Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Slow Spring, Message Units, and Laughable Nest Stories

Spring seems to be taking forever to get here and show us its warmth.  Then as always we'll hop from winter to summer and then be ready for cooler air.  Yesterday looked warm but was very chilly.  Starting from 30's and taking a long time to rise.  Soon we'll be in the 60's in the upcoming days.  Today getting up to 57.  

Yesterday I was ready to go back to work.  Well, I was "ok with it" as guess you could say.  I knew it would be busy and there was enough stimuli to put you in a state of paralysis but I was ready for it.  I took my Ionix stress formula, prayed, and had listened to the Joy Junkie podcast of "Work Life Balance".  And was ready for it.  Some of the take aways of the podcast for me was that we have to take away the perfectionism, we have to understand priorities, we have to let some things go (wait til later) and basically get over our trying to please everyone because even trying it's impossible. Also it was interesting to hear that your brain can only take in so many "message units" in a day's time and once you are overloaded you start to shut down.  It's interesting to hear it put like that.  It makes me laugh to think of me saying "Oh my gosh, I don't have enough message slots for your issue today."  lol  Of course I would never say that.  I have thought things like "Yes I will do this for you but it won't be today dear".  lol  I used to give people a time frame for when I could do it because I thought it was a nice thing to do.  But after 30 years + of HR I realize it only makes people mad if they realize they aren't your top priority or some other issue is more urgent than theirs or you don't stop and do their issue right now.  I just smile and say "sure we'll take care of it".  Time passes and they don't realize it and it's done and everyone's happy.  We are slower than we used to be though getting around to meeting the needs and it's going to be more noticeable.  Instead of a 12 to 24 hour wait it's more like a 24 to 48 hour wait.  I've been trying to figure out how to be more efficient.  The email questions and requests are exploding - especially with the add on of another plant.  And rightly so.  But there are still only two of us trying to meet all these needs on an ongoing basis.  So this podcast was affirming - we don't have to expect ourselves to be everything to everyone at this very moment.  I'm pretty good at prioritizing.  And have a pretty good judgment so have that going. 

All that said, b/w my head staples pulling as the skin heals and all the "message units" coming through yesterday  - doing the prioritizing, answering the questions, pilfering through all the to do's and requests and what to delegate and what to keep and when to do it and all the interruptions and so forth - I had to take a Tylenol.  My head was pounding.  I normally don't get headaches, and haven't even needed any  since home from the hospital, but that helped.  

I'm trying to plan flights for a tentative schedule two weeks from now - we are already at a disadvantage for waiting so late to book - as the flights are now so expensive.  I'm trying to figure out whether to start in OKC or Oregon and which way to work across.  I've printed the flights  and have to compare expense and ease of schedule so it works with the plants and not too horribly grueling for us flying around the country.  I stayed til almost six yesterday working on that. 

Something really funny happened yesterday and I have been laughing since.  George got home and took the dogs out.  It dinged my phone and showed that he was through my Nest app.   I remembered that I had a talk button and so I pushed it and said "hellooooo" and then I said "Welcome Home" and then I said "iiiiiii seeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuu" and said it a little louder b/c I wasn't sure he could hear me.  A person on a bicycle was going by at the time I said that.  George looked back and waved and the person on the bicycle almost wrecked trying to figure out where the noise coming from.  George said that it was REALLY LOUD - like neighborhood loud speaker announcement loud.  He said people could hear it two to three houses away.  I have been laughing my head off since.  I mean think of the possibilities. 

I woke up in the night and my mind flooded with all the things you could do with this.  
On Halloween - ghost noises.  
Talk to the cat. 
Tell the neighbors good night:  "Good night Everybody", "Good night John Boy" 
Humming the Pink Panther Music when someone walks down the street. 
Would never do this but made me laugh thinking about it - when neighbors mow without shirt off repeatedly go "Boom chic a wow wow, Boom chick a wow wow". 
Burp and fart noises (George of course). 
Weather warnings:  "Go to your safe place everybody"
Singing to the Post Man the post man song "Mister Pooo ooo ooo ooost Man, Give Me a Letter"

I began laughing so hard at all the possibilities that it made the bed shake and I had to get up so I didn't wake up George.  

Then I thanked God for the humor and the laughter.  I will never get the sight out of my head of the cyclist trying to figure out if George is saying "I see you".  He said it was sooo awkward.  I am still cracking up to tears.  He says he is going to get me back.  

I had no idea the thing was so loud.     

Anyway I'll leave on that note.  Ya'll have a great day.  I'm running about 15 min behind and need to catch up.  Still having trouble getting up every morning.  I think it's b/c I worked an hour later but still needed to do what I normally do and then I went to bed later and then slept later and now I'll probably be late to work so - it's best to just not work over I guess and keep to a schedule if it's gonna throw the whole thing off. 

Ya'll have a lovely day! 

Sunday, March 17, 2019

What a Lazy Recouping of a Weekend

I have soooo enjoyed my home time with the babies.   We have been hanging out.  It's been a pleasure filled time for the most part.  Just chillin' and doing whatever we want.  I love my recluse time.  

I have parked all my business related PDF's and documents and links and notes on Evernote.  Took hours to set up.  I kept thinking - "how is this free"?  About 3/4 of the way thru the project it said "that's all you can upload for free" then it's $3.99 a month but only if you pay for a whole year up front.  Grrr.  Anyway, if you paid by the month, it was $7.99 a month - so I bit it and paid for the whole year.  Out of any tool that Isa business has provided, this one tops theirs.  I just didn't like their tools.   I do like the Design tools though.  But for what I need "on the go" this is great b/c I can put notes, attachments, photos, webclips, training clips, ideas and internet links and it syncs automatically b/w PC and Phone.  I love it and am happy with the decision.  So I downloaded the PDF's and video links and such so I'd have it available so I can share on a whim as I go about my busy day.  

