Sunday, May 26, 2019

Saturday Shopping Excursion, Gamay Wine, and Tacos with Irish Cheddar

One of the first things I do on the weekend before setting into laundry is getting my Isagenix set up for the next week.  Last week I began doing a baggie for each day.  I get to work and then end up digging in plastic, digging in plastic, digging in plastic.....for all the things I need.  I just decided that I would deal with whatever choice was in the bag for that day (flavors, snacks).  But when I set the bag up I put in different things.  I only have one snack per day that is Isagenix and the other snack is usually nuts or carrots or something.  

We had a nice morning at home.  We got up around 5:30 or 6 b/c the dogs were ready to go out.  And then George worked in the yard some.  I told him I really needed to unwind still and drink coffee and play candy crush.  He said go for it.  I didn't want to feel guilty, lol.  But soon enough I began doing laundry and ironing and cleaning the kitchen.   I got hungry and fixed a whole grain English Muffin with peanut butter on it.  George got hot and came in and took a shower and began working on the carpets.  

Then we went out on an excursion as we call it.  (Where you go out and have several stops - either to shop, eat, errands).  An excursion sounds much more fun right?  So we headed out to Tuesday Morning and I found a comforter for the guest bedroom.  I had set June as my month to do this, but I got a bit of a head start.  They have the best deals I've seen on comforters, and quilts.  I was really thinking more along the lines of a quilt as it's more easily washed.  But I found one that the colors were really inviting for this room.  So for $49.99 for comforter with shams - NOT BAD!  

Then we went to the Wine store to find Gamay wine b/c I liked it's gentle flavor similar to a Pinot Noir.  We learned something new.  We had been drinking Gamay all along.  The Beaujolais wine is made from that area of Beaujolais (it's not just a name, it's an area of France.)  

So we ended up buying a bottle of Beaujolais but a year or two older than the new shipments were.  We'll have it on a special occasion.  Sometimes a special occasion is when we are having a really good steak, lol.  (The beef we bought from KY from the cow that was slaughtered - the steaks were really too thin.)

And we went to Aldi and got a few things.  I bought some really good cheese imports that were at really good prices. 

And then we came back home and unloaded our treasures.  I took the dogs out for a little walk around the yard.  It was hot but very breezy.  A little humid.

Then we came back in.  The dogs apparently worn out from their morning, having us there and keeping them awake with the carpet cleaner, lol, and they took off into some deep sleeps.  I mean we had to make sure Roger hadn't kicked off.  Look at him!

George did more floors with the carpet cleaner and I began pre-prepping for the taco dinner.  Then we both set in to chopping and cooking it.  

George showed me how to properly cut an avacado.  Don't laugh.  I've always been intimidated with chopping things until finally got it down in my 30's, but the avacado has not been in my diet much until the last 6 or 8 years or so and usually fixed by someone else.  I have been slicking them and getting it out with a spoon, but he showed me how to nicely slice them.  The ceramic knife worked well for this. 

I grated up some Irish Cheddar Cheese for our tacos, and honestly I don't think I will want any other kind any more.  It was really really good and had a much better taste than what we buy at the store already grated.  I think I just spoiled myself b/c I'll have to have this from now on.

George doctored up a can of black beans with vidalia onion, tomatoes, and some spices.  They were really good too.

We had both crispy and soft tacos but the corn tortillas just tore apart.  I'm not sure what the trick is there.  So I was glad we had the crispy ones.  I'm wondering why we don't have tacos more often.  They are so darn good.  

I checked in with friend Lisa, recently back from her trip to CA and guess what they were fixing?  Tacos!  lol  

Well, we have had a wonderful day yesterday.  We watched the final episode of Drunk History.  lol 
And this morning we are going to church.  We are going to try to hit a lobster truck for lunch and then go tour a dream home that was built in our area.  I'm wearing jeans to church but dressing it up.  I don't want to be in dress clothes all day.  So let everyone talk about me I guess.  I don't think many wear jeans to the church we go to.  But it shouldn't be about dress anyway.  We won't be coming home to change.  

