting and would be calling and giving us a tentative window of time.  So when I got out George handed me the phone and said someone from Mount Juliet called but it only rang once.  I called the number and it was from Lowe's.  They said it would probably be b/w 10 and 1.  I told George, "I wonder why they didn't give us time to pick up and then decided they really didn't want to talk to anyone so they just call, hang up, and then tell their manager "yep we called, no answer".  You can tell I'm in HR right?  

So I go on about my morning doing laundry, cleaning, decorating, taking care of doggies, vacuuming since our house looked like a barn - lol - and open the windows and doors and let the sun in.  George had gone to Rice's - a country ham store that only opens twice per year in our little town.  Then the next thing I know the dogs are barking loudly at something.  I peered out and the Lowe's truck had pulled in.  I think it was around 9.  They were supposed to call when they were on the way.  Given the previous phone call situation - we'd already discovered they did NOT have the call system down very well.  So SURPRISE!  Here's Lowe's.  Not that I am complaining - just reporting to you what happened.  They came and knocked on the door and I told them I would gather the dogs up.  

I put them on leashes and then someone came in the front door as I was doing that.  It was George!  Yay!  Back from Rice's and thank goodness b/c he could answer questions about the water supply for icemaker and turning it off and on and such.  

So the Lowe's guy measured and said "I don't think this is going to fit".  George said he measured it like 5 times and he thinks it will.  Turns out it did with 1/4 inch to spare and fits just under a cabinet we have.  I was so thankful.  I had been worried that the fridge would get dented in travel here or while they unloaded and brought it in and we'd have to wait again.  I was going to be so disappointed.  You know I have to worry about all those things.  

While they were here and wrapping up, I began making some chili/spaghetti for lunch and George left to go pick up our "cow".  I could not believe I actually had enough items to make the chili.  I didn't have ground beef but I did have stew meat.  And George has always liked having both ground beef and stew meat - so I just used what we had.  It turned out great.  I had two soup cups for lunch.  And froze two things for work and then also had a corningware and figured we could have it for dinner.  

I normally do not put spaghetti in my chili.  But with a lot of canned tomatoes, I thought I needed to cut the acidity as they have started giving me mouth ulcers on my gums/tongue.  However if I cook the sauce down enough it's better.  I simmered it really good for an hour and then added spaghetti and lots of it and let it simmer for another twenty minutes or so.  

I watched KYD on YouTube while eating.  And then it was on my feet and back to work.  George has been begging me to please get the tree up and the skirt around the bottom so he can begin wrapping and placing under the tree.  lol  So finally I got the tree up and decorated.  My day moved fast yesterday so I didn't get a blog entry done.  

Here's my "burgah" ornament.   While putting up the tree I set the TV to the fireplace channel and it was playing Christmas music.  I had lit a candle.  And Tugie was asleep and it just looked like a cozy scene.

Tree decorated and many boxes placed downstairs of empty containers and boxes gone through of what I'm NOT using.  I just didn't want a lot of the figurines and such out.  I'm happy with what I did put out and left all the rest in the boxes and marked "unused" on them.  Not ready to rid of them all just yet, but at least next year I'll know that was unused and probably won't use it again.  

Around 2:30 I thought I should check with George as he had to drive in KY in the Eastern time zone and it was 2 hours and 14 minutes away.  I knew he'd have had time to get there so wanted to make sure he was ok and had scored the beef!  He called a few minutes later and said "I'm driving back so couldn't text".  But said he would be home in 1.5 hours and to text my SIL and tell them to come to our house at 4 or after.  George had to drop off 1/4 of cow to someone and another 1/4 to someone else.  One was out of his way but the guy met him somewhere in b/w and that helped.  

So I had been busy after that finishing up most of the Christmas decor and boxes and had some trips up and down the stairs.  I thought I better check my phone as it was 4 and neither George nor his sister was here.  So I checked and my SIL said she was on her way.  I thought the text had been recent and was surprised as I read her text to hear her voice coming up the stairs!  lol 

I was about to say "how did you get in?" and then I heard George's voice too!  lol  So he brought our meat up and look at all this ground beef!  We set out a lb for us to have today.  I think we are having Hamburger Helper actually b/c we have one to use up.  So we'll either do that or have burgers cooked in a skillet.  I'm not sure we've decided. 

There were steaks of all kinds, ribs, roasts, and such.  We have t-bones too and round steak, cubed steak, skirt steak (fajitas).  

And while there George asked if they had any pork for sale.  He bought $100 worth of pork which is the pic immediately below.

Here's a pic of some of the beef. 