I also uploaded a few songs from some CD's George had given me from McKaye's.  And I used my $15 iTunes card and downloaded some much loved songs from iTunes.  I will admit they are songs mainly heard from the travel YouTube shows I watch - about nature, travel, adventure - different from any music I've heard before.  One is "Woods" by Wanderlust.  Another is Burning by Nowe.  I made that one my ring tone!  ;-)  And that took about 1.5 to 2 hours to figure out how to turn a iTunes song into a ring tone but I kept digging til I figured it out. 

Another song is Kiss the Sky by Jason Derulo.  Very upbeat - the kind of song they would play at an Isagenix meet up.  Kissing the Sky is certainly something I'm hoping to do!  lol 

 Isn't Roger a little cutie?

I've really enjoyed the long sleep, NO alarms, and just being at home.  The day after the surgery I cleaned a lot and moved a lot.  On Saturday - I was mainly the NERD doing my computer work.  

Also downloaded "You're Gonna Live Forever in Me" - John Mayer.  Pretty song.  Simple. Like to sing along to that one.   

Ms. Tugie is hanging on.  Her days are limited.  She's been sitting in our laps.  She soils her diapers as often as any baby now.  We check her diaper often.  I wash them often.  We have six and I have two going in the washer at most any time.  They have to hang dry.  Almost tempted to order one more set, but I've been able to keep up.  To order another one, is to surely tempt her end even sooner.  These have been good diapers though.  They fit her well and she has been cooperative to let us put them on her. 

Another song - is - Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  I'm listing them as they come on.  I'm listening to my recent purchases on iTunes as I type this.  

We are loving the Nest.  I'm mainly getting a kick out of George's pics.  He said I missed the one where he showed his tonsils.  I guess it only clicks every so often.  You gotta love his NOSE STRIP!  lol 

I'm really going to love being at work, and getting a "storm warning" and being able to "go live" and watch.  Here is the view. 

We went to church this morning.  It was very tempting to just stay home one more day.  However the Spirit said just keep moving - get in the shower and go!  So I did.  We went to Aldi on the way home and then I fixed a sandwich - turkey and pastrami and swiss and made a panini sandwich.  I then parked my butt in the recliner and binge watched Sister Wives for hours!  

George went to pick up his new ukulele from a friend that picked it up for him at a special sale with Epiphone.  He loves it so.  

We are having salad for dinner and will probably watch Nurse Jackie.  I forget what season we are on now, but we have watched a LOT this weekend. 

Wow, the Nowe albulm is so good.  I may just buy the whole thing!   I needed way more than $15.  

Anyway, back to work tomorrow.  I imagine it will be crazy.  My watch shows that it's almost a full moon.  Life will be back to the grind.  

I'll also be back at my focus on the 2nd job and making that happen.  There is So much to it and the learning and getting organized.  

I also liked "Of Dirty Paws" Of Monsters and Men.  I'm not sure what kind of music it is, but I like it.  

So my head?  Well I think the headaches are over - I had felt great the day after, and felt pressure yesterday but today it's only had moments of "pulling pain" as the area dries up and begins to heal with the staples.  Not bad, but felt.  I've had some itching.  But as of last night it was really still oozing.  Sorry for the description of it but that's what you deal with.  

Anyway, I've been careful to wash my hair with a cup of water over it and not the shower head.  I have to be careful when doing my hair not to hit the staples with a comb.  

I should be planning my week out for the business but have been reluctant to let this precious time slip away.  I'm just letting God lead me to what He wants me to do.  And sometimes that means not beating my head against the wall.  To share is one thing.  To belabor it is another.  I figure if God's gonna open a door for this - he will do it.  

Anyway,  that said, I'm cycling some this month (getting paid) so at least getting paid for the efforts somehow.  Nice to have a little extra coming in.  Have a few customers and then get credit for others on the team bringing in business.  Kindof amazing how this system works.  

Just glad that this surgery is behind me.  It's like I have a refreshing clean start going into Spring.  I no longer have to dread that now.  What an ordeal.  Still have to get the staples out the last week in March. 

Well I'm going to work a bit until dinner.  Hope you all are doing well!  And thanks for the prayers and all.  I was a bit uncertain about the surgery but so glad it's over.  

Sun is going down and it's shining pretty in the office window.  Soon the desk lights will need to come on and our salad will be ready.  

More - if not tomorrow then Tuesday.  

Also this week, Katy and I need to plan our trip to San Antonio for June - getting hotel booked and also my flight scheduled.  I'll also be planning our open enrollment flights and possibly a "stay over" in Portland so I can go to explore for a day before coming home.  :-) 

So lots to focus on this week.  Will be a busy one for sure.  

Friday, March 15, 2019

Yesterday's Surgery, Vacation Day, and Nest is Installed

I lived through it.  The horns are cut off my head now.  The doc said it was my halo rack.  lol 
Yesterday we got there about 6 and they prepped me up and gave me nausea meds and a slight pain pill I think or something to relax me and hooked me to IV.  I began to relax a bit in my little room.  Then they wheeled me back to the pre-op room.  There may be a different name for it. The doc was 30 minutes late so I had to wait a bit. His nurse came in and asked questions.  A nurse with the anesthesiologist came in and asked the same questions.  And the the anesthesiologist himself came in and asked the same questions.  The surgery was not until 8:30.  Finally I was rolled back to the surgery room.  I tried to look around and see what it looked like and a guy came across my nose with a balloon like thing and told me to breathe in a couple of deep breaths and I was OUT.  And then I woke up when I was in the recovery room with a nurse saying "Hello it's all over".  How happy I was.  And I was very groggy and laid there and realized how dry my mouth was.  As if she read my mind she said "we'll be taking you back to your room and giving you something to drink here in just a bit.  Is it ok if we call your husband to meet us back at the room?  What is his name?"  So they rolled me back and George was standing there.  And they told him my horns were removed.  I guess they got a big kick out of that.  He reminded them it wasn't he that came up with that term.

