Thursday, January 31, 2019

Love Letters, Words of Affirmation

Yeah it's the last day of January but I've been posting Valentine's stuff b/c it's about the only time of year I get to use my graphics.  I love love love this one!  Always have.  It also reminds me of the time in my life when I used to get "love letters".  I lived for them.  I realize now doing the "love language" book, that my love language is "Words of Affirmation".  At least so far I think that is what it is.  I'm not fulfilled if I don't receive "words of affirmation" - I know that much.  I also think I have a few other languages too, like Quality Time.  Maybe some day I'll receive a love letter again!  Just like old times.  Words of affirmation is not George's language I don't think.  But Acts of Service and Quality Time probably are.

Anyway, I'm in a hurry this morning and it's a busy impossible day so I need to get on and get at it.  To her that is responsible much is given.  And to him that giveth now has to wait because there is a long line waiting.  lol lol lol

Weekend fast approaching and looking forward to it.  Feeling so much better.  Coming out of the flu funk and feeling much stronger and mood much better! 

Catch you on the flip side!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Finding Joy, My Forever In Box, and Cold Weather

Loving the Bible App on You Version.  This is the one, above!  

Yesterday's "stack". 

Worked on end of year DOT drug screen reports, Service Award Letters, and doing some offer letters for positions we have hired and worked on Benefit Mandates for Child Support.  Today must finish those up and work on FMLA processing, Lord Willing.  The paperwork never ends. Neither do the emails and the incoming "please hire this one" and "please run this ad".  lol  Anyway oops, talking about work - promised I wouldn't so it doesn't attract the wrong people reading for the wrong reasons. No trolling now, you hear me?

Like to never have gotten out of work yesterday.  I was packed up and logged off and someone needed something.  I offered to take off coat, unpack, log on, call home and let them know I'd be late.  I was already late at that point, but they said "nah wait til tomorrow".  I think they'd let you work til midnight if you would.  

Sorry but my home, my spouse, and my other goals require a bit of balance so I was off to home to keep my commitment of cooking chili.  George was kind to retrieve things for me - spices, cooking pan, grating cheese for the topping.  That was sweet.  I got the chili going and then got on my team call at 7.  It was moved up an hour.  I like that better.  Although being late from work already and then having to throw the chili together, I was wondering if I was going to make it.  But I did.  

The team call goes really fast.  I am enjoying the plug in each week now.

My "tude" was better yesterday.  Just having to change the focus from negative energy to positive.  From inner mode to serving.  From being closed minded to open minded.  Letting the thoughts come.  Letting the thoughts GO.  Not dwelling on them, not contemplating them, not harboring them.  Holding on to God's definition of loving others.  Holding on to the fruits of the Spirit.  And remembering this: 

And there is nothing in the world that gives JOY to myself like my morning coffee which I'm loving the Starbucks Guatemalan!  

Supposed to be dangerous cold with wind chills and supposedly snowing outside I hear.  I didn't bring work home so I hope it does not do any damage.

A lot of the schools are out b/c of the snow (but it didn't snow) and the cold weather and also some stating flu.  So I think at the end of January the school systems are just wanting to make sure they get their snow days in as they have not had any so far.  lol  However, most of our bigger snows come in Feb and sometimes in March.  We can get it anytime b/w Christmas and April.  The April snows though are quick come and gos.  Anything through mid March could knock us out for a few days. But this is our coldest air of the season.  It's been slow to get here. 

Well, I'm getting off to do a Target order and do some business stuff for my side gig!  Then off to the races (the day job).  Have a lovely day.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Greater Joy

Ahhh, I have been in quite the horrible mood.  However, yesterday I began coming out of it.  I think I even sang and laughed.  Not everyone can appreciate that, but.... whatever!  

I started a Bible course in YouVersion, which I believe is the best one yet.  It's called "5 Days to Greater Joy with Tommy Newberry" and it has little videos that you can watch.  It has some great tips, great graphics in the video.  It really spoke to me and is helping.  

I think any unhappiness lies from life not being as you visualized it.  And instead of focusing on that, you focus on the blessings instead and your future goals.  What I got out of yesterday's lessons was to not give up on my dreams and desires as they are a part of me.  They are what brings joy to a downtrodden day.  I had asked for God's opinion if I should just give it up and he said "no do not" very loud and clear through this video that I just happened to have selected!  How cool is that? 