I'm going for another cup of coffee here.  And then fixing a shake.  You all enjoy your day.  Soon our little holiday weekend will be half over.  Dang it.  

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Memorial Day Weekend is ON!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Thank the Lord it is here!  We don't have elaborate plans, but they sound pretty elaborate to us.  We are hanging at home and doing projects, work, and things we want to do around here.  We do have some pretty elaborate meals planned. Well, "elaborate" all the way around is relevant I guess.  Tacos, steaks, a pasta salad that is different, and a roast.  Not all at once!  But over the next few days. 

I have the dogs scheduled for a trim next Saturday and then the next two times, in August and October, I am scheduled with a different group closer in.  My normal groomer didn't really seem to do much last time as far as trimming other than feet and face.  I'm not sure she expresses them as Tugie always had problems and the vet said she hadn't been.  I kinda feel bad but there have been a couple of times that we had appointments and she did not show and a few times she cancelled.  Not often and we forgave that but when they still look like they need trimming when you pick them up, I just couldn't get over it.  She was in a hurry that day.  So I'm switching after 17 years.  Mixed feelings, but I just felt taken advantage of.  I've felt the last few times they were not done well with chunks of hair missed and so forth.  So I think it's time.  Several new ones are popping up. 

I'm in the sun room right now as I started typing this before 6 a.m. The sun is just coming through the trees and as it rises I'll have to leave.  It is quite humid this morning and the room will heat up fast and we'll have to shut it off. Right now I'm enjoying hearing the birds sing and have the overhead fan going.

I am so excited to have time this weekend to read, plan, make graphics, play candy crush, clean, go do a few fun stuff in town and all around, and work on my business.  George and I will eat well and watch a few movies.  Sounds devine. 

I invited Mom to come up for the weekend but she was getting a cold and thought she'd do better there. 

I've been listening to the Eat this Not That podcast and they have excellent material.  The Grilling podcast was really good.  Things I didn't know.  But of course I never grill. 

The antibiotics did not help my finger any - with the blister or infection or whatever has popped up on it.  So I wasted the time not doing cleansing that I could have had.  But that is ok.  I'll go from here.  I DO think it is a wee bit better but not much.  It does best with triple antibiotic ointment on it that I had for my head after my surgery.  So I'll keep doing that.

The cookies and cream shake was everything I'd dreamed it would be.  It tastes similar to the birthday cake shake but with a slight more cookie taste.  Just diiiiiii vine!

 Roger and Maisy have joined me in the sun room.  Both have eaten breakfast and laying about enjoying the breeze from the fan.  For some reason now that the sun is coming up the birds are not as loud.  I did hear a rooster crow far away in the distance somehow!  One lady had a rooster in our neighborhood but neighbors forced her to get rid of it, lol!

Not sure what I'll do first today.  Probably laundry and cleaning.  Oh how nice not to have to be anywhere! 

What are you doing this Memorial Day Weekend?  I'd love to hear! 

Friday, May 24, 2019

Relaxing in Spain (Sort of) and Strange Tapping on the Windows

Well, we had a fine dinner of some leftover chicken and lima beans and George added potatoes and onions.  And we watched "Spain - On the Road Again" with Gwynneth Paltrow and Mario Batali.  It's fun to watch them eat and taste wine and cook meat and veggies and seafood on the grill.  It's perfect for an after work day - mindless show.  

And Maisy snoozes good...

Miraculously my computer's email began working again.  Isn't that odd?  Yet I heard across the building three others yelling across the cubes "what's going on with email?" lol  Must be a roaming problem.  Very interesting.  Who will it attack today?  I think there are evil spirits roaming within just to mess with someone.  lol

Speaking of evil spirits.  I was awoken by a tapping on the window by my bed last night.  I thought it was rain, but there was no rain.  And no wind.  We are two stories up on the back side so no one can just tap w/o being on a ladder or using a stick.  I looked from the bathroom window and no one out the window.  

Then I froze remembering that book I read about the Tennessee Spirit that knocked on the little girls window - this was the Bell Witch - probably an area about 30 to 40 miles from here.   Don't you love the fact that one's memory will recall such a thing at 3:33 a.m. in the morning?   