So they brought me a coke and I was a little combative about it b/c I don't drink cokes anymore and unsweet ice tea was not on the ticket, lol.  George said "just go with a coke".  So I did.  It was really good too - over ice in a little styro cup just like I used to drink them.   She (the nurse) said water would not be good b/c it goes down too fast and would make me nauseated but something carbonated would be good for me to drink.  And it worked.  They had a anti nausea patch behind my ear. 

As I laid there my head was really starting to ache and burn.  Like hunks of raw skin laying open.  The pain radiated into my temples.  I had just had staples put into my head where it had just been cut open.  So no wonder.  She gave me two Percoset which is in the family of bad addictive drugs.  I also was concerned about that.  George is over there going "just take it".  The nurse had to explain I wouldn't get addicted to it unless I began taking it other than physical pain.  So I took it.  And they gave me a prescription. I had to stay for a while to make sure the pain level went down and to make sure I could go to the ladies room.  Once the meds kicked in and I did that, they wheeled me out to the car.   But I've not used any of the meds we picked up the prescription for (same drug).   I am going to take some Tylenol here in a few I think b/c it is aching a bit now off and on.  Not bad. 

We had errands to run after it was over.  I stayed in the car b/c I was woozy and dizzy - while George paid the sewer bill, got my meds, and got us a Subway sandwich.  Soon we were home.  He took dogs out.  I helped hook them up.  I gathered phone, laptop, my unsweet tea from Subway, and some crackers by the bedside - thinking I'd play games on the ipad a bit but nope - I was out.  I slept for hours.  I woke up and fixed myself some instant mashed potatoes.  And watched some of my you tube shows and then headed back to bad "for a few minutes" as George was fixing us dinner that would be ready in about an hour. 

But...I was out again - and slept until around 11:30 or so.  I got up as George was going to bed.  Maisy had barked and that is what woke me up.  So I got up ate chicken he had fixed and spinach souffle.  And watched more shows.  I've been very behind.  lol

And  I was up until about 2:30 or so.  I actually had a shake before going to bed.  Then I didn't eat again until about 10:30 this morning.  I got up around 6 though.  I enjoyed my coffee, took a shower and just poured hot water over my hair to rinse the blood out and didn't put shampoo on it yet.  I will do that tomorrow.  I was afraid it was still too raw b/c I still have blood oozing out on my towel when I sleep.  Not much but a little.  Sorry for the graphic description there.  So my hair still is funky but I'll do shampoo very gently tomorrow.  I am using a plastic cup instead of putting my head under the shower head b/c mine comes out pretty hard. 

I think tomorrow - the 3rd day - it might be really sore.  Usually that is the hardest day.  But today I've vacuumed, ironed, made soup base and it's in the crock pot, and the Nest guy came and installed our Nest camera for the front porch.  Here's "Vladimere" setting up the Nest and we are trying to see if it was going to work.

I may have to take off the Motion b/c Little Bit gonna set it off, all day but it's kinda cool to see him. lol. 

And it caught me going out to take out the dogs.  Here I am trying to coax Roger into coming back in.  I actually had to go get him.

Anyway, this afternoon I will do more laundry and folding, add last minute things to the soup, and fix popcorn and watch Sister Wives and read.  And I need to do some things in the office here.  I am going to begin using Evernote to capture a few things. I'll use it as a storage point for the business related items. 

Anyway, ya'll have a great day!  Off to do the pop corn.  Maybe have to take Tylenol. 

Hoping to stay awake so I can sleep a normal night.  Just glad it is all over and I have the weekend ahead.  I made my appointment two weeks from today to get my staples out.  Then I think that next week we go do benefits stuff.  Man it is up on us! 

Ya'll take care.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Off to the Surgical Procedure, Without Coffee!

Today's the surgical day.  We leave in about 30 minutes.  Easy no make up and no hair style day.  Kinda nice.  I decided to put doggies in this post as they cheer me up.  I guess I'm not supposed to have coffee but I do get to drink a drink that is very similar to my system's "hydrate".  I chose grape over strawberry.  I had one last night and have to have the other this morning on the way in.  Then nothing after 6.  The surgery is at 8.  It should take about 30 to 45 minutes and then post op recovery and all that and then home.  I may just fix something here once I'm good and awake.  They said you would have amnesia for 24 hours.

Yesterday for the PreOp - I did my registration on an ipad in the lobby and even paid for it out there in the lobby by swiping it on the ipad.  That was different.  Then they came out to put a  bracelet on me and I'm like:  "Wait, my procedure is not til tomorrow".  A little moment of confusion but they had to put a bracelet on and admit me to take my blood.

The storms are about to come through and of course the wind is sustained at 22 with gusts up to who knows what - about 40 maybe.  So now I think I'm more nervous about the ride in than the surgery itself.  Ugh...I'll be so glad when this is over ya'll.  I don't like having to do the procedure and I don't like storms when I'm out in them.

I've prayed for both to be fine so it should be ok.

And all will be ok when I'm back home and have some coffee.

I hope the staples in my head don't hurt.

I had to take a bath last night and this morning with some antibacterial soap like they scrub down with at the hospital.  All over -especially on my hair.  I had to sleep in fresh sheets - we even changed the bed spread.  It said to avoid sleeping with pets - but that was a little hard to come by.  We still did.  But for the most part other than Maisy getting her Tummy rub - they slept over next to George.  I also had to have another shower this morning - same stuff.

I bet they get all kinds coming in for surgery.  And I bet some of them do need two back to back baths.  Anyway, I feel squeeky clean this morning, lol.