Not being happy also happens when you are not focused on God so I've shifted my focus to him and that means instant control over my day and He washes away all the negative with his Love and Peace and Fruits of the Spirit. It leaves no room for negativity.   And the negativity of the world cannot pierce it b/c of my shield of faith. 

Yee Ha.  I love it when I find the way through the maze of uncertainty and unhappiness to find the light at the end and the open fields and the sunshine and rooster crows and we are on our way again!  


So I transferred $200 of my Isagenix earnings money to George this week.  I thought I only had $150 but apparently had gotten paid more.  That happens.  I love pay day.  So George was happy about that.  That goes toward Phoenix trip.  

Anyway, it is the last week of Jan and only 3 days left.  February always lifts my spirits in the way that we have some hope of a 68 to 70 degree day.  I was even happy with yesterday's 56 degree day.  That was a treat.  I've not done my bucket list for Jan,Feb, March yet.  So when I do it I may actually go through May.  lol  And just call it the Spring Bucket list.  I've not been wanting to do it b/c it seemed to me to add stress of "more to do's" and that is not what I needed the past two weeks while I've been so behind.  

I thought I was catching up at work but then yesterday's in box dumped a foot of mail off and now I fear we have a lot of employee child support withholding to do now from our acquisition.  At an hour each for processing - my week is kaput now.   But I do what I can do and prioritize and go from there.  It's so easy to get sucked into the 70 emails asking questions and not get your desk work done.  So on some days I've actually had to do some desk work first to guarantee it got done.  Life is hard and priorities coming from all different modes but you can only focus on one mode of communication at once.  You have to laugh at cell phones ringing, office phones ringing, emails pinging, texts pinging, the office IM on Skype pinging (which I turned off b/c it kept crashing), and walk in questions/situations - so the paperwork builds and all you do is talk to people and put out fires.  lol   Anyway sometimes I have no choice but to make everyone wait til I get something - ANY THING done!  

So off to the races!  I brought work home in case it snowed.  Of course it didn't so now I have to cart it all back.  

Ya'll have a good day!  

Monday, January 28, 2019

Geeky Restful Sunday and Feeling Better Today

I miss having a calendar above my desk.  I haven't bought one yet since George said money was so tight. I was waiting for the sales to go on for the 2019 calendars. I guess I'll pin the $20 George threw at me for my monthly blow money in place of my calendar on the bulletin board, and use that to buy one with so I'll know what day it is eventually. Being that $20 is a joke for blow money for a month at least it should go to something worth while that will last all year.  Heaven forbid it come out of the joint account.  Or I should just give the $20 blow money back if we are that tight and just not care what day it is.

I did order some cheap rain boots with a refund from the others from Christmas that did not fit and I bought a blood pressure monitor with a gift card from my sister - which is not a very good birthday present for me to pick for myself but our household needed one and of course my a$$ is gra$$ since I spent so much last month so I'll punish myself ALSO and order the blood pressure monitor with the birthday money.   I wanted the Sperry's rain boots but went with the cheap rain boots instead.  I'm sure I'll get what I've paid for but tried to pick a pair that had good ratings.  We'll see. I may be returning pair number two.  

So I slept all night last night and woke up 5 minutes before the alarm.  That was awesome.  I don't usually do that.  I didn't wake up once.  I did have a bad day yesterday - a sad day - a day of working through some stuff in my head - or more like ignoring the need to work through some stuff.  Still not worked through.    

Anyway, yesterday I didn't want to do anything.  I didn't want to move.  I guess b/c we were gone the day before and my energy level still not up to par from flu.  I did do some laundry - minimal.  I mostly ordered a few things, as mentioned above.  I redecorated the blog, managed my icloud storage which was using up my all my icloud space.  I had to delete the last back up and reback it up.  I deleted a bunch of AOL mails with graphics and that saved a lot of space.  I had graphics I was going to download from 2014 and just never found time nor the desire to do it.  It mainly harbored a bunch of ill will though b/c the leader of that group was so ugly to me.  I never figured out why.  She made up her mind she didn't like me.  I think it was because I worked and didn't have time to sit and make graphics all day like the rest of them. But I did my minimal weekly duties to remain in the group and still got kicked out, lol.  It hurt my feelings so badly.  She couldn't grow a pair and tell me what I'd done wrong  ( Because I'd not done anything wrong.) So I just deleted them and got rid of the evil spirits that went along with that.  I could care less about the graphics at this point.  All the good ones I've wanted were collected years ago and I have enjoyed them immensely from the previous groups and they have good karma attached!  Now I don't have those odd feelings when I go through my emails.  They were not really my style of PSP'ng anyway.  So poooof that is all gone and my storage is so much better. 