And here is a pic of the decorated tree.  

And on the liquor cabinet in the den, I made a scene of the little frogs.  I think these may have been Granny Jans?  I don't remember them being ours but I do remember seeing them somewhere.  I love them and it makes a cute little scene.  I added the puppy in a package to it as well.  And a starbuck's globe ornament seemed to fit. 

George's Rockin' Santa was a must to put out!  

The elves were his Mom's and George loves them so, so I put them around the TV as if they were all having a party hanging out around the TV.

Oops that was not a clear pic.  Sorry.

My SIL, Susan bought the wreath above the fireplace for Granny.  It was on her door at assisted living.  I put it above our fireplace this year as Susan did not want the wreath for her use.  

Then as I looked at the pics of our family I realized George's Mom and Dad were not up there.  I think we took it to the funeral so it was probably in a box downstairs still.  George went and brought one up.  It was the wrong one for the mantel but we put it on the fireplace hearth right by that little elf on the right bottom.  So they are there now with family.  I have my granparents pics all a bedroom in the back.  I've run out of mantle space.  

And my new billfold came in.  The old one is on the left and new one is on the right.  I have wanted to get a new one lately as mine is starting to fray on the edges and I'm just getting tired of it honestly.  Sometimes you just want something different.  I've not swapped it over.  The new one is a little bigger - you can't tell from this photo as the right one is further away from the camera making it look the same size.  It's made out of cloth and has a lot of compartments.  I saw it on line on a Facebook ad.  It's really for using the cash method of budgeting and you can label the various compartments.  I am about to swap it over when I finish the blog.  I don't use the cash method of budgeting but I would love to have the extra sections for a few coupons, gift cards, grocery list, or whatever. 

Hopefully I will like it.  I bought it with Isagenix earnings as I cycled again about a week ago.  

So I served chili for dinner for us all - just everyone sitting around watching Alabama and Georgia game and drinking a beer. I heated up the chili for the four of us.  It was good to see my SIL and BIL and catch up some.  And we finished off the chili and they headed home with their 1/4 of a cow which was frozen solid by the way. 

After they left, we were still hungry so I made some popcorn and watched the rest of my YouTube shows.

And so it seems like I'd have had more done yesterday but getting some laundry done, cleaning done, and the tree done and decor almost finished was good enough for me.  However, today I have to do the following and I won't get it all done!

____swapping billfold
____more laundry
____Sunroom tree put up
____Christmas Cards
____Looking thru the list and seeing what all is left to buy for Christmas
____George's gifts ordered
____Isagenix orders
____Wrap Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken's gifts for shipment
____Send dates to my Sister for Christmas in Columbia and see if they can join us

And I won't get all of that done either.  George also wants to go into Nashville and run an errand and get a Pecan Porter at CZann's - and that would be a 3 hour excursion or so which is half my productive hours.  But we'll see.  

Anyway - off to get the day going.  It's Sunday and I will need to do a devo as well.  It's likely that we will not be able to go to church again til after the new year.  I do listen to devos all week though and so I'm being "fed".  But I do miss our Sunday School class.  It's just a 4 hour excursion and 5 if you include getting ready. 6 if you include lunch out before heading home.  

So just trying to be sane here. And heading for more coffee and beginning to work on the list!  Ya'll have a great Sunday.  

OH!  I meant to tell you that I had 3 VAC left to take this year.  Was thinking it was one.  I had already scheduled them on my personal calendar.  But having just taken 3 days to go to TX was not sure I could take any more.  But, I don't want to lose the days.  They are a benefit.  So I have them scheduled but understand that with so much going on and also have vac scheduled in Jan too - that one I have a plane ticket for but these in December if I end up not being able to take it I will be flexible.  I will log them away in my mind for taking later  if it comes down to it.  It'll all work out.  But I DO need the days if I can get them to get our Christmas in order.  So I'm taking the day to shop, day to wrap and day to relax!  ;-)



  1. your tree is beautiful. that sure looks like alot of meat. glad dinner went well.

  2. Good that everything worked out with your new fridge. The beef and pork are going to be nice to have on hand and not have to do more shopping for. That wallet looks like just what I've been searching for. My old one is really worn out. I thought I had one stuck away, but so far have not found it. Your tree is beautiful and so is the bedspread. So glad you were able to get so much done. Hope your Sunday is a good one! It's a sunny day here for a change and warmer too.

  3. Just curious How much is 1/4 of a cow? Is it grass fed? I have always wanted to buy one. We
    have a deep freezer. Interesting post. Pretty bedspread, I love the colors.


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