Well I guess I'll gather my drink and get treats ready for the doggies so we can head out.  Keep me in your prayers and I'll *try* to come back and post.   If not I'll post in the morning.  I'm sure I'll be on face book at some point.  If I remember who I am.  lol

Ya'll have a great Thursday!  It's Friday's sister.  I'm off tomorrow and we have an installer coming to install the Nest doorbell thingie.  I can't wait for that.  I will get to see every delivery now!  And can see who is knocking at the door!

Ahhh I hear the K Cup coffee doing George's cup, giving it's final sigh.  I want it so bad but I'll not mess it up.  The worst part about all this is the dread and having to do without the coffee.  I guess I'll not care about anything but the grape drink is a nice touch.

Ya'll take care!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Traveling, Time Crunches, and Dreams

Just reflecting back to Maine back a few years ago.  Seems like yesterday but I believe was 2015 - maybe even 2014. What a dream of a long weekend.  The Lobster was awesome, the water and landscape was beautiful.  And the day we went out on the boat and toured all the islands was probably one of the best days of my life.  As far as fun and feeling the best, most relaxed, and most fulfilled - in life - I'd say that was.  Just being out and enjoying God's beauty.  And getting photo opps.   I think it's just what I'm meant to do in life - travel and see new places.  I should have been a travel blogger.  I have been when I could. 

I tried to eat lightly yesterday but ended up overeating.  I had a shake for breakfast.  Was going to have a shake for lunch but my assistant was going to Cracker Barrel to pick up lunch so I ordered a grilled chicken salad.  It didn't have near as much chicken on it as it usually does - so less protein.  And that was 11:30 - so by the time I got home at 6 and knowing dinner was going to be 8 or later (fish and taters) I decided to make popcorn.  And when I make popcorn, I either watch my shows or read.  It's pointless to make popcorn and be on the computer b/c I don't want the coconut oil all over my keyboard and touchscreen.  So out with the Power Hour.  

It was zoom call night also. From 7 to 8.  And we watched two shows of Nurse Jackie and ate dinner after that.  So this morning I feel bad about the pop corn and blowing off Power Hour.  Normally it would have been a cleanse day and I'd be feeling so good right now.  

I have my PreOp this morning at 9 - I think all is done but paying and getting any last minute instructions.  This is not a cheap thing to have done but the doctors said it was necessary.  I mainly just don't want it sticking out in my part.  But it's going to be about a $1000 for my cost.  I'm not sure if that includes anesthesia or not.  That may just be the hospital/doc cost.  We get it for like $844 if we pay all upfront.  So we are doing that.  You can use your card.  

So I'll just be glad when it is OVER. 

My work at work is piled high.  I guess it's the norm now to have a 8 to 12 inch high stack of work all prioritized in the waiting.  Mostly you go in and deal with all the fires and emergencies and requests until about 4 and then you have an hour to work on things.  So at that rate nothing much gets done.  But I did stay til 5:30 infringing on my time at home and knocking my life off balance, to get a few things done there.   So my 3 hours of awake time at home became 2.5 hours.  Yee ha. I love it when I'm loyal.  lol  Yes I'm being sarcastic.  Life makes you that way I think. 

Then you don't want to go to bed at 9 b/c you haven't had a finish to your evening yet - there are still things you want and need to do and then you go to bed late and then you can't get up in the morning.   So the cycle begins.  I should just leave on time but I usually leave at a stopping place or my determination kicks in for my desire to finish at least one damn thing.  

Grrr.  I struggle with the time factor.  I guess it is a sign you have it all.  I remember being told once I couldn't work outside the home and have a family.  Did that.  I guess don't tell me I can't do anything b/c I will try to do it.  Now I'm squeezing in a side gig and building that over time.  People are thinking "she can't do that".  I'm over here like "watch me".  

So time is a little more crunchier than it used to be.  But I wouldn't have it any other way except for working for a faster retirement and some more travel time. 

And now we are full circle and I'm thinking about Maine.  Only now I want to see the opposite coast.  I've seen the opposite coast but not the North West coast.  Maybe I'll be able to see it in a few weeks if I get to go to Portland OR and stay over on the weekend for a day of sight seeing.  Who knows. 

I just listened to an audio book on RV'ing Full Time.  I doubt I will get to do this but the lifestyle of this thrills my soul.  Once I realized this was even "a thing".  I guess I had never realized such a thing was possible to be on the road for a year or so.  And then my bubble busted when George said this was not something he would be interested in.  I don't think he wants to be locked up in a small space with me.  I think he might have said that or insinuated that.  Kinda sad.  I'm not really that bad of a person am I?  So I was willing to do this alone, I wanted it so bad - with intermittent family or friends popping in and out? A very scary thing but the desire to do it is so strong I'd be willing to give it a go.  Upon mentioning it, George was horrified or traumatized by it or shocked.  I'm not sure what the word is.  He said I'd be leaving him if I did that.  Like really leaving him.  No I said - that's not what I meant.  He said Yes, if you do that you are leaving me.  So I guess if I want to stay married I have to give up that dream.  That makes me sad. 

And I guess that is why I've been sad lately and not able to write as much.  We don't have a dream for retirement.  We don't have a dream together.  I don't think he likes to dream.  So I created one for myself.  But I guess I'm not supposed to have a dream? 

Anyway, I'm still going for the RV.  Who knows what will happen in life.  We don't have to see our future.  I'm still going to go for the RV.  I may only get to use it on the weekends or for vacations.  And then maybe a longer trip after we retire.  Yes we will rent some first.  But George doesn't even get vacations yet.  So the job thing needs to come to fruition.  Of course he didn't like to take much vacation even when he had it.  He sold it for $. 

Anyway, his dream is to not have any debt.  I could help him with that, if he would help me in the MLM, we'd get there faster!  lol 

I don't know what the answer is.  I'm not really giving up my dream.  I'm just hoping for it.  Maybe I will do a blog entry one day on what it is that appeals to me.  