I also upgraded my iTunes, updated all my iphone updates, and uploaded some Queen and Earth Wind and Fire onto my ipod.  I did some follow-ups for the business, and did a training on the iTools to use for social media posting.  Learned a lot about that.  I was going to go to the store but didn't want to take a shower and go amidst all the other geeky stuff.  So it was a good hibernation day.  

And I feel better today, more "mind" energy, and feel better and feel like doing things and feel like moving.  So that is good.  It's going to be a cleanse day today.  I normally want to do them on Tuesday.  However, if it is going to snow tonight, and I'll be working from home tomorrow - we'll probably have chili.  It'll be harder for me to do a cleanse at home.  lol  So George bought the stuff for us to fix chili.  

I'm very much in the mood to read but didn't get to do that yesterday.  We watched "Oh God" with dinner and after I ate fell asleep during the movie.  George kept stopping it but finally gave up and let it play.  I was comfy and full and obviously needed sleep anyway. 

And so I need to get off and do my hair and get to work.  I'm better today but still have some things to work out in my mind.  But I have decided I'm not giving up on my dreams just b/c no one else has the same one. 

Ya'll have a great day.  

Sunday, January 27, 2019

RV Show, Dreams, and Discouragement

What fun I had going to the RV show.  I really wanted to see what all types there were and what kind I thought we would want or need.  This one was cute so I took a pic.  It is not what ANYONE needs, lol.  Most people could not even fit inside the shower.  lol 

I took a pic of this one.  It was ok.  It was still pretty small considering what I think we would want. 

George made himself at home  - you can turn the seats around so you have more seating inside facing "the lounge area".

I wondered if our little Chevy could haul this.  But it's awfully small.  And George said we probably couldn't haul it anyway.  I was trying to figure out how to get this thing going "sooner" rather than "later".

All in all something like this is what I keep going back to.  Easier to drive.  However, we might would have to haul a small car behind.  So no options seems easy.  lol

But these had more floor room and more space for the money.

Ran into my cousin who is already into RV'ing.  They bought one last year and are already going to sell and upgrade.

I kept trying to like the vans, but they just don't do it for me.  Too tiny for us.  And we can have more space for half the money.

Outside the convention center. 

Then onto Chicken Scratch Brewing.  WE got through early and so killing time.

George got in trouble for feeding the dog.  He gave the dog popcorn and the owner ripped him a new one in front of everyone.  He was mainly just loud and patronizing.  I was so embarrassed.  George just said to me, I guess he told me not to and I didn't hear him.  I said "I'm sorry".  Anyway about 5 minutes later the owner came back - or manager - I'm not sure, and came over with free beer cards and apologized.  I guess it made it alright.  We are forgiving sorts.  George really didn't hear him say not to feed the dog.  I wondered about it.  I would never feed a child or dog w/o asking the owner first but George is everyone's friend and often doesn't think to ask.  

I just kept thinking "geez how stressful just to get a beer to relax", lol.  But it's all good.  I can't say that it didn't put me a notch lower on my "wanna go back" meter.  I've had more fun previous times we've been.

We ran by Farmer's Market also and George finally got his Pumpkin Ale by Czan's. I ran outside for an urban sunset pic.

Then onto Sedona for dinner with George's sister and her Hubby!  

One big pic I found of the RV Show.  As you can see there were all types.

At home, greeted by the deer. 

So while we were out and talking, George stressed to me again that he really has no desire to do this RV thing.  He says it's a lot of money for just a few times a year.  I said "who said anything about just a few times a year."  I told him my purchase date was going to be in 2021.  And that at some point I would be traveling in it FT to go out west - and could see being gone 6 months to a year in travels to see the US.  He said he just didn't have a desire to do that and didn't know if he could.  I told him I was prepared to go do this alone if he didn't want to join me.  He keeps telling me it's my dream not his.  I don't have to make him join me in my dreams.  I told him "You won't even dream with me ANY dream about retirement".  You won't ever dream about the future.  I can't NOT have dreams and plans.  I've done that for years having my own dreams and plans that may or may not come true.  I'd never know.  But we've NEVER dreamed and planned together.  He has always thought that meant you were not happy in your current situation and that dreams cost $$ and that was just frivolous.  

