Sunday, December 30, 2018

Some Sort of a Catch Up....

Well, Saturday, we went to Columbia for our Christmas with Mom and my Sister and her family.  We ate at A1 Asian or something like that.  

 Over all, the stress of the season was coming down hard, like it usually does about this time.  So I had to laugh at the irony of the sign above found in the restaurant. I needed it right about then. 

George ordered us some hot tea.  

After dinner we went to my Sister's house to open gifts and eat dessert.  

I love Sheba, such a sweetie.  So glad she can come indoors but she has to stay in her bed if she does.  She is a cutie pie and so sweet.  She immediately rolled over for me to pet her tummy.  As if she knows I'm the queen of petting dog tummies.  

Evidently, I speak dog...unspeakingly.   I love her!

My sister's tree is pretty.  We got to see their new house, which is just gorgeous.  

 We opened gifts, Alabama game in background lol and headed back.  I tried to sleep but didn't sleep well at all.  I missed my own bed.  We were going to get up and head home after coffee, but Mom insisted on cooking so we ate breakfast and then headed back home.

At home I was able to get some things done today.  Started on laundry as always, took a shower, began collecting Christmas decor - ready for packing, put up gifts, gathered Christmas boxes, bags, and threw away trash etc.  Unpacked from Columbia.  Went to the grocery, took care of doggies and so forth.  I have changed the guest bedroom sheets.  Still need to change our sheets and will do that here in a minute and may go to bed early so I can get up early.

I snapped some pics of some of my Christmas pressies!  It's not all of them.  Some of the food items and wine and have already been put up. And gift cards.  

The much coveted Winter Spice Mix...

George wanted to buy me the necklace earrings set by the jewelry lady here in our area.  I knew how much it was since I was there so he left the price on.  lol  She does work with stones.  I got my sister one too.  But George bought this for me.  

Well, I just fell asleep doing this blog entry, not sleeping well last night, so I'm going to go change the sheets and hit the hay!

George is off tomorrow with a planned day of a few things to do, and I have to work. 
Anyway later............

Also did a private blog entry earlier.

Nite Nite


  1. Looks like you got some neat presents. That dog looks so sweet. I don't see how she can keep it just in its bed. My dog would never go for that. I love Christmas but am exhausted. I need January to regroup. Have a Happy New Year!

  2. Glad you got together with your family for Christmas too. Though we may have some differences over the years...we do start and end with family and as this year is ending, you do have a lot of wonderful memories. I like the way you took pictures of your gifts and I'm thinking I should do that too, before I put everything away, which is something I need to do today. Tomorrow I'm having family over for New Years dinner and I need to clear some of the clutter away. It's true nothing is ever free, we work for what enjoyment we can find. But the important part is to enjoy it all, the work and the play...which does balance out our days to make them the best. We wouldn't be happy without either of them. I wish you a very Happy New Year's Eve. Relax and enjoy!

  3. looks like you got some nice things from santa. sheba is adorable. happy new year.


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