And then after coffee I realized that same tapping had happened about a month ago on my office window.  I had looked out and nothing there.  I never could figure out what it was.  But dinner was ready and I left the room and forgot about it.  I mean I guess I'm so used to weird noises and odd things happening now that I pay it no mind.  

Computer issues ALWAYS follow me.  Weird noises follow me.   I just give it no mind unless it's 3:33 a.m. and I remember the tale of the old witch and wished I hadn't.  lol 

It's Friday.  Finally.  Hoping to be left alone today to get some things done.  Usually Thursday and Friday are better but probably not today.  Have had meetings and conf calls and things taking me away from my normal things.  So everything collects in a big pile and sits.  Lots of problems and situations to work through.  I need to be doubled but not happening so therefore, people have to be patient and wait til I get to their thing.  Not enough HR to go around.  Pick number and wait here.  lol  "It is what it is".  

And that is all she wrote on this fine Friday.  Going to enjoy the weekend ahead.  George and I have some plans tonight and plans to eat, rest, work, play on the weekend.  Take care! 

Now I'm going to go try that Cookies and Cream shake that arrived yesterday.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Lack of Trust in News, Science, and Studies and other Thursday Topics

I'm so glad I got my Cookies and Cream order in before they sold out.  I ordered 2 canisters.  I'll get 14 shakes out of each cannister.  It sold out in like a day. 

Roger was cute last night with his little tongue out.  He was watching to see if dinner was ready.  And keeping an eye on the kitchen.  I went to the store last night to get our dinner as I had to get chicken salad for our meal tomorrow at work.  It's "salad" day.  So I got the rotisserie chicken and also bought some frozen lima beans and sushi for appetizer while that cooked.  We had to wait on the limas but I really wanted limas.  They were good!  

My Rite Aid order came in.  Out of the blue, I decided to order from Rite Aid b/c they had what I was looking for that Target and Walmart didn't have.  Once I thought Rite Aid was really expensive, but wow - their prices beat out Target and Walmart - at least for what I was ordering.  They had nearly everything I was looking for.  I get tired of finding a new product I like and then not being able to find it again.  So I ordered double to have two of some things.  I believe they used "targeted ads" to get my attention.  So when I searched for an item, they had it and it showed me an ad on the web page and I clicked on it said "well ok if you have all these other items I need too, then I will buy from you".  They did.  And my next thing was that it had to have free shipping.  And with the $35 purchase it did.  It came shipped in a sturdy box with sturdy taping and make up was wrapped heavily and carefully many times over in bubble pack.  Targets boxes are often halfway ripped apart when the box comes and one time the contents of fabric softener had leaked everywhere and I had to return it to the store.  Walmart does a pretty good job on theirs but sometimes their taping doesn't hold either.  

My Devotional Journal came in.  This was also a targeted ad through facebook, lol.  I've decided I don't mind targeted ads b/c it lets me know of things that are out there that I would like that I didn't know about.  It was only $13 or so which I thought was a pretty good price, but was about $21 with tax and shipping.  That is what I would have paid in a store for it.  I think it's nice to be able to journal.  I thought it might help me to pen my thoughts and frustrations there instead of bottling them up inside.  Yesterday I thought I'd blow a gasket.  There have been many days like that lately.  I'm coming out of the gasket blowing ever so slightly.  But.  Some.  Days. .....

I can't wait for it.  I mean some folks ordered 20 cannisters!  Can you imagine?  lol  That is 280 meals.  But then some folks, their whole family drinks the shakes.  George wouldn't drink a shake if you offered to pay him.  He likes doing the opposite of what I do I think.  He says he doesn't "do" shakes.  He likes his eggs in the morning and that is not a bad choice either.  I don't know about the cholesterol though.  At one time "studies showed" that it caused high cholesterol.   It's funny how the studies had shown to be wrong so many times before.  I think now days people my age are done with the news, and done with believing a lot of the studies, done with believing the weather man/woman and even done with science at times b/c I mean ---- look at planet Pluto.  Isn't it a star now or something?  I feel like I've been pranked all my life.  Coffee was bad, now it's good.  Alcohol bad, now it's good within limits.  Fat was bad, now it's good. Carbs were out, now they are important.   I realize some of it is a learning curve and sure has been b/c it's taken us for a ride for sure.  My Mom always says "Oh they don't know".  lol  I'm not saying I don't appreciate science and studies.  I think it IS very important to keep learning and discovering.  I'm just saying it's hard to believe anything anymore as truth.  I think we are all skeptics now and have a hard time discerning.  