But for now I need to go get a shower so I can do this pre op thing done.  I suppose I won't have time to blog tomorrow as I have to be at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. 

IF something happens and I die during surgery - just know that I love you guys.  I think I probably won't but what if the anesthesia guy messes up or my body rejects something or they do something wrong?  Anyway you all have been here for me and I thank you.  

I would miss my pets and my daughter and George.  But I guess I wouldn't know it.  I only mention the pets first b/c they are constantly by my side and in my face.  lol 

Hopefully Friday I'll be back on here and talking about how it went and until then - have a good one!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Friends are Awesome and Thinking About the Outpatient Surgery

Well, yesterday was a great day for a Monday.  I was feeling a little down.  Was trying.  But sometimes you cannot just deny your feelings.  You try to rise above it.  So my joy meter was about a 5 - could go either way on the fence - some joy and some discontent, or a 4- Feeling like a robot, not seeing much joy in the day.  My goal is to be at least a 7 - Finding some joy and focusing on happy things, and sharing.  So it was a fluctuation I guess.  I also am not taking the vitamins, and not getting to do my cleanse day - b/c of this surgery thing.  I know that this system helps my happy meter so when I'm not able to do it all - getting all the components of nutrition in - that will make me go backwards some.  But the good thing is that friends/coworkers were around and had some good advice for a few things I was dealing with.  And that really makes you feel good when you realize people really care.  It almost surprises me sometimes.  I think I'm so used to adversity and selfishness from the world.  I have a few friends that I can see Christ in.  Oh to be like that.  I have so far to go.  But I felt as if Christ himself had touched me yesterday through a friend.  That was special.  The thing is that I had prayed for some answers, some direction, and I got it - out of the blue unsolicited through a friend.  So how special is that.  Thank you God for that! 

So my mind is shifting toward this surgery thing.  Oh gosh I dread it.  But it is what it is.  I go for the Pre Op thing tomorrow morning and the outpatient surgery is Thursday.  So pray that all goes well.  I have to have staples in my head after the removal of the cysts and will be put under.  Ugh.

I got a letter from the insurance saying "It's approved as we found it IS medically necessary but this does not necessarily mean that it will be paid for".  What???  So now I've got to call about that this morning.  I think it mainly means I have to make sure my provider is in network - did that already and you'd think the insurance would have checked that out to before getting me all riled up with the letter.  They better pay for what they are supposed to or it will not be pretty. I also know the back office people!  I have a "go to" team.

I hope I get more done at work the next two days.  If not the work stack will be sitting and rotting until I get back along with a line up of folks waiting on things and the wait will continue long after the next week.  When I'm out now it just builds and builds.  But what can you do.  It'll be there when I got back.

And I better get ready and go.  The days they are still hard to get up in the mornings.  It's been hard to go to bed on time with the time change too.  Eventually I guess it'll get better.  I'm wanting to see some spring.  We had milder temps yesterday - and it's a high of 67 today.  So maybe I can get a walk in. 

Well, hopping along to the day!  Hope you have a good one.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Running Behind on a Monday after the Time Change.

Did some planning for the San Antonio trip.  Mainly just looked at various things we might want to do there.  Plenty to keep us busy.  There's lots of shopping, eating, exploring, River Walk, river taxi cruises, the Alamo, the Mexican Market and if we are still bored we can do things like Botanical Gardens.

I got out of the house yesterday around lunch time.  I have been craving a burger for about two weeks.  So I went to Culvers.  I love their burgers.  I bought fries too.  But I did get unsweet tea and tore a lot of the bread off.  Oh it was awesome.  Can't do that very much but sometimes it is called for.  And yesterday was it.  I then got the car washed and then went to Publix and picked up a few things. 

Then after putting the groceries up I took Roger for a long walk and let him walk around the yard and go where he wanted.  The dogs have been missing their longer walks.  So he loved it and now he's a Momma's boy.  He snuggled with me last night and was hanging with me a bit the morning.  ;-) 

Our yard is full of sticks from the winter.  Gonna take a lot to get it looking good again.

So happy the time changed, but it'll take a while to get converted to the new ways.  I did not want to go bed and I did not want to get up this morning.  

George had a temp yesterday and did not feel good at all.  He was a couch potato.  This morning he is at a normal temp.  That's two sinus infections he's had this winter.  He normally doesn't get temps/fever.  But he does have sinus issues a lot. Not normally to this degree.  He does the sinus rinses and that helps him.  And so does Nyquil.  

Anyway, I need to get going and get on with this Monday.  It's moving much faster than I am.  
It's time for Monday motivation.  I'm not feeling very motivated this morning to tell you the truth. 

I also had a hard time planning my week.  I'm just not feeling it.  When that happens, it transfers over to others.  So I've decided I'm not going to push myself this week.  I'm only going to do what I want and when I want to increase the happy factor. I need a week like that.  It's also surgery week.  Yuk.  

So I need to finish doing some laundry and ironing tonight, download some music.  I bought myself an iTune card with my "blow money".  I may still do a power hour, if I feel like it.  I'm just burning myself out at both ends of the candle and with very little support from those around me. People don't have faith in you and that makes you question yourself.  But with me that probably only makes me stronger and more stubborn.  ;-)

Anyway, I need to go to the "day job".  What happened to 9-5 hours?  lol  More like 7 to 6 now if you include drive time.  Work doesn't pay me for drive time, but on my clock it counts.  That is why I'm looking at this residual income in a big way.  There is no ceiling on pay.  You decide what your pay will be. Sounds good to me.  But a lot of work on the front end. 

I'm running behind, but by doggies, I am going to finish something.  If I do one thing to its finish today it'll be this blog entry - if nothing else. 

