Monday, December 10, 2018

Santa's Workshop is OPEN and a Laundry Room Clean UP!

Well, George's vendors have been so nice to him.  After almost 30 years of doing business with him, they developed relationships and have been so kind to us this year.  This one, sent a nice Harry and David basket.  Gave us a thrill yesterday!  

We had a very productive day yesterday.  I was on my feet ALL day.  But the day started at 7 as I had some pretty good sleep the night before and got to sleep in.  

If you have read my blog very long, about my days off, you know I usually kick the day off with laundry.  I spent a lot of time in that room.  If I ever build a house, I'll have a "kick a$$" laundry room.  I won't ever build a house though.  It needs to be a big room with a TV and a table for folding.  It would have shelves of storage for kitchen appliances and big cookware and crock poks and woks and such.  Off the kitchen is a perfect place to have the laundry and pantry and storage.  Shoot - I'd even have my desk in there.  It'd be home base including gift wrap center.  Gifts can be wrapped on the same table as the laundry.  ha.  I guess it'd be my Woman Heaven.  If a guy can have a man cave, a woman can have a woman heaven. lol  I'm just using my imagination.  I can deal with what I have.  After all my dream is to be wondering around in a RV one day and that means laundry mat.  lol

Anyway back to my day.  I have noticed lately that I detested being in the laundry room and normally it's where I enjoy being.  It was becoming nasty on the floor and also jammed up as my Isagenix products build up.  It's where we house the pet food and treats and this room was just exploding and getting filthy.  

So I had to do a "time out" on life and get it cleaned and better organized.  I mopped the floor.  And my Swiffer Wetjet had quit working and the batteries were old and rotting in there and George had to get them out.  Perhaps it's been a while since I cleaned, lol.  Anyway, I had this mint and cucumber like floor cleaner as I can't seem to find the Armstrong that I loved.  I loved the smell of this one.  I'm not sure it has much cleaner in it - lol, but the smell was wonderful.  

My laundry room is so clean now and organized.  So I turned life OFF of it's pause button and continued on with the day.  

The presents for my Aunt and Uncle in Florida are wrapped and almost ready for shipment.  They are in the box now and we just have to tape it up.  And then I have to get it to a UPS store.  Hopefully I can lift the box, if not we'll have to see if we can find one open on a Saturday so he can lift it.  I don't think it will be too heavy though.  

So Aunt Martha, if you are reading - you have more gifts to open but Uncle Ken has one that all the $$ was concentrated in one gift, lol.  

So I did get quite a good start on the wrapping yesterday.  Santa's work shop is open.  George wrapped some too.  But there is still a lot to go.  I'll be taking this Friday to wrap George's gifts and to finish the wrapping.  I will try to wrap a couple of things each night also.  And Friday I will test the stocking for George but I need to get a few more things for that.  I might go out and do that Friday or one day coming home from work.

Tugie wanted to be with us and so we found her under the tree.  

All the doggies go for their trim and spa day this upcoming Saturday.  It is coinciding with a party.  But we'll have to deal with it.  We can ask if she can have them ready by noon, but we are likely going to be late to our party which starts at 1- usually the dogs are ready by 1 or 2.  It has to be done and we are trying to fit everything in.  

I made guacamole for lunch and put some salsa and chips out.  We munched on that.  

Late afternoon we had an appetizer of smoked salmon and horseradish on whole grain crackers.

We had salad and baked potato for dinner a couple of hours later.  For dinner I caught up on my You Tube shows watching KYD, Gone with the Wynns, MJ Sailing, and Have Wind Will Travel. It was nice to sit.  That was about 7:30 and I stayed seated and played Candy Crush and went to bed after taking dogs out and still played Candy Crush.  There is a new King game out by the same people called Diamond Diaries - that is really what I was playing - not Candy Crush but I still call it Candy Crush - you are knocking beads together.  It's quite a cute little game.  

Sleep was excellent and sweet last night.  Hunkered down in flannel sheets on a cold night.  Melatonin sprayed under the tongue.  Or whatever is in that sleep spray (natural ingredients).  Two squirts and it relaxes you!  

The spider bite is healing a little better every day.  It's itching and healing over.  What a scare though.  

Well, today's to do list is getting the package mailed off, getting drinks and desserts and table covers for this week's holiday meals.  My assistant is going to help me with that.  I have to figure out what is close.  I think Kroger.  I'm not doing Publix b/c when you have a lot to buy that can be expensive.  I think Kroger will be cheaper.  While out I'll mail the package off.  And I'm buying my assistant's lunch.  I also have to make one more stop for the Secret Santa as well, lol.  Anyway it'll be a busy day and we'll be out running these errands around lunch time.  

So I need to get off of here and get ready.  I don't think we have ice on the roads.  I guess I need to check. Most of it sounds like was east of us.  

Ya'll have a great day! 


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  1. You got a lot done and are so organized. You make the most of every day for sure. I love the picture of Tuggie under the tree. What a sweet heart she is. It's very cold here but no ice. Take good care on the roads. So nice you have your assistant to help with the office party too. Good friends, good food too. What could be better?


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