All I do know is that I am feeling better and doing well on this system.  I may develop a third nose or something tomorrow.  However, 25 to 30 lbs down (it fluctuates the 5 lbs always at whatever interval you are).  And I've been able to keep it down, while still splurging some.  So I am looking forward to this shake coming in that tastes like oreos, I hear.

It's Thursday, Friday's sister.  And I'm happy about that.  George and I are ready for the weekend!  We are hanging around here, have some fun meals planned and doing the carpets.  It's going to be a hot weekend I think.  In the 90's today.  I nearly froze to death yesterday in the office.  So will probably be seen in my grey wool cloak, lol.

Don't really have much more to share.  The work weeks are pretty boring.  We used to do more concerts and stuff during the week but honestly I'm happy just coming home.  I like being here.  Always so much to do here than I enjoy.  I love to have time to bless it too.  But I tell you I am ready for a rehaul in the kitchen.  Getting to upgrade is a slow process in our world.  Always has been.  We need new counters, new flooring in kitchen, den, hall, main entrance to bathroom.  We need a new double oven.  And none of that is inexpensive which is why it hasn't happened yet.  But I feel these things are becoming a big red thumb when I walk in the house.  I'm soooo ready for these things to be upgraded.  But we are still paying 12 mos same as cash for a/c unit, den furniture, and fridge.  I think the big TV is paid for.  George also needs a new car.  So are happening.  We are in a better position for it to happen.

On the work front, my laptop at work - the email system keeps crashing and everytime it gets fixed it crashes again.  When I type anything in the "To field" when I go to send an email, it will shut down.  I have been w/o my laptop several hours Tues and again on Wed morning.  I just couldn't give it back yesterday - so I could get work done and just use webmail.  At one point I really just wanted to turn around and go back home b/c there is only so much I can do without the computer.  But finally got it back for it to be crashed again.  ::sigh::  So they are going to take it home for the weekend and do a complete reinstall.  I guess I'll loose everything, but not sure.

I have some things rolling around in my head that I'm trying to figure out too.  Not sure what the answers are.  I keep coming around to the same answers on a few things.

My blood pressure is continuing to come down on the new meds.  It was in the mid 120's yesterday and that is good despite the aggravations I have experienced during the day!  Yay!  It has been quieter, thank the Good Lord, b/c in the month before I'd not had a moment to have my own thought process.

I'm looking forward to my trip to San Antonio with Katy.  She is going to Tybee before that.  And so she is focused on that first, as she should be.

I hear a really loud bird outside that is really pretty.  I wish I could be home, and in the sun room for the rest of the morning, but got to finish getting ready for work and out the door we go.  I hate the fact that work takes 11 to 12 hours out of the day.  Then sleep takes 7 and that leaves very few hours to figure out the rest of life's needs.  Life is never balanced - and that has always bothered me.

Anyway, I always say I have to go and keep typing! lol

Have a good Thursday.  Time to wind down the week.  Tomorrow is Friday and everyone is already off in their heads, lol lol. In one way or another, ha!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Fur Babes and Facebook Memories

I put Tugie's bed in my office again and Roger loves my office.  The room is warm, bright, and cheerful.  He's been hanging with me some!  And the other night I caught him on the freshly washed blanket and bed in the den where Tugie stayed a lot, with his head on his monkey - like Tugie used to do.  

Monday night George let me pick what to watch.  Bless him.  I had been itching to watch Gone With the Wynn's.  He read while I watched and would look up now and then. 