Ya'll have a good day. 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sunday Morning Sentiments

We went to Nuit Belge event the other night at Marathon Music Works.   You will need to go the link there, to see what it was.  But it is a lot of restaurants and a "beer pairing" that goes along with it.  It was a fun event!  

It was dark and people everywhere so it really wasn't a good event for me to take a lot of pictures.  I just didn't want to be THAT PERSON!  So we just enjoyed the evening with our friends.  

Below, George and Don pose for Lisa as she takes a pic.  They have on beer socks that Lisa bought them.  

We had a very nice home day at home.  Of course George ran his errands.  I did the usual laundry and cleaning and picking up and mopped the kitchen floor as well.  

I played around with the Design Studio program that my nutrition company offers.  I'm not very good at it but I see now how it works.  It's worth having.  I discontinued the other app I was paying for.  I'm just not getting much out of it and there are other apps that are working better for me. 

First go round: 

This one didn't fill up the FB Cover screen.  Although I liked the simplicity - it didn't work right. I might not have clicked "facebook" though now that I think about it.  I kinda like it plain and may go back to that later. 
Here was the 2nd take.  Learning to add in other pictures.  I thought I liked it and would have but I didn't realize how to make a frame and it looked weird to me.  Now I do know how to do it  - you would add a white rectangular shape behind it.  So this was "take 2". 

I ended up with this one.  I played around with the translucent feature.  I'm still not completely satisfied with it.  But I'm learning.  So this is my current FB Cover right now.

I kinda like just the plain and simple version.  And may eventually go back to that.  But right now it looks weird to your FB friends if you change your Cover Page every few minutes, lol.  So I'll wait. 

 I may even use the thing to make a blog topper at some point just to see if it works for that - b/c the images you have access to are copyright free and there are so many.  

I'm discouraged about a few things right now.  Looking at my Joy Indicator I see it's easy to jump from a 5 or a 7 all the way to a level 1 skipping a few steps.  It's all about how others make you feel.  Most days I'm pretty strong and let "the words others have told to me" just fall off. Which is saying that most days I can ignore the truth of the matter.  I guess today is not one of them.  We always say that allowing others to make you feel bad is allowing them to control you.  But not really in this situation.  I am in control and seeing the light, I guess you could say.  The truth is making me sad.  But you know, they say the truth sets you free.  

 We did not go to church this morning.  I wanted to go.  But first of all the time threw me off.  I was already behind by the time I got up.  George is sick with sinus stuff going on.  And he didn't get up until 8 or so.  

I've decided to go ahead and have shakes this week.  I'm just dropping off the vitamin supplements which have Vit E and Fish oil in them. I'm not supposed to have anything that would be considered a blood thinner for 5 days before surgery, such as those and also ibuprofen and aspirin but I don't think they really care if you eat something that has Vit E or fish or anything that would be a normal meal.  Lord knows we know that most of our fork and knife meals these days do not have the proper nutrients that they once had.  My shakes probably have Vit E in them but I don't think as a meal that would be a big deal.  I am NOT leaving off my Ionix stress supplement though.  A quick look at ingredients there includes mainly the superfood berries and root ingredients - none of which are listed in the "cannot have" ingredients and Lord knows I need my stress formula to deal with the likes of what all I have to deal with all the time.

I am dreading this week's surgery deal getting the knots cut off my head.  But I'm trying to be positive about it.  I mean lets look at the positive: 

1.  I get two days off from the day job. 
2.  I won't know about it when they are doing it
3.  You get lots of attention getting all comfy and pampered
4.  It won't take long
5.  It shouldn't be complicated
6. By the time I am asleep, I'll be waking up - it seems time is lost in b/w
7. I get to read and play and be with doggies for two days. 
8.  The Nest guy will come and install that 
9.  I'm going to get to eat something cool after the surgery (drive thru or pick up on the way home). 
10.  I'm going to allow myself to catch up on shows and play computer games and read. 

If this little guy had his tongue sticking out it would look like Roger. 

So George may be hearing something soon on his job. As you know he is working a temp job through Robert Half which is an accounting temp firm agency. There is someone that is quitting and some movement may happen that puts an opening in his department.  He's been told if that happens he will be brought on board.  So keep your fingers crossed. Actually say a prayer - that works best. 

I set up my file system some yesterday.  That helps a lot.  Now I can file my ideas too and reach for the subject matter when I need something.   So I enjoyed my filing time and office time yesterday.  Sadly though those things are not income producing activities.  Connecting with others is incoming producing activities.  So for me that is hard to do when I'm trying to be recluse from folks.  I get my energy and focus from being by myself so that I can go and be with others.  One of my goals is to be more outgoing so this is easier for me to get out of my comfort zone.  I still have to have my quiet time though.  When I don't get it, I become an angry frustrated persona. So much of what I experience across a week, leaves me feeling frustrated if I half way think about it.  So I have to spend time getting away from those frustrations.  So getting a balance has been interesting b/w having some me time and connecting with others time.

  I keep holding on to "The only way to lose is to quit".  I can see that now.  I will keep trying.  I've got to connect more though.  Connect. Train. Connect. Train.  And dreaming also of the RV at the end.  And being able to see how I've helped others feel better.   

Me by the time I get there.....

It's getting easier.  It really is.  I'll be better.  And I'll be a better person.  My "Mission/Vision" is starting to come together too.  They are melding into one.  I really want to experience cool things and share it.  That is really what I've been about all along.  I love sharing with this blog.  I've loved sharing my feelings, my photos, my dreams, my desires.  I've shared the bad along with the good b/c it is a reality blog.  I've also created a harder time for myself along the way b/c no one likes seeing the truth in black and white.  Journalists pay deeply for exposing the truths they cast out there.  My little blog has been no exception.  Evil lurks and looms around the one who expels the truth, ready to devour and sink the one that portrays it.  Telling the truth always causes trouble.  But it is the best policy. Isn't that what they said?  lol 

Anyway my point and my direction is this - my mission and vision - Sharing GOOD things - God, Inspiration, Nutrition, Experiences.   That is who I want to be.  It's who I've tried to be.  It's a part of me.  It all fits together. 