So this is bringing me to a big hump right now.  Do I just give up my dreams b/c no one is on board?  Do I give up my dreams b/c George doesn't have any dreams at all but to just be financially free?  He just wants to read and not do anything I guess but read, have a brewski and play at home and cook and listen to music or whatever spontaneous plans he may have.  I told him I knew he loved to travel and to see new places and we'd have fun.  He says he doesn't understand why I suddenly have this dream - that I just watched a few shows and it appeals to me but that I don't see the downsides to it.  He thinks I'll not like it.  He was also shocked I think that I would be willing to go do this alone.  Lord no, I don't want to, but if I have to I will to get to do what I want to do.  So do I just give up on my dream b/c I'm married and he doesn't want to?  

I mean I don't want to rock the boat of our marriage over this, but I also don't want to just give up my dream and allow him to be selfish and us only do his dreams- which is what?  Nothing that I'm hearing except be out of debt.  Well we can have an RV and get out of debt, if I earn it all.  

He is asking for my Isagenix earnings to go back onto my Phoenix trip and expenses, and that is fair so tomorrow I will transfer over my $$ to him to cover a portion of my hotel bill and meals.  I am feeling that he is not happy with me right now for taking the trip.  My flight was free.  But I did have to pay for hotel and meals, and coming off of Christmas I think it was just really bad timing.  

So at blow money time I've been given $20 for the month and told if needed more to ask for it that money is tight this month now. 

When I get my mind on something, I usually don't back down on it.  It would be so easy just to say "screw it, I give up on my dream - then I can dive into books and games and you tubes forever and be content to just sit on my sofa for life".  Or I can continue on with my dream, strive for it, save for it, and continue on with my planning.  I'm likely not to let this go.  It'd be easier to just let it go and give in.  I'm not that person.  I can see that somehow we can make some compromises though and that is what I would shoot for.  

So until then just having to turn it over to God.  But I am going through a review and questioning myself at this point?  Is it worth all the work I'm going to have to do to get there?  Am I up for it.  And when I get there am I going to be unhappy b/c no one else shares this dream with me?  
How sad it is to not have ANY future to plan for?  So I'm going with it.  I'm tired of not having any plans beyond the next month.  So I'm sticking with it.   Maybe God or my health or something will change my mind.  I don't see anyone planning anything with me in the future so I have to plan one on my own for myself.  George has never liked looking ahead and dreaming and planning.  So if one of is going to it'll be me.  

Sometimes you just don't feel important to other people and you have to look out for yourself.  I'm sorry but I don't feel special - I really don't.  I feel like I'm just in the way of everyone else and just a time suck and an annoyance to everyone.  You cannot please anyone ever. Maybe that is my fault.  But I've always had to look out for myself b/c so many things in life were disappointments so far.  You cannot ever make anyone else happy.  Except Maisy.  Maisy sees my tears right now and comes to my side to lick my face.  Thank the Lord for our fur babies.  Either that or she is just hungry, lol.

I guess I'm just having a bad day.  Maybe things will be clearer tomorrow.  But today I feel exceptionally alone in life and in my dreams.  And then it's Valentines month coming and that doesn't always bring good vibes to me either.  I feel like it's an obligation on everyone else part. Who knows.  

Anyway I'm getting off of here b/c it's a negative post.  We have those days.  We have those days when you have to face reality and realize that life is lonely even with a lot going on.  Tomorrow will be better!    God will make it better.  He will lead me.  He'll tell me what to do.  I can't stop being me.  He knows the desires of our hearts.  He makes our heart glad.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Saturday's Sentiments over Some Good Coffee

Helllllllloooooo Saturday!  My coffee is really good this morning.  I slept from 10:15 to 7.  I did get up a couple of times in the night.  I took my BP pill before bed.  And it has a water pill in with the BP pill so - yeah, I was up twice.  I hadn't take my meds in a couple of days.  I really think that it is too strong for me now.  And I think I'm going to have to invest in a BP machine to keep at home.  So I've taken it about every other day now and I think I probably just need to be taking 1/2 but I don't want to do that w/o talking to the doc b/c sometimes pills are slow release and I don't want to damage the pill and have it do something it is not supposed to do.  This is all a good thing and I've been waiting for it.  At the doc office I was shocked when she said by BP was 112 over 80 and I don't even think I'd taken it that morning yet.  I can't come off it completely yet either - b/c two days in I can tell I need it - which is why I took it last night.  So perhaps I will buy a BP machine and know what is going on and can track it.

