Saturday, December 8, 2018

Shopping and a Spider Bite

Sharing some pics from the last few days.  I am just enamored by the pretty scenes on some of the themes in outlook.  It makes working more fun to see the scenes periodically.  I change my theme around according to the seasons and the mood.  

I had the fixin's for salads all week to make up for all we ate on vacation.  

I had told you yesterday about our adventure out with a friend to the MoCara restaurant.  Oh so good.  

Here is a pic of that wonderful cheesecake we split and then waddled out!  

And the menu front of Thursday's night's menu at Saigon Basil when we went out for a bit of Christmas shopping and Grocery Shopping.

I plan to go back here often.  They have wonderful hot tea in cute mugs. 

Everyone got their seafood shipments this week.  Katy posted hers on Facebook.  We also sent my Aunt and Uncle some.  We sent it to those we knew loved seafood and would enjoy cooking it.  

Katy and Cody's freezer with their seafood arrival.  Merry Christmas.  They seemed excited.  I talked to her yesterday and Cody was disappointed she was fixing pork chops for dinner instead of scallops.  She already had it thawing.  lol  She said he was looking at recipes.  Ahhh, I love it.  And we love them.  Feels good to make them happy.  I can remember Granny and Granda, Mom and Dad, and Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken delighting us with shipments of Omaha Steaks.  A full freezer delights the soul and and it is a true blessing from God. I think they have some room left -ha!  We usually fill ours up with sale meats, but now it has cow and pig and seafood and not much room for anything else. As we eat it down we'll add chicken.

Amidst all the good eating, I've had a lot of salads, shakes, and more splurges but I'm trying to sneak in my nutrition instead of cokes.  Here is my glass of fruits.  I took some time to look at the ingredients.  It has every fruit imaginable in here.  A blend of all of them I think.  

Has a taste I enjoy as well. 

I'm not as good about my "greens".  I've finally ordered some in a package form that I can take to go so I can put it in bottled water w/o a mess.  

Anyway, now I'm down to yesterday.  I slept late yesterday so my day got a late start.  I didn't get out shopping until about 11:30.  I went to several stores including Walgreens, Tuesday Morning, Target, Dick's, and Home Goods.  I bought stuff for my Secret Santa.  And George's Stocking.  And a couple of surprises for him.  I was really having a hard time shopping though.  I kinda felt like it was hard to breathe and like I was going to pass out.  It may be that my BP meds are too much for me now? As it wears off it seems to get better.  I guess we are going to have to splurge into a BP machine so I can keep up.  Anyway I went and ate at Moe's Southwest Grill so get something extra on my tummy.  It was really good and hit the spot.  

I've made it a goal in the last few weeks to try to speak up more with people that are checking me out.  After reading Candace Bure's "Kind is the New Classy", it made me think about how important it is to speak more.  I guess somewhere along the way I began thinking that no one really wants to hear what I have to say.  It's kinda a long story how that came to be, but I have enjoyed this Christmas season, opening up and talking to those checking me out, sharing smiles with total strangers, and even opening up about what I'm buying for.  People are responding positively.  They are really are seemingly interested in what I have to say.  And sometimes people are not but it is the rare occasion and you can tell they are preoccupied with something and it's not me!  So that is a side note for you.  I say that b/c I had a good time connecting yesterday.  

So I forgot to go get my nail done that I cracked.  But I was ready to get home by 3:30.  The area at Providence was waaaaay busy in the afternoon with various folk out shopping getting a start to their weekend.  So it was time to go and traffic was bad so WAZE took me some back streets home that I'd never taken before.  I told George when he got home, we should go that way every time. It was longer but there was hardly any traffic and therefore it took less time.  More highways have been built since we have lived here so these are new routes we didn't know about. 

So I was a little frustrated though that it was 4 when I got home and I still had to make a salad and wrap gifts.  These off days are just so short.  So we had a very late dinner but a light one.  
We had cod in aluminum foil baked - it was good.  And a salad I made for us while making one for tomorrow.  Lots of chopping.  I still need to make the dressing this morning real quick.  I'm about to run out of time this morning too.  We leave in a few minutes and I have a lot to do. 

So, while putting jammies on last night I felt a lump while taking off my bra.  Good news it wasn't a lump like a cancer thing, but bad news it looked like spider bite.  I pressed on the lump earlier b/c I was making sure it was not cancerous type of thing.  But what I did was mess with the poison or whatever was in there and it all spread out and began to swell.  Yikes.  I showed George and the bite site had already tried to heal it looked like.  So I sat with a glass of wine and tried to remember the day last week that I had felt a pinch there and thought "wow that hurt - like a bite".  I went to bathroom and checked to see what it was and saw nothing.  I think that was last Monday.  

I am happy that I remembered that incident and that it looked like it was drying up at the bite site, but I was concerned at the recent swelling since I had discovered and messed with it.  George had a bite that looked the same way and says it'll be gone and not to worry that we'll watch it.  He made me feel better.  So it does look a little better this morning.  It doesn't hurt.  It's not really very sore.  Only a little.  So I'm not rushing off to the walk in center but we'll keep an eye on it.  So pray for me with that - that it goes away.  
There is always something ailing me it seems.  If not one thing - it's another. 

The other issues are not cleared up either.  I've just accepted it as a fact of life.  And we will take it from there. 

Anyway I'm running late.  WE have to be out of here soon before the Christmas parade blocks our street!  Going to our friends today for an Italian Christmas and gift swap.  Lisa texted their menu and it looks heavenly.  

All the salad is made now and gifts wrapped so we'll be heading out for our excursion today. 
Ya'l have a blessed Saturday!


  1. The cheesecake picture made me want cheesecake. I need to try and make on in my instapot for Christmas. I love seafood too. I get alot of ours from Sams or Ingles. I hope the spider bite heals quickly. I guess those things are coming in the house since it is getting colder. I hate them. I saw a big on in my bathtub one night, almost gave me a heart attack. I would look online and see if you can see what kind of bite it looks like. Take care.

  2. Seems like ever since I hit 70, there is always something wrong with me. Indigestion, new pains here and there... I never know which part of my body will be hurting when I wake up in the morning. Itching where nobody wants itching, leaking urine... my body humiliates me at every turn. Getting old isn’t for sissies.


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