Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Secret Santa, Christmas Meals, and Busy Days

My Secret Santa left me the cutest gift.  First of all, I love the blue and silver paper.  You know I don't really like Christmas colors lol. So this was perfect!   OF course when getting a gift, the color of the wrapping paper doesn't matter. lol

The gift was so nice.  Cactus ornaments to remind me of Katy and Cody in Texas.  Not that I'd ever forget them.  But it reminds me of our trip and memories of being there.  And a pretty 2019 calendar with pretty scenes and Psalms.

I've been adding Christmas cards to the tree in my office. 

Here is the break room tree from the plant below.  Our meal at the plant went very well.  The food was wonderful.  We helped  get the tables set up and filled in the food when needed and helped serve it and put ice in cups and poured the drinks and cleaned up afterward so it was ready for 2nd shift.  And that shift is much smaller and is not as big of a process.  They can handle the small crew.   The catering folks set it up always. So that part no one has to worry about.  Anyway all went well.  Since we were there, and there was left overs, we decided to eat ourselves instead of grabbing lunch out. It was heavenly.  And we get the same meal today at Corporate.  It's our turn.

My world was crazy yesterday.  Everyone has something they need for me to do for them.  But I had a conf call at 9 and left for the plant at 10 and back at our place at 1:30 where I had orientation and following up making sure that our sales folks are on boarded.  And then on to a project for my boss which took the remainder of the afternoon.  I stayed til our offices close.  We are supposed to be out by 6:00 but I know some folks stay as late as 8:00.  I don't like to stay that late by myself.  So I left at 6 when another person encouraged me to go home and finish tomorrow.  So here we are in tomorrow and I am hurrying with this so I can get in early.  

I want to take Friday off to finish with our Christmas wrapping.  But if I do I have to get a lot done today and tomorrow.  

Last night we invited our neighbor to come over for wine and dinner - she had already eaten but we gave her a glass of wine and paid her for taking care of Little Bit and looking out over things while we were gone.  

And we had the best time talking!  I fixed dinner after she left.  It was 9 or close to it when I began cooking dinner I think.  I was fixing spaghetti so it didn't take long.  We ate and I was in bed by 10.  Surprised I was able to get up this morning!  

Katy texted us to let us know that they were leaving Texas on the 22nd and so Findlay will be arriving at our house that night and they will be here for Christmas and have to leave on the 27th.  George and I have to work on the 26th now.  I was off but my assistant needed the day off for something important she needs to do and so I will work b/c someone needs to be there.   But we'll get to see her at least some during the 23rd, 24th or 25th while they are in town.  They will be staying with Cody's parents this trip while we keep the doggy. 

Anyway, I need to go so I can *try* to get there earlier.   Traffic has been hideous anyway.  

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  1. You have a wonderful secret Santa. Very nice gifts indeed. And to have two great lunches in a row is nice too. Might as well enjoy them. You did a lot to get them all together. How great that you'll be seeing your daughter again soon too. The days are quickly passing and soon it will be Christmas! Hope your Wednesday is a good one as we go over the hump of this week!


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