Today is the day that we are going to the RV show.  It will be bitter sweet for me.  I will love looking at the RV's and the lifestyle.  But it will be much like going to look for a new car and not getting to buy it.  It will be torture in that respect.  However, it will inspire my dreaming and my planning.   It may even make me put a date on the calendar in which I will write "go buy RV".  And that will push and inspire me to go!   I don't really know what to expect today.  But I'm happy that George is supporting my dream to at least let me dabble in all this.  Of course it's up to me to come up with the $$ for my dream.  And I will do it. 

So it's Saturday and I need to do some laundry and get ready for the work week and all those normal things I do on the weekend.   It really should involve some housecleaning too.  lol  I'm just not in spring cleaning mode.  I'm in a reading mode though.  lol

Last night I came home and crashed in chair.  First of all, I ate stuff I normally don't eat and that sucks the energy out of you.  I didn't take my vitamins nor my ionix stress formula nor have an e+ shot.  I don't know why.  It sat on my desk and I just didn't take it. I dived right into work and it was busy and it showed that I didn't do all that b/c I was crashing and burning.  I went to the recliner and sat and played games. 

Katy called and we talked to her on the speaker phone for a while.  George fixed us leftover meatloaf and a sweet potato.  And we watched Breakfast at Tiffany's last night.  Nothing really got to me about this except for the cat at the end.  I love that cat. 

Well, I'm going to go and get up and stir around.  I still have not much drive right now.  Still a little stuff going on in my chest a rattling and rolling.  Some coughing.  Nothing major but it's enough to make me not want to do much.  As I said yesterday, I'll just accept this little low spot that is going on right now and rest some and let it pass.  My excitement for life is just amiss right now.  I'm not sure where it went.  But it'll come back.  It's sitting just underneath the surface waiting to come through.  I think I just need some rest and rejuvy! And maybe a little bit of fun plugged in.  So it's not all work ad no play.

Off to get SOMETHING done!  Have a great day.  I'll try to get some pics at the show!  I'm a little excited about that. 

Friday, January 25, 2019

Finally Friday, Winter Doldrums, Contentment and Rest

Well, it's been a long week of trying to catch up.  I'm not quite to the catch up point but I did get ahead on a couple of projects even though I'm behind on others.  But I think having worked on the weekend really made the last couple of days more tough.  I find myself just needing to break away or take a walk or change the subject, but of course I kept working through it.  Just burned out and ready for the weekend and a change in thought patterns. 

I feel a bit sad, mopey, and blahhh coming out of the flu and with the cold and dreary weather.  My gung ho spirit is not springing right now.  I simply acknowledge the fact, let it pass, and pray.  What I really want to do is get lost in a couple of books, get more sleep and rest, pray more, study God's word more and just beeeee until this funk passes. 

It's ok.  It's just this time of year I think.  After all, think of it - we've been to Texas, we had the holidays, I've been to Phoenix, the job has been overwhelming trying to get through year end, planned vacations, holidays, and an acquisition on an already packed work load.  And now here I sit having come down the slide and landing on my butt with the flu I might add, and I lift up my head finally, and look around like, ok what is next? 

So I find myself here in 2019 worn out and beat up before it starts.  A part of me wants a do-over.  The other part just wants to go back to bed.  I realize I still just need to recover from it all.  Maybe I'll start my new year in February? 

No beating myself up though.  It's nothing I've done wrong, or anyone.  It's just the winter doldrums after a lot of hoopla of fun things that are now over.  I'm content just to sit here and be content and rest and I know that my strength and energy and revival is coming.  Til then, I'll work on my business graphics and posts, strategize a bit, connect with friends and family, read, watch my favorite YouTubes and just enjoy life in the valley for a while.  It's all good.  Life is good. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Watching Everest and George has the Sniffles

We have been watching Everest expeditions - I think Season 2 via Netflex (DVD).  Having always read books written about it and the dangers, I find it very interesting.  No I don't want to do it and would not be fit to do it.  Heck I even have altitude sickness going to Greenbrier, TN on the ridge, lol lol lol. 

But yeah at dinner time that is what we have been watching.  

Not much to tell really.  Just all work, a lot of responsibility and very little play (watching the above). 

