Friday, December 21, 2018

The Holidayin' is Starting Up...Vacation Day Today

Tis the time to give wine!  ;-)  Actually someone gave me a bottle of red.  We'll have it over the Christmas holiday at some point.  

Here is our work Christmas tree.  Always a nice greeting during the holiday.  Was appreciative to whoever was able to put it up.  It looks nice.

Yesterday morning I had a shake but by lunch time I was craving Logan's salmon and broccoli. 

I ordered it and paid for it on the internet and then went and picked it up and brought it back to the warmth of my office to eat it.  I just didn't have time to sit in the restaurant and eat as it is slower when they wait on you.  I had too much work to do.  I think I ran 17 ads yesterday which took a chunk of time.  

I am just amazed that the month has moved on like it has.  Hardly believe that it is Christmas time already. 

It took me an hour to get to George's Aunt Gwen's house.  Traffic going to Gallatin was horrible.  I didn't get to leave until 5:33 and I did not get there until like 6:38.   I felt bad as the target time was 6:00.  

Gwen (who we have teased and called OAG for Old Aunt Gwen all these years - when Katy was 3 we told her to call her Old Aunt Gwen to be funny and she did, lol)  Anyway OAG decorates her house beautifully.  

Sitting in front of the fire, I was handed a glass of red wine.  The room was warm and comfy.  And beautiful.  She had a few appetizers sitting about. 

So, I took a selfie!  I love a fireplace, but I've not made it a requirement for my household.  lol 
Anyway, I just put the fireplace on the TV and pretend it puts out heat and light a candle or two. And my essential oil diffuser - then we have ambiance going! 

No makeup left at this point of the day and no lipstick (I drink too many liquids all day to wear lipstick).  

We had lasagna.  And it is wonderful.  Our salad was good too with cranberries and blue cheese and almonds - oh my I loved it! 

I did have Italian bread - a little piece! 

Then we drove home.  The drive home is only about 35 min or so.  But there was construction and barrels and twists and turns due to lane closures and it was dark and big 18 wheelers in the opposite lane.  I drove slow and thank goodness it was 35 mph to 40 mph most of the way.  I tried to notice the cars in front of me which were a ways ahead.  I am not doing so well driving in the dark these days.  if there are reflectors and lights I do ok.  

I came home and took dogs out while George stopped at Kroger and bought Prime Rib for us to have while Mom is here.   My garage door opener didn't work for my side of the garage so I had to open George's side and go in and manually open the door ::sigh:: lol lol - always when rainy and dark and you still have those criminals on your mind that was in the neighborhood.  I had expected to pull in close the door real quick...WRONGGGG!  

Anyway, sleep was good when it finally happened.  I played Diamond Diaries until I literally fell asleep playing.  lol

I woke up with my nose on my ipad, lol!  And finally turned off the light.  I turned off my alarm since I'm off today.  I didn't wake up until I heard the sound of water running as George was in the shower.  I woke up and took doggies out, fixed their lunch and coffee.  I had thought if I stayed in bed longer I'd get a break from that morning routine, but that is not me - I didn't purposely want to put more work on George, and God nudged me to be a good "help meet".  So I got up and took care of the dogs and fed them and we just did k-cups this morning as the brew takes a while and we were wanting coffee NOW!  lol 

This morning, I will get the final prep of the house done, and go and get my nails done, need to finish my grocery list, and also put George's stocking together and wrap the gifts that don't fit.  And a few other gifts I picked up for him.  So quite the bit of stuff to do this morning.  I need to set a time line for myself so I stay on task and make sure I get it all in.  I plan to be at Mom's at 2 to pick her and Fancy up and have to get nails done before that so that doesn't leave me a lot of time this morning!  Have to shower and walk dogs again a time or two.  

We are going to stop and get BBQ on the way home tonight!

You all have a wonderful Friday day!  Take care! 


  1. I love that beautifully decorated fireplace. It is very welcoming, bright and cheery. What a great way to spend an evening after such a busy day. Your Friday off and a nice 3 day weekend sounds great too! Hope you have a FANTASTIC Friday!

  2. dinner sounded so good. what lovely decorations georges aunt has.


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