Do you know how much I love watching these real life episode shows on YouTube?  They give me nothing but pure joy and it's like I'm right there with them since the screen is big.  For their links see my side bar.  I also have some of their blogs in the blog rolls as well.   

Maisy is getting her a good nap.  She was so comfy and out of it.  Her eyes even opened while she was asleep - kinda like Roger does sometimes.

Saw this on the break room Marlin screen.  It's so true in just about everything.  It's amazing when you think of the seeds you plant.  We don't even realize it sometimes.  I can talk with people 4 to 5 times and then suddenly they will reach out to me asking for our system or more information.  Also that way by giving people snippets of God's word.

Sometimes it is hard to see the progress we try so hard to reach.  Sometimes it feels like the goals are just hard to reach, but we are inching forward.  If we have our minds set with our goals then we naturally go toward them.  

I loved getting to see this pic yesterday.  Findlay, my daughter's Yorkie Poo got to go to school yesterday!  ;-)

I left work about 5:15 yesterday and didn't get home until about 6:40 or so.  (It says 6:20 below, but the time kept changing.) Yuk.  The entrance to the interstate was shut down and I had no choice but to take the opposite interstate.  Nothing like having to go in the wrong direction in heavy traffic.  I had to trust WAZE to get me back home and had to cut my call with Mom short.  Still I had to wait to get off the interstate and turned back around to get back on it - in a huge line of traffic.  It took 25 minutes just to get off that one exit and get turned around.  There were 3 other wrecks I saw yesterday.  So we were just gridlocked. 

My happy girl Maisy again, up from her nap.  She always looks like she wants to talk and she often nods her head yes when you ask her if she wants something.  I promise - she does!  

Ran across a few memories on facebook last night.  I forgot about these waters I posted.  Will need to try these out sometime on a weekend probably. 

Here was the first year we moved in the house.  I guess 2008.  

Now the sun has faded the cushions.  It's on the list to get more cushions at the Home Place store when it opens.  I want some fade resistant ones this time.  Til then using blankets to cover it up. 

It's GRAD season.  And I'm remembering fondly Katy's graduation from High School.   I had made a graphic to post. 

I will never forget the tornado that killed all those precious children when the basement flooded in Oklahoma City (Moore OK, I think actually).  That was in 2013 but feels like yesterday.  I think of those parents every year in tornado season. 

Then this is the week we would be in Tybee Island.  I miss a beach vacation.  Here is a pic from 2014 at Tybee - Katy and Cody looking into the sunset on the back side of the island.  It's such a special place. 

And going to Florida to take Mom to see Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken and back to Tybee in 2017 when we met Don and Lisa.   We had a car full of dogs and I posted on the way as we stopped in Chattanooga.

And then our first night on Tybee with Don and Lisa.  

Then had to laugh as I'd shared Camilla's hat from one of the royal weddings.  Bless her.  

And remembering this.  Do  you see Laurel or Yannef?  lol    Which do you see?

George opened this bottle of wine last night.  I had a little glass and hope he left me some for tonight b/c I'm finding that Gamay is really good and different. 

And that is about all I have.  Need to get to work.   But I was pleased to get a power hour done last night and connect with a few folks and get some calls placed.  Was nice to get something DONE!  Getting organized on the weekend helped. 

Take care. 

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Organizing my World and Resting in Him

I had to laugh turning the page.   For ONCE - NOTHING!  lol  It was a little disturbing actually.  But it was refreshing.  So I've spent the day trying to organize my life again.  Everything has been so disheveled lately.  I think that it has been so busy and stressful that I have basically just shut down.  It's been ok though, as that is exactly what I needed to do.  

What does it mean to shut down?  You ignore the to do list and do whatever the heck you want and hope that you don't forget anything important.  I did forget a few things, but I guess it was all ok.  I usually don't do well when I don't have lists.  I had a few lists floating around - in my calendar and phone but I ignored them until I had time to deal with it all.  

The first focus was just relaxing and trying to get the BP down so that meant reading and just going with the flow.  I've even chosen not to stress with that the last two days by not even taking the BP reading.  I will mainly just be doing that M-F around 6 p.m.