George thinks he has a sinus infection.  Obviously not the flu, despite the small fever he has.  If it was the flu we'd all know it - you can't get warm and all you can do is lay in bed and try to get away from your misery of aches, pains, and discomfort.  He's not that bad - just stopped up.  I suppose he could have got the cold part from me too.  He has a pretty good immune system.  His symptoms have been different from mine as well as to how it started.  So obviously he doesn't have the flu or he wouldn't feel like working.  But he is stopped up and coughing.  

Anyway time to figure out what is going on with this wild weather.  And get to work.  

Last night I did the zoom call with our nutrition team.  

Not much else to say other than the RV show is this weekend and guess who is going?  ;-)  No we won't be leaving with one but I will be fueling my dreams.  Maybe 2 to 3 more years? 

Anyway, ya'll have a good day!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Not in a Very Good Mood but Trying!

Well, not much going on here so I'm sharing Katy's pic of the teachers at school dressed like penguins.  How cute is that?  

And a pic of Katy and Cody.  I snagged these from her posts.  
Love and miss these two.

Monday was Monday.  A lot had been earmarked on my time in the way of orientation and one quit before the day was over wasting 2 hours of my precious day and the 1 hour the week before in doing offer and prepping.  But it is what it is.  Another Monday in Paradise, lol.

I wish I could say that I was happy about 2019 now.  The flu took something out of me I think.  I've got to get the nutrients pouring back in.  I've laid off a few supplements due to the antibiotics but it's time to get back on full throttle.  I've not been a very happy person emerging from the flu.   I guess it's just that I'm not to par, haven't been eating right b/c all you want is comfort food - if you can eat at all.  And I have been in NO MOOD for non sense.  I've had NO PATIENCE for inefficiency either.  If I've spent precious time working to do something and whatever I'm touching does not work properly it has lit me up. And of course in my current world, nut much HAS WORKED.   I realize the flu should not give license to anger and unhappiness but unfortunately the two came hand in hand.  I'd love to say I'm in a better humor, but I'm not! But one thing is for sure.  The body follows where the mind goes, so it won't be long before I'll be in a better humor.

I just need a new balance in life, a new leaf, a new direction, some change up in my goals and to be realigned with them.  Right now I'm still a little deflated and pretty irritable.  And not very fun to be around.  When I'm like this, I'm liable to be pretty honest as well!  

I know what I want. I just have to figure out how to get there.  It makes me mad to be in between.  And I guess that means I have some figuring and contemplating to do.  Because I don't quit til I win.  It ain't over til I do!  ;-)  Determination is my game.  I don't lose.  

Ya'll have a good Tuesday and I'll try to do the same.  I think I'm just not a very good winter person.  This is not my climate, lol.  

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Phoenix Remembered

Phoenix was just gorgeous!  While it was nasty back home, and very cold at times, we had beautiful weather for the trip.

After the Botannical Gardens, I came back to register for the event (more of a check in point and receive my Isagenix badge and gift bag).  Afterwards, the others were just coming off the mountain and getting an Uber over to the convention center, so I was able to walk around the block at the Convention Center.  I loved this old church.  

And I'm a sucker for palm trees too.  

That night I made the suggestion of heading to T'Bone's.  It's just out of the way - about a 30 minute excursion or more but it is nestled on the side of a mountain and you can see the night skyline of Phoenix.  We almost did not get to go - as you know how it is in a group - people wane in and out and make other suggestions and so forth.  Ultimately though - they must have liked the sound of it, or perhaps no one had a better suggestion, or maybe the sound of a reasonably priced steak in a western setting with a view and no crowd, had meaning.  

On the way, the Uber driver commented that she couldn't believe we were going all the way out for their steaks which she found fat and greasy.  The crew in the car's hearts dropped (the ones that heard).  And I, who am shy a bit around people I don't know very well, was concerned that my pick would not be a good one for these folks.  So my heart dropped.  However, I think most of the car didn't hear it. I told those that did - I could vouch how good it was as I'd been there numerous times.

The next day off the balcony!  Shaking it!  I had shakes for breakfast except for that last day, when I ate a big breakfast at the hotel as it was a big day of flying home and I needed food that would be breakfast and lunch.

But I loved having a balcony.  I had pretty views from both sides of my room.  And this day we went to tour the Isagenix corporate office (huge) in Chandler, AZ.  WE boarded a tour bus.  

Here is Lou and Lisa, my travel buddies.  I work the FT job with Lisa - I'm sponsored under Lou.  So they are my leaders through all of this.  And good ones they are. 