The rain and storms have come.  Today the sunshine is here.  Leftover clouds around at times.  The leaves are starting to come out and the blooms will start to come along this week.  The freeze killed off some of the blooms, but I'm hoping it is a pretty blooming week.  Things will awaken! Mid March is always the time.  

Today I want to focus on the week ahead.  Some on the business, some on personal planning, some on training.  I will do some connecting today.  I will do my devo today.  And I will do some planning on San Antonio today with my trip with the Katebug in June.  I need to go to the store and try to exercise some.  Have a couple of music CD's to import.  I may buy me an iTunes card at the store for myself.  And I may also buy myself some flowers.  No one else ever does.  But I'm worth it right? Right?   So I'll buy myself some.  

And I'm going to finish out some laundry and vacuum.  If I get all that done with it being almost lunch time already then I'm a super woman!  lol 

Ya'll have a good Sunday. 

Friday, March 8, 2019

What it is it with this Sleep Thing?

So just a quick post.  I kept hitting snooze.  I cannot get up in the mornings!  It was worse today.  So I don't know - I may have to start trying to go to bed a few minutes earlier for a while. 

It's Friday.  Yay!  That's all I'll say for now on that subject.  But we do have a fun thing with friends tonight. 

The surgery thing next week is weighing heavy on my mind.  I have to quit taking some of my supplements this weekend.  For five days before there are some things you cannot have.  Fish oil is one of them.  It can make you bleed worse.  I don't know which of the vitamin pill has the fish oil in it out of the pack. I think it is a blend of things.  So I am going to be feeling horrible by the time the surgery is over if I can't take it.  I'll have to look at my shake ingredients too and see what is in it.  Our foods have *some* vitamins in it so I have to eat food so - I just need to look and see what needs to be eliminated and then see what to eat. 

I'm a bit worried about it. I don't know why.  Well, I do - it's b/c you have to be put to sleep.  I'm sure it will be fine, but when it's you and you are out of control it gets scary.  At least I won't care at that point.  I guess it's worse before - all the dreading of it - than during and after. 

I was supposed to have someone enroll in a pack this week but an emergency happened.   I was so excited and it burst my bubble a bit.  When you are new at this thing and you know you have gold in your hands and try to share, and no one believes it or thinks it's just another "thing" - it's a slow process.  But I'm learning and growing and will get better at how to share it.  Right now I'm just a bubble over about it- and it is hard not to just blow science and facts around and I really need to do more listening instead of talking. lol  I'll get there.  I'm enjoying the process in the mean time and connecting with folks.  This is a beautiful thing and I'm so glad I found it.  If no one else wants it I'll keep it to myself.  But I know that I'm really not finding the ones that are wanting to make a change.  When you find the ones that are wanting to make a change like I was - is when the magic happens.

Well, I said this would be quick.  But here I go typing away. 

This gal has gotta go for more coffee as well as more no's.  The more no's you have the closer you are to finding the one that has an open mind and wanting change.  We have Maxwell House French Roast going right now and it's pretty darn good.  Back to the basics on some things.

Looking forward to home and office time the next two days.  And I need some inspiration and also some spiritual motivation. 

I guess I'm just a bit burned out with a few things in my life.  I need a reset.  And that is the one thing I'm looking for - for next week.  A 4 day reset.  Surgery is part of it but - it is what it is.  And once it is over and all goes well, I'm planning on taking the rest of Thursday and Friday for nothing but reading and watching!  That makes me at least look forward to the time.

Ya'll have a great weekend. More tomorrow at some point. 

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Needing More Sleep and Needing some Me Time

I'm really having a hard time getting up this week for some reason.  Perhaps it is the cold weather or the very fully packed day(s) making my body call for rest.  It will be even worse next week with the time change.  I hadn't realized until yesterday that it was upon us.

It's been a crazy sassy little week in many regards to which I've chosen to stub my nose at rather than give it any more of my precious time coaxing, lamenting, and stewing over.  I've way too much other things to accomplish than to beat my brain out as to why others do what they do or don't do as the case may be - just moving onward leaving it behind to steam in a pile on its own - some piles smell a letter stronger and deeper if you know what I mean. lol

I've been able to get nails done and hair colored and cut. 

I've been doing the side gig in pockets of time. 

And it's Thursday and I'm just about ready to have some time of my own - self time, time to rejuvy, time to have nothing on the calendar, just calm and peace and serene time. 

I've picked up the file cabinet this week (the plastic one) and it is now upstairs in my office and my hanging files came in.  So I'll work on that some this weekend.  I want to work in the design shop this weekend.  That is a software that my side gig company provides to make graphics and other marketing visuals.  It's 9.99 a month. And I'm thinking about ditching this other tool I'm paying $14.99 for b/c it's not doing for me what I need.  I can do my own stuff via Paint Shop Pro if need or snag from all my other resources!  So I've stopped to look at the $14.99 one a bit just now and based on what I'm seeing, how much I've used it in the past and what I've used it for - it's not worth it and I can do better/quicker on my own.  It's weird how the program is hard to use and it's just not really meeting my needs.  It's actually limiting what I want to do. Most of us use IM to talk to everyone now and this is not really supporting that - that I can tell.  It often doesn't work or crashes.  So I'm getting rid of it completely and that will save me $4.99 per month.  Once I see how this $9.99 program does - if it doesn't blow me away I'll get rid of it too. 

Anyway, I'm ready for this day to inspire me somehow.  I need to be inspired today.  Because today I'm just ready to be done and move on to blessing my house and finding some pleasure - even if it's working on my goals - which are pretty much being taken away from me I think.  Sadly. 