It has been lovely just taking deep breaths at night, watching my shows, and not giving a flying fruitcake about anything. 

I did that until Friday night....not care....that is.  Friday night I began to emerge, do a chunk of laundry, and a lot of my Saturday chores such as ironing, packing my Isagenix packs for the 5 work days coming up, and packing for my next cleanse day - whenever that is.  I think it will be Tuesday a week from now to let the antibiotics work.  (It's not really working though. Whatever made my finger blister up - it's still holding strong.  The only think that helps is antibiotic ointment.  Weird.)

Saturday we didn't have a whole lot of time at home as we went to a Grad party and then went to a friend's house where we had a splendid time - all of us unloading from our stress induced weeks.  It's not just me. 

Here we are with Luc, our next door neighbor at his grad party.  

But TODAY.   Oh gosh, TODAY.  Even though I was up at 5 a.m. it was grand and glorious.  I've finished more laundry, ironed (I was behind in that too), swept and mopped the kitchen, vacuumed (and swore I was done with the carpets until George allows us to get the much needed flooring - after all the other 12 month same as cash things are paid off).   I scrubbed the tub, toilet, and redid my bathroom sink and cosmetic area to look more feminine and pretty and switched out a few things.   I went through old emails and printed out receipts for my business I'd forgotten about - those Ubers I took in January (should have rented a car, lol).   I've gone through all my OLD to do's and did a bunch of them, looked up things on the internet I'd been wanting to check out.  I ordered my Isagenix, ordered some things from Blair I'd seen in a magazine (ok they are what I call weekend bras, lol - did you need to know that?).  

I ordered a devotional/journal called "100 Days of Less Hustle More Jesus" from DaySpring.  I mean can you get more specific Lord when you send these e-mails?  lol lol lol 

Yes, the ad for this was in my email!  It's perfect for me and I'll share my journey with you as I cruise through it daily.

I've gone through all the things laying on my desk at home for me to look at, deal with, check out and so forth.  All this feels so good.  I've been so far behind.  

So this has been good.  Today has.  And yesterday.  Yesterday I even found a way to exercise at home.  To music on Spotify on the Big TV.  Just exercising to the music, dancing, stretching, moving - whatever works - working up a sweat, feeling good, getting it done.  Getting rid of stress there too. The weekend has been so freeeeeee -ing and I thank the Lord for it.   So I can ge "me" back and also get on track. 

George has been adding "rubber" mulch to everything outside.  It is looking good.  Should help more with the weeds. 

And you can see my Asian lilies and also the mulch here.  Looks very good.

And at our friend's house - enjoying time with them and their pool, good food, and the kitties. 

Meet Waffles.

We played some kind of Splashball game here.  Had fun and enjoyed it.

I loved our friend's screened in porch. 

Then the FULL MOON showed up over the neighboring houses.  And as the skies darkened, I saw a shooting star.
And as the night dipped into the 9:00 p.m. hour I became really sleepy.  The yawns coming every few minutes.

I miss my shakes, but decided to do eggs this weekend.  I did eggs and beans today.  I never get eggs.  So this was nice. 

Roger has decided to join me for my afternoon of catch up in the office.  

I have had a good weekend.  I've even read some and played Candy Crush.  So things are looking up.

I think I just need to keep my focus.  On being me, and letting God set my paths, and letting Him determine what is next.  Til then, my life is a little more organized, and my to do list is back in order.

I'm still a little "lost" as far as a few things go, but as always, I just trot back into God's shelter and say "what now, Lord, b/c I sure don't know".   For now He's just saying "Rest in Me".   He's not asking for a lot - just taking care of me, of us, our house and our doggies and as He lays the assignments.  I don't have to prove anything to anyone, I don't have to be owned by anyone, I don't have to be pressured by anyone.  I just have the task of being me.  That takes a lot of energy right there. I guess God wired me different than the rest.  It takes a lot of energy to get through the day sometimes. I'm not sure what His big goals are for me.  I'm anxious to find out.  Because right now I feel like I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be reaching for?  I'm just grateful He is saying "Just REST in Me Child!" 