The building is beautiful. 

I took a pic of the in house grill. It was called George's Hangout.  How cool would it be to be able to walk to the grill to eat inside the building and not have to leave?  I didn't take a pic of the grill itself as there were people and it seemed rude. 

It seemed appropriate to take a pic of the Human Resources department.  ;-) 

And here is the man that is responsible for so much of the nutrition and the science behind it.  Actually winning a Nobel prize for the discovery of "Product B".  Between him and another guy Bill Andrews.  This guy is responsible for the formularies of the nutrition and keeping it so that it is nutritious and pure.  Quality of all the ingredients is important, all natural, and when we say "the best nutrition on the planet" we do mean it.  Often the ingredients are sought in countries far away to get the purest forms.  If you have ever had this nutrition, you believe it. I never want to be without it, I know that. 

But this guy above, and Product B, with the telemores and all.  I'll have to do a post on it.  But our DNA gets ragged on the ends - our telemores and that is what causes our bodies to break down - it's our telemores within our DNA at the cell level.  Product B fixes telemores - it repairs DNA - it reverses aging?  Quite the discovery.  I have Product B in my vitamins now!  It's a diffferent name as it's gone through it's 4th generation of improvement.  It's Isagenesis in name now.  I have the regular vitamins + Isagenesis.  It's exclusive to Isagenix.  You can't get it anywhere else.

Afterwards we went out for a Taco - Lou wanted a Taco and so did I. Lisa was ok with whatever but mainly appeasing to us to have our taco fix!

We ate at a place that used to be a church.  They actually kept a lot of the history within it's walls which was really cool. 

                                                    Back at the steak house.....Here is a bunch of our crew.  It's amazing that something like nutrition would bring a group of people together.  An amazing amount of weight loss around the table too if you added it up.

Now back at the Taco place.  The pics got out of order and I'm not rearranging at this point. lol Best I remember the salad was not that great - something in it I was not fond of.

But the tacos were fantastic.  And this was the name of the place.  The Taco Guild.   They are known for Phoenix's best tacos.

More photos of the church at the convention center from the 3rd floor of the convention center.

Panoramic shot.

I was told my future was so bright I needed sunglasses! 

Our team dinner was that night.  I'm not sure I have any photos of our group from that night.  I was pretty full from lunch.  We sat at the bar and had a corona and chips and dip (free) while we waited for the crew.  And so at dinner I just ordered soup.  It was good.

Here's what it looks like walking around the restaurant.  The name of it was Canyon Cafe. 

And back at the convention center the next day!  

After a full day of conference - which was excellent, we headed toward "The Kettle Black".  It was kinda like an Irish Pub feel.  Loved it.  

Sun rise of the last day of conference.  This was coming out of my hotel room.  The view was pretty on both sides.  

The pictures didn't capture it but while the sun came up it made beautiful golden hues on the buildings as we Ubered in to the Conference Center.

On break back at the Conference Center, I found a side porch and did a Panoramic view.

And it was time for a cup of Joe!  

This was an amazing pic.  These folks were there and just seeing how their lives have changed - just because they are putting proper nutrition in the bodies.

And then after the conference a bunch of us began walking to our destination for dinner and also where many of us would be getting the flu.  We don't know that for sure but the guess is good.

But first a pic of our group.   Many are from Atlanta but from many other places as well. 

I was shooting for the decor and not the people and here is what I got for Mother Bunch Brewing.  I thought it was hilarious that we go to dinner here as it was a brewery I was the only one that got beer, but they did have a full menu and other bar drinks so many had wine or margarita.  But what was really served up was the flu virus.  

Of this crew, 5 of us got the flu.  So you had to think that perhaps it was here we contracted it. 

And there you have it.  I'm off of here to go get a day of work done for my day job on a Sunday since I did get that darn flu.  What an inconvenience it has caused for so many, by putting me behind.  But what can you do but try to catch up.  It's so much work and I'm so behind and it keeps shoveling in.  

I'm trying - and determined and committed to getting it caught up as much as I can humanly possibly do it.  It's getting to where I stay behind anyway as we don't have enough help so people end up just having no choice but to wait in line until we can get their thing processed.  

Anyway, once I catch up I can start working on my goals.  What a nasty way to start out Jan with the flu - sure puts a wrinkle on things.  But I'm emerging as I can and we'll take life on from here.  I'm very excited about a few things when I have time to be.  lol