Off to the land of mysteries!  lol

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Meatloaf for Tacos and a Lazy Night with Dogs

Taking a shot of Ionix yesterday (non-alcoholic) to shield against the stress.  It works.  

My daughter shared a pic on the ranch with the long horns.  Hope there are no bulls out there!  They can knock you to kingdom come! 

George's meatloaf that he made for tacos.  Is this not HUGE? lol  There will be leftovers for a while.

You just slice a thin slice and place into your taco shell and then add the "fixin's". 

I had to go to Target yesterday to pick up my file cabinet and dog treats that they won't ship.  So now I can start making some files and can be organized by subject matter.  

Then I went to get my nails done.  They look and feel so much better.  Did not like them last time.  There is one lady that does them that I don't like her style so much and I seem to end up getting her every time.  It's ok when she does pink and white, but on the 2nd round when you just get the fill in of the pink - it's not as good.  

Well look who joined me last night in the chair?  Little Bit.  He got to come in from the cold and wanted to be with us instead of hanging out in the back.  Tugie was tolerant.  And so was Little Bit.  He did have to go to the garage though when we went to bed.  He has a bed and litter box down there and water.

Here was the rest of the crew. 

It got down to 17 degrees last night.  

It's not supposed to get out of the 30's today but I think starts to get warmer the rest of the week.  Looking into the forecast it appears we have several more rain days coming.  ::sigh::

So I got the name wrong...on Nurse Jackie the other day.  Her name is Edie Falco.  She played Carmella in the Soprano's.  We are now in Season 3 I believe.  I'm about to lose count.  I love this show.  We are enjoying it so much.  It has comedy, drama, and like a soap opera b/c it hangs you at the end and leaves you wanting more.  We watched 3 shows last night. 

I just now noticed the "pill" in the "i" above. lol  

This show was on ShowTime a long time ago.  But a little trip to McKay's bookstore here in Nashville and you can get all 7 seasons or whatever there is.  

Anyway, it's Tuesday, and a cleanse day for me.   I won't be cleansing next week due to surgery (it's just removing a cyst, but still have to be put under and a surgeon does it).  I will also be laying off the vitamins and supplements b/c I know you are not supposed to have fish oil for some reason before surgery and I'm not sure which vitamin pill it is that has it in it.  

After some consideration, I may just take the Friday off instead of working at home that day.  I could use the break.  We've got a guy coming to install the Nest.  I can work on my side gig, read, and play! 

Anyway, take care.  I'm off to the races!  It is a race for sure trying to get everyone's needs taken care of.  Everyone is having to wait their turn  - it's not a quick thing anymore.  And some things I just can't do any more for folks.  But I try to find a way for them to help themselves.  lol 

Anyway, til tomorrow!  

Monday, March 4, 2019

Squirrel Surprises and Busy Week Ahead

When you hear a loud noise of chirping and squealing and look out the window. 

And you scare each other!  lol lol lol

He finally figured out how to get down, but he fussed for an hour.  I hope he made it.  I guess I'll know this morning when I back out of the garage, lol.

I fixed "Chicketti" last night for dinner.  It was really good.  Pretty cheesy.  I've been trying out some casseroles lately so I can use my new Pioneer Woman casserole dishes.  Trying to pick some that are not too many calories.  Only one can of soup in this one and I used whole grain spagehetti or some kind of equivalent, might have been the corn spaghetti.  Anyway it was easy.  I did have to chop an onion and a green pepper.  And I did have to get the chicken off of the roasted chicken we bought at Kroger.  

Then we watched The Shack.  I've been dreading it.  But in a way looking forward to it.  I don't like movies that make me cry and I knew this one would be touching.  So I grabbed a box of kleenexes and warned George.  I saw him wiping his eyes too.  It really deals with the issue of "why bad things happen to good people".   And it gives you a good picture of who God is and about judging others.  Very powerful movie.  

What a great weekend.  I didn't get much planning done for the week.  I will keep going but I'm kinda tired of pushing myself to be honest.  I will continue but every now and then your mind needs a break and I enjoyed reading "Whale Island" and I am ready to catch up on some shows I've been missing:  My YouTube shows and also Sister Wives - I'm so behind on that.  

Well I believe the high temp here today is going to be in the low to mid 30's and a low of 18.  I think it starts to moderate later in the week to 50's and maybe a 60 degree day or so.  I have to look at the forecast.  That was Saturday morning when I looked.  

I'm ready for flip flops.  And I'm going to go buy some more if I can get to the store.  We were supposed to stop on Saturday and didn't.   

A busy week for me for sure.  

Tonight I pick up my file cabinet (plastic one, lol) but it fits the decor since my business is not ready for fancy yet! lol  And it won't ship so I have to pick it up.   
Then I'm getting nails done. 

Tomorrow night is Zoom call night. 

Wednesday night is color and cut hair cut night.  

Thursday is my only free night.  

Friday we have a fun time planned with our friends.  

I did a monthly subscription to a Design Network through our company where you can create and develop digital designs and marketing posts  - you know I love that kind of thing.  Was sad that it was time to cook and I didn't get to play with it.  Looking like I'll probably have to wait til the weekend.  

Anyway you all have a great day.  Let's make it a good week and get done what we can and have fun when we can.  And ugh, I keep thinking about next week's surgery thing.  Ugh.  But then maybe spring can begin when that is all over! 

Ya'll take care.  Lots to do on the 7:30 to 5:30 job - I started to say 8 to 5, but all I know is I leave here about 6:45 and don't get home til 6:15 so whatever.  Whatever happened to 9-5?   I heard that song yesterday.  I am ready for life to be balanced.  Being gone 12 hours a day is not good.  Eight to 10 is much better.  And more proper for the one who runs a household: laundry, cleaning, shopping, and sometimes cooking.  

Have a good one.