Friday, May 17, 2019

Adjusting the Sails, In Pursuit of Zen just flat beautiful!  

And today is just flat wonderful.  Why?  Because....

Thank the LORD in heaven above. 

I have been very non-productive after work - in an effort to just CHILL OUT like my doc said. 

Yesterday I did another meditation thing for 5 minutes on a You Tube app I subscribed to.   That was nice.  It wasn't a thankful body part podcast this time.  Just a freeing of the mind and relaxing of the body kind of thing and focusing on breathing. 

My walking continued.  I'm 3 days in, but it was pretty hot out there at almost 80 by the time my walk ended.  Today it's going up to 88, so I'm afraid my outside walking is over.  And I'll have to either join a gym again or just walk in place on the Wii or something but that is not the same.  It will not happen in the morning I don't think.  Unless I don't blog, get to work early and walk there before it gets hot.  I wish there was an indoor track nearby.  I'd like that better than a treadmill. 

The good news is that the BP is coming down.  I was in the 130's yesterday so the new meds are starting to kick in I think.  I'm taking my BP as soon as I get home and change clothes.  I give myself a few minutes from climbing stairs and hauling all my day supplies up to get back to a normal pace.

I have to work with my mind though to figure out how not to be stressed during the work day.  It's very hard not to keyed up.  But I'm trying to learn to focus on one thing and forget everything else.  Sadly though - it means I do forget some important things waiting in the wings.  I get home and remember - oh crap - oh well!  But like I had said, someone has to wait so I guess it was those two people I didn't get back to yesterday.  Sadly that will likely keep happening as there's only one of me trying to fix so many things and answer so many questions.  I've tried "teach people to fish" instead of me Lording over everything.  lol  My Mother is wanting me to find something else that is over one plant instead of 4, a transport company, and sales and corporate.  Of course I love my job and my coworkers.   I'll likely just keep doing what I'm doing, and if things don't get done they just don't.  I just have to figure out how to eliminate the stress and anxiety and adjust to the madness and not let it stress me to see things back up. 

Then my email crashed and there are a couple of bad issues with my computer.  The scan was running when I left yesterday and it already had 2 critical issues, so things are likely to get even more behind.  I'm just shaking my head.  It is what it is.  I'm not turning Buddhist or anything but there is something to their attitudes of just accepting things.  lol

I remember through the years the common phrase is:  It is what it is.  lol  We got so tired of hearing it and saying it, but I guess it's true.  I try to be positive and it seems the more positive I become the more the evil spirits just follow me around and try to mess with me.  Yes our world is full of the "pricipalities" of this world.  So many things we can't see - many we can and can feel it. 

If I start wearing garlic around my neck and laying onions about and burning sage - you will know I'm in full combat mode.  And you might be seeing me in this position.  I wish I could do this in my office.  Two many windows, lol.  Hard to do in the car, but I could do this w/o crossing my legs, lol.  So I'll probably be meditating in my car. 

I could also add rows of bamboo to my office. 

Or a zen garden. 

And since everyone else is stressed too, b/c it's not just me squawking, we could have a zenparty in the hallway, or even better, outside near the tree clusters - and amidst the tulips. lol.

Today I am planning to listen to waterfalls and smell peppermint or spearmint.  Drops on cottonballs placed strategically through my office. lol

Because when I have a goal, I will meet it.  My goal is to not be stressed and get the BP down - whatever that takes.  And Sonya reaches her goals.  ;-)   My health comes first.  And then I begin focusing on some other goals as well. 

Talked with my friend Lisa and we are wanting to rent an RV next year for the four of us and go on a vacay somewhere.  We have to get the date and plans set though soon b/c once the time comes around the vacay days get planned somewhere else.  Guess what?  George says he's in with that!  ;-)

Anyway I am off to finish getting ready and then heading in for this fine Friday.  I think I'll go grab something out today - for lunch.  Something healthy.  Kinda craving my Cracker Barrel salad a bit. 
I may go there and sit and enjoy it instead of bringing it back to the office.  ;-)

Ya'll have a good Friday.  Looking forward to the weekend.