Saturday, December 29, 2018

Working and Still Christmas-ing!

Got my Cracker Barrel salad yesterday using a gift card.  Also bought my assistant's lunch as I asked her if I bought her lunch would she be willing to go pick it up for us.  It has been a very focused two days - or as much as I can focus with so much going on.  Was at work from dark:30 to dark:30 yesterday, aka 6 to 5.  This was why no blog yesterday.  I worked instead.  I don't really like working over in the winter b/c it scares me to stay when everyone else has left.  I guess it is a false sense of security coming in - in the mornings - like criminals won't be there then - but you know people are starting to arrive here and there at least. 

Then at 5 I headed home to meet up with George and head to his sister's house who had made a wonderful Christmas dinner for us.  Look at this appetizer of brie and little weini's.  It was all baked together into a sunshine.

She had a cute a little plate to put it on but we all decided "no let's just dig in it as it is".  ;-) And it was heavenly.  I loved what the poppy seeds and sesame seeds added to it.  It's made with pie crusts.  I think one on the bottom and one on the top.  And you wrap the pigs in blankets - I guess you cut the dough and wrap them at the sides. I have no idea but it was so cute.

Here is the Christmas tree and beautiful living room area. 

And the dining area.

And a pic I captured after our gift swap.  Seemed appropriate for coffee at Christmastime! We had a lovely time and was able to chat and enjoy ourselves.  They gave us too much!  We had a wine for dinner that I really liked and raved over and guess what?  It just happened to be one of my gifts that I opened - the same wine.  

Dinner was a honey baked ham.  And baked Brussel sprouts and navy beans and cranberry. We opened gifts and then had dessert. And for dessert we had brownies and peppermint ice cream and coffee.  LOVED it ALL!  

Around 9:30 or so as the yawns kept coming, I told George we ought to head home.  We took the dogs out and crashed.  Even George crashed.  I woke up at 4:30 but I heard the nudging of the Spirit (God's spirit He gave each of us who believe) tell me "No you go back to sleep, you need more rest."  So I obeyed.  Slept until almost 7.  We both got up and took doggies out and I fixed coffee and fed the dogs.  

Then decided I better blog b/c we are busy today and it'll be later tomorrow before I can blog again. But we do have plans for our Christmas with Mom and my sister and we'll be doing that today and spending some more time with Mom.  

I'm wanting to have some time to put my gifts up from Christmas but since Christmas we've been working and no time to do so and gone a lot this weekend.  So it'll have to be New Year's Day.  We have been invited to a NYE party but with this acquisition making me work long hours and everything else - I really need some quiet time at home if we can get it.  I have much to do around here as well.  I will get very cranky if I don't get time to do what I need to do.  

Also need to start prepping for Phoenix as I fly out with friends for that on the 8th for NYKO.  Getting excited about that as it draws near. 

So all that said, I need to go and try to get my house in some kind of order, do laundry, prep for next week some, and try to line up my gifts so I can take a pic for the blog.  You will be surprised.  

What did I get George, Sybil asked?  Let's see if I can remember: 

A rare Beatles collection. 
Shorts - several pair
Shirts - about 3 that he can wear to work
A bottle of Scotch that is his favorite
A bottle of Sloe Gin 
A t-shirt with the Star Trek Crew crossing Abbey Road. lol
Several different and pricey beers that he would not ordinarily buy himself. 
A man's attache case for his magazines, books, lists to go (He uses a box, lol)
A collapsible cooler to keep in the car - then we can buy cheese, meats etc while we are out.
Stocking Stuffers: Hershey's Dark Chocolate, little miniature liquors, altoids, etc.
All Clad skillet pans (2 sizes)

There may be more, but I can't think of them now.  I will show you what all I got in pictures.  However, gift cards won't be shown as they are already in my purse, lol. Some of the jewelry is already being worn and so as time passes, if I don't hurry and get the pics taken, they will be used and in their places already.  

Anyway we are still in Christmas mode.  Trying to figure out NYEve.  And I'm looking forward to New Year's Day so I can get the gifts put up, Christmas put up, clean the house, and so forth.  I want NYEve as well if we can be home to get a few things done.  But I will go with the flow, whatever we need to do.  Then it will be "birthdaying" time for me on Jan 3rd.  We have a special dinner reservation going!

I'm excited about the New Year.  We have to figure out when to go to the store for Pete's sake!  I have a list a mile long.  Mostly we need household items such as cleaning items, paper items, and dog treats and some personal items like toothpaste.  Walmart and Target are just out of everything on line.  Target substituted a delivery item for a pick up item on two things and that did not sit well with me.  So I am "voting" against them by getting my items from Kroger instead.  My guess is they spend a lot of money on inventory for Christmas and don't backstop the main items in the warehouses and so you have to go to the store to get things instead at the time of year you don't really want to be there.  ::sigh:: So if I'm having to go then I'm giving Kroger the business as I'll be in there anyway.  Once their inventories are over with they will begin stocking again.  But I am a little irritated that they don't stock what we need.  For the last year I have tried to order toilet paper in regular size rolls.  I finally gave up and had to start ordering double rolls.  And now they want you to order the Mega Rolls.  They don't fit our holders.  I mean what is next? The "Bigger than your Bathroom Monster size" roll?  We'll have to install our toilet paper holders from the ceiling under a major beam for support? I guess that is their way of increasing the price per sq inch w/o you realizing it.  You think it's just b/c the size is bigger but the price is bigger too in bigger proportions.  I'm just so over it.  So I am having to switch to getting that at Kroger.  Oh you can buy the reg and double rolls - but you have to buy so much of it at once that you'd have to have it's own warehouse at home to stock it.  lol So my vote goes to Kroger ongoing for that.  If they don't stock the product for me, they will lose my business! 

Well, off to get things done around here for the 3 hours and 45 min that I have - less if you count shower time.  Maybe I can get something done and it'll start with laundry. 

I guess this is the After Christmas crunch if you can call it that.  Only we are indeed still Christmasing through tomorrow morning or so.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Like you I am still Christmasing too! Today is our big family celebration! I did the dark to dark thing at work for many years and am very thankful that has come to an end. It is not easy at all. Hope you have a wonderful family celebration too! Happy Saturday!

  2. your sister-in-laws house looked nice. sounds like you had a good time.

  3. Well you sure have had one big happy Christmas wonder your about ready to drop, I just don't know how you do it.....( by the way loved Georges pressy list...lucky man is all I can say....I find it really hard to think what to give men especially Peter or Mitch my dear old BIL...luckily this year his radio cassette player broke down a month or so ago so Barbara told me and I searched around and we managed to get a replacement for him, he has a summer house in the garden where he spends many hours it's there that he loves to listen to his tapes and know doubt drops off to sleep, ah well at 87 why shoudnt he....Peter dropped a hint a while ago he would have to buy some after shave...just cheap stuff he that was what he got BUT not CHEAP !! Also got a few jigsaws to keep him going when he gets fed up...anyway I think you are really ready for 2019 only one more day then you will have to look out for.......the man with as many noses as days in the year .......I will try to be back tomorrow night as new year arrives and you will still be in bed I expect....night night. God Bless. Xxx


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